EXCLUSIVE: 1974 Winnebago Winnie Wagon (Price Drop!)

UPDATE: 3/24/17 – George has lowered his asking price to $8,000!

FROM 3/9/17 – Back in September of 2016, we featured this unique Winnebago, find the original post here. Well, the seller saw Brian’s post and all the comments that followed. They didn’t have much luck with craigslist, so they thought they would test out listing it as an Exclusive. They’ve dropped the price to $10,000 $8,000 or best offer and have also provided more detailed photos and even a video of it! You can find this custom Winnie in Gorham, Maine. If you’d like to make this unique van yours, be sure to message George via the form below!

This Winnie clearly isn’t original and appears to have been setup to be used as a party bus. Personally, I would turn it back into a camper. Seeing as it has the pop up roof, it could actually be a very comfortable rig to travel and camp in. I have a feeling it would be difficult to find all the original fixtures and cabinets, so you would have to get a little creative. I know there are plenty of manufactures offering universal camper parts, so there might be some options out there.

The engine runs and the van goes down the road just fine. It’s has some oil leaks that you may want to address. It could be as simple as installing a few new gaskets or it may need a new rear seal, which can be a big job depending on what the access to the underside is like.

While it definitely is going to need work, this could actually be a really fun project. I think it would be the perfect vehicle for weekend trips to the lake or the mountain. It already has a tow hitch, so you could pull the boat, ATVs or a race car behind it. How cool would it be to have a matching trailer to pull behind it? I’m not sure what it would cost to turn it back into a camper, but that’s the route I would go with it. How about you?

Special thanks to George for deciding to list this Winnebago as an Exclusive! Let’s see if we can find a good home for it. If you happen to have an oddball vehicle parked in your garage that needs a new home, please consider listing it as an Exclusive here on Barn Finds!

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  1. Bingo

    Sorry $7,000 tops.

  2. Chebby

    Old motorhomes are practically worthless. This one is neat, but 10k is dreaming, especially with oil leaks and a homemade interior.

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    I do like this Winnie although I’m teetering on the fence with the exhaust stacks. As the interior sits, it’s pretty much useless as an RV unless you own a limo/shuttle company. If someone is handy, they could gut the interior and install the necessary cabinets, appliances, etc. to be able to use as it was originally intended. At 6 to 7k and another 3k invested, it might be worth it, but not at 10k.

  4. Rod444

    Yeah, you can pick those up as an old motorhome for 3k almost any day. A nicer paint job and tires doesn’t ad 7k to the value and ‘party bus’ thing is so often a failure that it’s practically a meme already.

  5. Scot Douglas

    I don’t think that top pops anymore.

  6. gregg

    I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t at least pick up the trash and do a bit of cleaning to make the item you want to sell a little more presentable. This thing needs way to much work for the kind of money he’s hoping for!

  7. Nova Scotian

    Where I live, inspection is necessary for all autos. Do you want to do commercial work with your 🚗? Taxi/party van/limo..That’s another extra inspection. Plus extra fees and extra heavy insurance. Maintenance is closely watched by random inspections daily. This rig would never pass the rigerous inspection process. (Aged out for one). Therefor a license would be denied on the spot. This is only usable for personal use.


    you ain’t seen nothin yet

  9. Drew V

    I’m usually fairly positive with my comments,but this thing is just horrid… Iam a big fan of Dodge Lil Red Express trucks but the stacks do not belong on this… The paint job would be more suited to a car and the asking price of 10k is ridiculous… If I wanted a 70’s Oil leaking bloated piece of American Iron I would buy an old AMF Harley Sportster. Sorry,but this was some jokers forey into customizing and they missed the mark widely… The cost to convert this back to a camper would be prohibitive as a clean used version can be bought for way less than the initial asking price of this horrid example of automotive art…

  10. Chebby

    Here’s a restored one that looks pretty true to the original:


    • Winnie wagon 09191

      That’s far from restored but it is s almost original and way nicer than mine. But I wonder what happened to the factory ac in the cab

  11. Wildfire

    would like to see the pop top extended to see if it is still functional
    also seen these for between $700-1200 with the camper intact although very rough I don’t see $10K here myself

  12. Jeff

    The one in the Youtube video might be worth the 10K since it appears all original, but not this one. Only 500 made? People here say they see them all the time? Never seen on before! I’ve been looking for a Transvan for a long time (one thats reasonably close to me in Florida, NOT on the west coast) and have had little luck.

  13. Scot Douglas

    um… still

  14. Bobsmyuncle

    Oddly we get LESS information now as an exclusive. No mention this time of the roof leak. Repaired?

    No pic of the pop up roof still, is it intact does it operate or has it been replaced with a sheet of fiberglass as suggested last go ’round?

  15. Chebby

    George may need to drop his price to $800.

    I’d suggest finding a college that uses these colors for their football team, add some logos and a beer tap, and market it there as a tailgate party mobile.

    The shiny paint and wheels are this van’s biggest selling points, and I just can’t see much other use for it.

  16. Dave Wollangk

    D.W. The Winnie Wagon in the video is mine. I got it cheap from the original owner and had it mechanically restored from the radiator to the differenial, so she runs smooth. The inside was pretty nasty, so I restored it, not with the original furnishings, of course but I think it’s pretty sensitive to the original design. The leaks in the roof are all fixed. I’ve installed a back-up camera (which still needs some sorting out). When the weather warms up, the restoration will resume apace. We’ve taken it out on a couple shake down cruises and it always draws a lot of attention. FUN!

    • Winnie wagon 09191

      Your wagon is sweet. Mine is so Rusty around the cab the windshield is almost the only thing holding the cab together. I’m curious what your vin ends with. Mine is 09191 maybe we can try to figure out how many were made

      • Dave

        Hi, my Winnie Wagon has no rust anywhere and we’ve restored it mechanically so it is a pretty sweet ride … purrs like a kitten. It actually handles pretty well. There are some cosmetic issues but in large, it’s pretty nice. The a/c cover was shot so I had it molded and will cast a new one. It always attracts lots of attention when we have it out on the road. The vin no. Ends with 9208.

      • Winnie wagon 09191

        That’s awesome ours were probably being built at the same time or dayum close. Do you need pictures of the ac cover mine is complete and works, it’s not as cold as it could be but it does work

  17. George

    It looks like on the passenger side that the fiberglass is delaminating

  18. Winnie wagon 09191

    That’s got to be a bad paint job The only fiberglass on the side is the very bottom and the very back and between the cab and “house” part. Behind the stacks. I know cuz I have one. It’s aluminum with thin wood in the middle.

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