Seller Description: I bought this Midget in November and worked on it over the winter. It had been in storage for 10 years. I pulled the head and ground the valves, installed new hoses, PCV, head gasket, valve cover gasket, oil filter and spark plugs, cleaned the carbs, installed new gaskets, grose jets and springs. There is a little rust on the A pillars, the floors have been replaced, but the rest of the body and frame is in good condition.

It has replacement seats, carpets, and a good convertible top, but one of the plastic side windows has a hole and is taped. Included are new windshield wiper blades, choke and throttle cables, and the original air cleaners.

The engine turns over, but there is an intermittent electrical problem that affects the ignition and fuel pump. It may need a new ignition switch. One of the pictures shows the wire harness pulled below the steering wheel for troubleshooting. It also needs new tires, and the brake lines bled. There are some scratches in the paint that need to be touched up, and then buffed out. It has a clear Mass title.

So far I have spent $1600 for the car, title, taxes and parts. I will sell it for that amount if someone wants to take over the project. Maybe I should “flip” it for $1601 and make a dollar on the flip – LOL!

These MGs are great little cars and can be a blast to drive. Alan’s car is going to need some work, but having tracked down electrical gremlins in my Spitfire, I can attest that they really aren’t that difficult to work on. It will just take a multimeter and a little patience to get it running consistently. The body looks to be in good shape, but it could use some detailing.

And while I like the looks of these seats, I’m a little worried whether they add or reduce interior space. These are tight little cars, so every inch of leg room matters. Overall, this looks like a great buy. Special thanks to Alan for listing his Midget with us! Hopefully we can find a good home for it. And if you have a project that you just want to get rid of, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price: $1,600
Location: Marlborough, Massachusetts
Title Status: Clean
Mileage: 46,664
VIN: GAN5UB102214G

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    That is a lot of car for $1601! Good luck to the seller and whichever one of you buys it. As long as you are short enough (I’m 5’10” and fit fine in mine) and relatively limber you’ll be fine and happy, even if you have to go back to Midget seats. Tip: Triumph Spitfire seats fit with some mods and give you more room…

    • Randy Bitner

      I had a 72 with the round arch and two part cars, one 72 other 71. I sold them all in 2007 when my back broke and had to fuse S3-S5 together. I knew I would never get into them again. Fun to drive, always need something.

  2. angliagt

    I’ve got an early cb ’74.I need to get it on the road
    this Summer.

  3. Brian R

    Ok, I have been an automotive engineer for 32 years and restore vehicles and I do not know what “grose jets” are.

  4. GearHead Engineering

    Brian R,

    Gross jets replace the carb needle and seat system. If I remember right they use a ball bearing type arrangement. Less susceptible to dirt, etc.

    – John

    • blasphemy

      Yes, John. Grose Jets ( the man’s name) are spherical, using two balls, the lower being larger, to seal up the gas orifice.
      The shape does not have the problem the brass against brass /needle-into-orifice valves had. The “V” shaped needle would all too soon get indented from the constant closing and start leaking fuel into the carb. bowl, causing many problems, especially fire after attempting to start the car, where the spark would ignite the leaking fuel.

  5. Steve

    I belong to The Philadelphia MG Club and, ironically, some of the tallest people in the Club own Midgets. There is an incredible amount of leg room for such a small car. Lots of fun to drive. At $1601 this a bargain, in spite of the work it needs.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    Well what do you know, my lower ball is larger too…but I know, that’s gross.

    Actually I wanted to say that the Midget always struck me as an impossibly small car. Even at 5’8″ I felt cramped in my MGB, so I sold it. I just can’t imagine squeezing into this car. Plus, with everybody texting, I’d be too nervous to drive such a tiny car.

    • GearHead Engineering


      I’ve had an MGB for years, and at 5’10” I find it plenty roomy. There is a lot of room for me to stretch my legs. Of course, it helps that I rarely drive with the top on. I don’t have much experience with Midgets.

      I agree about the texting. I’m an avid cyclist so I’m used to feeling vulnerable on the road. But still…

      I agree this car is a bargain. I’m not that far away but I have no place to hide it.

      – John

  7. tugdoc

    Several years ago our local newspaper reporting an accident had a pic. of a midget with the duels of a tank truck sitting on her lap. She had tried to pass on the right on a single lane on ramp! After lifting the truck off she crawled out unhurt!
    They are a little discerning when looking next to you and you are eye level with 18 wheeler lug nuts.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I’ll bet I’m one of the few folks on here that has actually hit an 18-wheeler with a Midget. No, not proud. It was the first time I had used the defroster and put the top up after getting the car on the road. Turns out the area in the bulkhead where the air passes had rusted through, and that, coupled with an exhaust leak and me being tired from college as it was caused me to pass out. Ran into the two rear wheels of a gasoline tanker with the driver’s door on I-40 heading to Greensboro from Raleigh. Almost ripped the door off, I woke up in one heck of a hurry, truck driver stopped because he “felt a vibration” and “saw a white spec go off the road behind him”. NC Highway Patrolman decided I had enough problems and didn’t give me a ticket. Drove the rest of the way home with top down & door roped into place, scraping on steering wheel every time I turned it.

      It’s a wonder I’m still around.

      • WLB

        Gawl lee, you are one lucky person!

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