EXCLUSIVE: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Twister!

From The Seller: This 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special is a rare car as there were only 96 manufactured. Of the 96 made, 48 have a 428 Super Cobra Jet engine and 48 have a 351 Cleveland engine. The noted engine combinations were half automatic transmission and half 4 -speed manual transmission. That makes this one very rare – 1 of 24! These cars were not built with luxury in mind. They were built for power and speed!

This Twister Special has the desirable 428 Super Cobra Jet engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. This car has quite a history. It has seen races on the drag strip circuit, cruised around town, and has been the envy of many who have seen her drive by during her prime. She was cared for by a family member, but in time was parked in a barn for many years. She was even stolen from the barn to end up in a scrap yard and fortunately was retrieved after the thief was caught. For the past decade, she has been sitting in the garage while we have been researching and planning for her restoration. It now appears that this dream will have to be fulfilled by the fortunate buyer.

Please view pictures for the condition of the vehicle. The matching serial number engine is not the one pictured under the hood but is the one pictured on the engine stand. The engine is not running now and will require restoration. See the original shaker in the photograph of the passenger floorboard. Aside from a light cleaning, gentle transport, and safe storage, we have left the vehicle in the condition in which we received it from our family member. This car will need extensive restoration, but is solid and has minimal rust (see pictures).

This is your opportunity to purchase a rare 50-year-old Mustang that is a great buy that after being restored will be worth many, many times more than your initial investment. Thank you for viewing our barn find!

What a great car Scott! Thanks for listing it with us. If any of you are interested, please use the form below to contact Scott.

  • Asking Price: $65,000
  • Location: Tallahassee, FL
  • Mileage: 96,065
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 0F05R118857

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  1. Moparman Member

    I was curious about this car, having never heard of one (a Twister Duster, sure!). According to Google, this car is missing the special side striping and “Twister” decal that identified it as one of the 96 Twister specials. The hood stripe/decal is different too. No mention is made of the car having been repainted. If I were interested in purchasing, I’d like to see evidence of this cars pedigree. :-)

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    • Classic Steel

      I have seen one in person.
      I agree to the statement wheres the Twister emblem.

      Wheres the Marti report?

      Where’s the original engine numbers on
      the block picture.

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      • Misty Shoemaker

        Please see Image #9. The partial VIN is stamped on the engine block top left of the image.
        According to Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry, “Starting in 1967 for the 1968 model year, Ford began stamping partial VIN information on production engine blocks to meet the requirements of Title 49, United States Code, Subtitle VI, Part C, Chapter 331 (effective January 1, 1968). This pad is where the information would often be stamped on a 428 CJ… knowing that those numbers are there gives new meaning to the term “matching numbers” when talking about Ford engines.” (https://www.428cobrajet.org/id-block)

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      • CATHOUSE

        On a Ford FE engine the partial VIN is stamped on the back of the head and not on the block.

    • Morgan Winter

      I agree, there is no evidence presented to prove that this is a Twister Special. No great loss, in my book. That package consisted of a poorly conceived side stripe and a cartoon tornado decal, applied at the Kansas City Ford plant. Rare, yes: desirable…that’s a personal thing, I guess. That 428 SCJ, though is sweet!

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  2. Skorzeny

    About $35,000 too much in my opinion. If you want $65K for it, restore it yourself and take it to Barret-Jackson… Otherwise, it does deserve to be back on the road.

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  3. TimM

    428 super cobra jet with a 4 speed is about as good as it gets!! Wouldn’t the vin number identify it as a “Twister” model????

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      There is nothing in the VIN that will ID the Twister model. It should show up on the Marti report.

  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A very desirable car for sure but it needs a total restoration. Bodywork, paint, interior and probably an engine re-build. All of that won’t be cheap. Add that to the asking price and you’ll be probably well into six figures when all is said and done. Good luck with that.

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  5. Mike

    These people that list these Barnfinds cars… wanting top dollar.. in a horrible condition…just sickens me to death… I dont mind redoing a car.. or even paying to have it redone professionally.. but this price is more than ridiculous… to do this car right professionally..you are looking at close to a hundred grand.. and years of work.. its just not worth 65000 dollars…

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    • Misty Shoemaker

      I believe someone interested will understand that $65,000 is a starting point for negotiation. Such harsh words are unnecessary. Thank you, though, for taking the time to look at our car.

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      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        Misty, forgive us – most of us have taken a car from an initial investment through to full restoration – often doing most of the work our selves – and the market is changing from the past years. Lot’s of good valid comments here and you would most likely get the same on EBAY or if in Mustang Times magazine – which my father started advertising in their first issue.Good luck with it !

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    • Chris M.

      It’s true but unless you cast your line out with bait you’ll never have a chance at catching any fish. The car is substantially over priced based on current condition. And as stated “it’s a starting point” but a reasonable offer would cut the seller in half subsequently stalling any fruitful negotiations. It’s a great Mustang for sure with alot of the right boxes checked but in dire need of a total re$toration.

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  6. ace10

    The Ask is a non starter. Can’t play ball if it’s not even in the stadium.

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  7. Karl

    I sure wonder how long it’s been sitting with no carb and no hood scoop? Was it in a building? Lots of questions on this one?

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  8. Roy L

    I am sure it was nice in the day. Then again, so was my ex wife. I’m here all week, try the veal.

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  9. Troy s

    Call it a Twister or whatever you want…428 SCJ in a ’69 Mustang equals massive acceleration, that’s what makes these so desirable and quite rare. Must have been a really sharp ride years back, with enough gusto to back it up.
    I’m not buying, just admiring even in this worn condition. Thanks!

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    • TimM

      I totally agree with you Troy s but what dollar figure will it take to get you there!!! With the work here needing to be done the asking price is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

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      • Troy s

        Hard off the line, wheels spinning with the 428 roaring without mercy, 2nd gear kicks the rear end out sideways a bit tires screaching, the acceleration is unforgettable thru 3rd and 4th all the way to oblivion, or so it seems,,,maybe we ought to back off…hell no!
        It’s the cars, TimM, that brings me to this site, they really were somethin’…..the money thing took me out years ago but I’m okay with that, plenty of good memories.

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  10. Mountainwoodie

    Quien mas macho?

    We know who is mas macho, if a bit weather beaten. Gonna take mucho dinero but how can you argue with a 428 and row your own? Skip the little blue pill and just drive this like you stole it………originally :)

    Too bad its been left to uumm….deteriorate.

    Good for the owner piping up and I hope they understand everyone has their own opinion and the market will speak….maybe.

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  11. Steve

    I thought I saw one of these sell for $110k over the weekend on Barrett Jackson TV coverage – but it was rotisserie restored down to the nut and bolt. But really, it was just a sticker package, right? And why do people pull VIN tags off cars? That always give me the WTF feeling.

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  12. Mike

    If it was a rotisserie restored car… you would have 100K or more involved.. just in the restoration… It is impossible today…or almost impossible.. to buy and have a car restored properly..and ever getting your money back.. you are much better off..just to pay the piper…and buy what you want DONE… you are a lot better off..in the long run…
    some of those cars sold at Barret Jackson.. these people typically will lose 40 grand or more.. because they made the mistake of having them redone..and then get tired of it..and want to sell it…remember.. Barrett Jackson gets 10% more from the buyer..and 8% from the seller… a total of 18% per car.. so if a car brings 100,000 dollars.. Barret made 18,000 dollars.. selling that one car…

    • Chris M.

      That’s the truth right there. I agree with buying one already done. You’ll save thousands of dollars, avoid the burden of the labor involved and or dealing with tradesmen who in some cases are unable to complete work or deal with complete crooks. Put the money up and find the nicest, turn key example your money can buy and start enjoying immediately.

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  13. Karl

    You guys are so correct I restore military trucks as a hobby and I did a complete frame off on a 71 Deuce and I did every bit of the work except painting and if don’t count one minute of my time which in actuality is over 400 hours I have about 17k in hard costs and if I sell it I would consider myself lucky as heck to get 14k for the truck! Since that mistake I buy the trucks completely finished and already perfect, it has saved me thousands in cost and time!

  14. Roy L

    Once you restore a car, in the future you will look for one that was restored by someone else. I agree with Karl, you will never get out what you put into it. Let someone else take the hit.

  15. Twister08 Member

    Hi is the car still available?? Please call me at 505-604-6045 thanks Terry

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