EXCLUSIVE: Pair Of Corvette Convertibles

UPDATE 6/11/2019 – Jeff has convinced the seller to lower their asking price on the yellow 1974 Corvette to $19k, which is a sizable decrease! So, take a closer look at this pair and be sure to contact Jeff with any questions or to make an offer on one or both cars via the form below. Also, the top and seat have been installed in the ’74; new pictures in the gallery have been added.

From 6/5/2019 – Hello Barn Finds readers – this is site editor Jeff Lavery with a new Exclusive listing for you to consider. We have two very nicely preserved Corvettes: the first car is a 1974 L82 4-speed convertible and the other a 1989 convertible with the automatic transmission. Sadly, these cars have become available much sooner than expected after the owner passed away shortly into his retirement when he planned to fulfill a lifelong dream of restoring and driving Corvettes at every opportunity. These are turnkey cars with only minor flaws, and both come with clean Florida titles. Please continue reading below for an extensive photo gallery, video documentation, and my own thoughts on these cars.

What Makes It Special? The 1974 car is a numbers-matching example with the preferred L82 engine and 4-speed manual transmission. The paint is a desirable color known as Bright Yellow, and I believe it has been repainted at least once. ’74 was the final year for dual exhausts, no cats, and decent horsepower before significant performance losses in 1975. The interior features new Saddle leather seating surfaces, and you’ll note one of the seats is missing. The seat restoration was part of the project the owner was finishing before his passing, and his wife is having the seat finished and re-installed prior to sale. The top will also be re-installed at this time; it is not new but it is in very good condition and does not need replacing at this time. There is no rust to speak of on the Corvette. It was originally equipped with air conditioning but those components have been removed are no longer available.

The 1989 Corvette is painted in Dark Red Metallic with a Saddle leather interior and matching soft top. The car retains its matching-numbers L98 engine paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission. It shows excellent paint condition with some wear noted on the seating surfaces and matching Saddle carpets. The car starts with ease, and all electronics function as intended. 1989 also saw the Z52 package become standard equipment on all Corvettes of that model year.

Body Condition: The 1974 Corvette is in excellent condition. I did not notice any cracks or spiderwebbing in the paint or the body. A colleague did mention that the vents front and rear should be body-color; they are currently painted black. The lenses all appeared to be in excellent condition, and headlight doors open and close with ease. The wheel arches showed no damage from rock chips or road debris; wheels are also in very good condition and tires are relatively new Dunlops with no cracking. I did see some older traces of paint on the chrome antenna grommet, but no other significant overspray or orange peel was noted in the paint.

The 1989 Corvette similarly presents as being in very good condition. Paint is even and lustrous and the Autocheck report shows no accidents in its history. Both cars have remained in southern states for the last several decades, with the 1989 car being purchased new in Virginia and later moving to Florida. I noted no damage to the headlight or taillamp lenses but did notice the center caps of the wheels are oxidized.

Mechanical Condition: The 1974 Corvette has been in a state of ongoing improvements courtesy of its most recent caretaker. The owner purchased the car with an aftermarket air cleaner and carburetor (and several other parts) and removed those components in the interest of moving the car closer to stock condition. However, as noted in photos, the original air intake and cowl induction is no longer with the car and is not included with the sale. I realize this is likely a point of concern for enthusiasts looking to purchase a completely original car, and I’m happy to try and locate these parts for potential buyers to purchase from other sellers prior to delivery. The Corvette starts easily and is said to drive well, running cool and stopping with ease.

The 1989 Corvette also drives well, but less is known about its maintenance history. The widow of the seller says it did not require much attention in the time that she and her husband owned it, and that it proved to be a reliable Sunday driver that they used for top-down cruising on hotter days when having the ability put the roof back up and turn on the air conditioning was desired.

The wife of the deceased recently transferred ownership to her name, making for an easier title transfer process for prospective owners. The cars are located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and are available for viewing by appointment only. We will also require proof of insurance and a cash deposit for test drive purposes.

Although I am not in Georgia full time, I have an associate who can assist with any further photo documentation that is needed if questions arise. Please view the videos and photo gallery carefully to potentially address any questions you may have, and reach out to me directly via the form below. Thank you!

  • Asking Price: 1974 L82 Convertible – $19,000; 1989 Convertible – $8,500
  • Location: Blue Ridge, GA
  • Mileage: 1974 – 96,532; 1989 – 81,000
  • VIN: 1974 – 1Z67T4S409420; 1989 – 1G1YY3184K5101221
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. 71FXSuperGlide

    Although the C4 is of little interest, the ’74 is. Too bad it’s priced at $25K, the small blocks, even with the 4 speed, don’t bring that kind of cash.

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    • Jeff LaveryAuthor

      We are open to offers.

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      • ACZ

        The 74 is an A/C car. Where are all the A/C parts?

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    • Jeff LaveryAuthor

      It was mentioned both in the post and in the multiple videos that the A/C parts were removed prior to the current ownership. Yes, it left the factory with A/C; no, those parts are no longer with the car. Thanks.

      Like 2
  2. grant

    These are very nice cars and I love that C4’s are still affordable. C3’s have always been my favorites but it looks like others are coming around to my way of thinking. As for the vents on the 74, body color might be correct but black looks way better, IMHO.

    Like 4
  3. CanuckCarGuy

    Less of a purist and more of an enthusiast, I would prefer the ’89…great colour combination and modern amenities. As I close in on retirement I’d really like to own one, for cruising with my special lady before the clock runs out.

    Like 5
    • David Livermore

      More of purist, enthusiastic purist lol, but I agree, the 89 is more desirable to me, ’74 is the last year free of catalytic clogged smog blocks, but I prefer a stock ’75 big block convertible over this ’74. But the ’89 is the driver here, same cruise goals here, but wife booked out on me, so its solo flight.

      Like 2
      • ACZ

        FYI, there is no such thing as a 1975 big block Corvette. Last year for a Mark IV V8 in a Corvette was 1974. You are right about the converter, 1975 was the first useage of those. The only thing is that they are a helluva lot less restrictive than most people realize.

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      • David

        My bad, you are correct.

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  4. ruxvette

    $25,000 for the pair is on the high side. The ’89 is not bad (automatic) but the ’74 is $8-10k high. Sorry.

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    • Jeff LaveryAuthor

      We are open to offers.

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  5. 36 Packard

    Just a sad reminder that it is better to retire early rather then later. Rest in peace my friend.

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    • Sandy Claws

      I’m with you on that one Packie. Slaving for the man gets old. We all need to retire at around 50 so we still have the time and health to enjoy what is left of life. Of course, despite that being a reality in other more civilized parts of the world, alas, it is not here in the good ol’ USA.

      Like 6
      • JEFF S.

        I retired at 50, with a small military pension, ran up thousands of dollars in debt, but paid it all off with the first 18 months of Social Security benefits at age 62. I have really enjoyed the last 14 years, helping family and not having to punch the clock. Now I can bank my Social Security, pay cash for almost everything and if I do use my credit cards for the rewards, the balance is paid off every month. Living the good life, looking to purchase rental property within the next few years.

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  6. Jim in FL

    I’ve been looking for a c4 for about six months now. This one is priced right in the good range (according to Hemmings) if it’s a clean as it looks. There are many low mileage convertibles around – as long as you don’t want a manual transmission. That bumps the rarity, and thus the perceived price. C4s have their own set of issues for sure, but the affordability makes them very attractive right now.

    The c3? I missed my window. In the 80s these were trading in mid five figures if you were happy with a small block. They aren’t particularly rare, but I think the sheer beauty of a c3 will always stand the price up.

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  7. Jeff LaveryAuthor

    The top and passenger seat have been installed. I will add new photos shortly.

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  8. JEFF S

    I like all Corvettes, But I purchased a book on Corvettes a few years back and it said buy 1991 or newer because of the better handling suspension. I will own a 2005 or newer within the next 2 years, I hope to pay cash. I have not had a car payment since 1986. I cannot do a convertible since I live in Montana, only 2 months per year with the top down, it does not make sense to me. I am only 331 miles from these 2 Corvettes, on vaca, if the 89 was a hard top I would be taking a look.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      There is an optional hard top for the C4. It was a $2,000 option. Have no idea what they cost now, if you can find one. Don’t worry about the suspension. They got gradually softer every year after the 1984 Z-51 debacle.

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      • 86_Vette_Convertible

        Hardtop will set you back around $1K for a decent one though it will likely need paint and maybe weather stripping.
        A C4 can handle very well if you add the Banski suspension kit. Did that to my 86 convertible and very happy with how it handles plus it has the correct mounts on it.
        It took me a long time to find mine with a manual, automatics are OK if you drive around town a lot, but I like to row the gears. Big thing is if you plan to travel there’s little luggage space without a luggage rack.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        @86- I agree on the choice of manual vs. auto. I am looking to upgrade from my 1984 Z-51, 4+3. Found a nice 1994 Coupe, Z07 option,and many other performance options from GM. 35,000 miles (Believed to be both “genuine” and “original”) , black over beige. $13,500. Automatic. I had to drive it to really understand how much it needed a 6-speed ZF.

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  9. rod444

    The most intriguing thing to me was the original door sticker on the 74 saying that tire pressure should be at 20 psi. Guess they wanted those old belted tires to ride on the *full* tread, eh?

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    • bruce baker

      Plus it helps solve the rattle trip/trap problem as the car ages. I once went for a wild ride in Burbank in a fast 3 year old 84 new appearing Vet. It rode stiffer than a Bug Black Widow Go Cart. I thought all my teeth were going to leave me. Plus i could still hear the bad dash board, & door rattles over the huge added super loud speakers filling up the back half of the car. His new T/A tires did look like black doughnuts ( right front view). Yeah meaning they must of been very over inflated as i mention too him at least twice.

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      • PRA4SNW

        ’84’s are known for their stiff ride. Lesson learned for first year of the C4. They softened them up for the following years.

        The C3 model from the factory really didn’t have a bone jarring ride.

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  10. Brad G

    This is s good reminder to all of us, nobody lays on their deathbed and says, gee I wish I spent more time in the office.

    Sorry for your loss.

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  11. TimM

    These cars a pretty nice!! Well taken care of and looks to be garaged most or all their lives!! Not my favorite corvette by any means but it still wouldn’t be to bad driving one of them around!!! Both convertibles at least!!

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  12. Ron Bajorek

    the 74 is sharp!

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