EXCLUSIVE: 1977 Volvo 245 Estate

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while a classic we’ve featured in the past comes full circle. After spotting this beautiful Volvo 245 right here on Barn Finds, reader Julie G purchased it and used it as her daily driver. It has had some recent maintenance and is ready to go. It is now time to part ways with it, so Julie decided the best way to list this Volvo is as a Barn Finds Exclusive! The car is currently located in Fairfax, Virginia and Julie is asking $8,000. If you’d like to take a look or make her an offer, be sure to contact her via the form below!

From Julie G – This Classic Volvo was listed on BarnFinds back in 2013 after being on eBay for a year. Here is the original listingTake time to read the comments and please leave any questions you might have in the comments regarding the work we have done and the errors in the original listing.

This car comes with a binder containing records dating back to the original Bill of Sale. You will find the original Release Report dated 6/30/77, from Volvo of America Western Division as the car was shipped to the receiving port of Chesapeake VA, US from Gothenburg, Sweden. The notebook also contains the original Owners Manual, original transport Volvo License Plate, the original Window Sticker and Service Records to include copies of four (4) owner titles.

The car was purchased in 1977 with an original MSRP of $7,940, spending over 30 years providing daily transportation as a family car before being sold to a car collector in 1995. The new owner was a member of the Sports Car Club of America for over 50 years and continued to maintain the integrity of this vehicle. In time, the car became a classic and was purchased by a real estate developer in Washington DC (2013) – records indicate that Jemal bought the car from an auto auction site.

The current owner (me) purchased the car in July 2016 and used it as a daily driver in Fairfax, VA. There are 149,793 original miles on this vehicle. As a well-sorted classic, the car can be used as a daily driver or would be a unique piece to be shown at any classic car show.

This 1977 Volvo 245 DL is featured in Cascade White with an original, very well maintained burgundy interior. Powered by a 4 cylinder in-line liquid cooled gasoline engine with a 4-speed manual overdrive transmission, it produces 102 bhp at 5200 rpm and 114 lb ft of torque at 2500 rpm.

It is equipped with four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes, power-assisted rack and pinion steering, electric rear window defroster, rear window wiper and washer, infinitely adjustable front bucket seats, Burgundy vinyl upholstery, lumbar support and see-thru head restraints (foam black vinyl head restraint covers are included), windshield antenna and stereo speakers, 12-outlet heating and ventilation system, 3 speed thematically controlled fan, four e-point self-adjusting safety belts that all work, energy-absorbing unit body, two factory undercoats, bulb integrity sensor, childproof rear door locks, full interior carpeting, under floor storage compartment in rear cargo area, illuminated locking glove compartment, European headlights (with protective relays) and special edition gauges.

Recent maintenance includes new fuel injector seals (inner and outer), fuel filter, in tank fuel pump, spark plugs, ignition rotor and cap, flame trap and various vacuum hoses. Some areas of slight surface rust. Suspension bushing are showing some fatigue.

This Volvo isn’t perfect, but it’s about as close as you can get to it! These are great classics to daily driver, they are easy to maneuver, relatively fun and incredibly simple to work on. It has a little surface rust that should be dealt with sooner rather than later, but given that it’s an Eastern car, it’s amazingly solid. Personally, I would replace some of the rubber and suspension bits, treat the rust with Waxoyl and just drive this wagon!

I want to thank Julie for listing her Wagon with us and for providing us with so many great photos of it! It really is great to see that this car is still on the road and being cared for. If you’ve been looking for a unique and practical daily driver, you can’t get much more unique or practical than a Volvo 245. And if you have a great survivor that needs a new home, please consider listing it with us!

Asking Price: $8,000
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Title Status: Clean
Mileage: 149,800

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  1. Leon

    Do the MD plates have to be turned in after sale ? Would love to buy for my son. ZOO would go well with his animal plates. He’s 7 wants to be a zookeeper

    • Julie

      Hi Leon, The plates have to be forfeited upon sale. Sorry that I can’t share them with your son. That sounds like great fun.
      I’m sure you guys know the book “Goodnight Gorilla”. It’s a classic.
      Thanks for the interest. Julie

  2. Sam

    Very nicely maintained…like the Hella lights and wheels.

    I would challenge you to a drag race if I owned a similar vintage 240D.

    • Julie

      Thanks- we worked mainly on the engine this last year and it is running well. I’ll take you up on that drag race!

  3. Jeff Staff

    Wow, I remember drooling over this the first time is showed up on eBay. Looks like a superlative example.

    • Julie

      Thanks Jeff, yeah, it has been a lot of fun to own this past year. The body is in great shape, albeit the rust at the rear of the wagon door. It is a lot of fun to drive.
      thanks for the note- julie

  4. Ron500E

    To be honest, and after careful consideration, I would rather have a new Pagani Huayra roadster than a 40 year old Volvo 245 Wagon.
    But…. if I had room for a second car this very one would be it.
    Just to make conversation… I have a few Mercedes W124’s, 1994 E320 Wagon, 1995 E320/M119 Wagon and 1995 E320 Coupe to be exact. Interested in some kind of a trade?
    Thanks, and GLWS.
    60 O319 Bus – a purchase that makes opening a Catholic church in downtown Karachi seem like a pretty good idea.
    65 230 SL
    87 AMG Wide Body 126 6L-32V. Because 5L’s is not enough.
    89 AMG 129 500SL 6,0 126. See Above.
    93 500E 40K Miles. Why not? I’ve always wanted to play European Taxi Driver.
    94 E320 Wagon. One never needs a reason to have a wagon.
    95 E320/M119 Wagon 500E Power. Because 3.2L is just not enough.
    95 E320 Coupe. Last year, few made. Love it.
    and a
    MG TC – left over from my days of British cars. And speaking of left-overs… there weren’t much when I was sitting at the table, and considering my diet consisted mostly of pizza and lasagne, I really don’t drive it too often anymore, certainly not after Easter or Thanksgiving dinner if you know what I mean… Let’s just say if I gain about 7 more ounces I wont be able to get in, or out for that matter.

    • Julie

      Wow- you do have a full quiver of vehicles- Those wagons sound fantastic as well as the Bus- too funny about opening a Catholic Church after owning it!
      Made me chuckle.
      Unfortunately a trade won’t work this time around, I’m a volvo gal at heart. Thanks for the comments and enjoy your cars! Julie

  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    What a beauty. I’m a sucker for a hot Swede. GLWS!

  6. Howard A Member

    People sure love their Volvo’s, like one of the family, Julie, how could you? ( with those sad Hella lights looking at you) Just kidding, gotta be tough. It’s one thing in the north, when the doors won’t close anymore, it’s not that hard to say goodbye, but this. Very nice. Shows what kind of person you are.
    NOW, I only hope some flipper doesn’t come along claiming 49K original miles, best of luck. Not sure what you’d get to replace this. (please don’t say anything newer)

  7. Steve Visek

    US market cars are not estates, they’re wagons.
    No sense getting pretentious…it’s a Volvo.

    • Julie

      Hi Steve- thanks for the comment. I’ll make note of it.
      Have a good afternoon Julie

  8. MrFriendly

    Seeing this is a treat! (The gauges look very nice, although it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a 5 digit Volvo odometer, and the interior is lovely.) Some of my fondest memories are with our then-toddler son in a 1979 245, very much like this without the trimmings. It did have the 4 speed overdrive, which I loved. All was well until some electrical gremlins, including the infamous HVAC fan that the car was apparently assembled around. Thanks for posting it here, and best wishes for a successful sale.

    • Julie

      Thanks MrFriendly for the comments and the good walk down memory lane. This car is so much fun to drive, as it’s a head turner….with the older set who are 50+. #BabyBoomers Best thing is walking up to it in the parking lot and having a couple of people standing around, looking at it – love their smiles and hearing the stories.
      Thanks for your note- enjoy your Friday! Julie

  9. seth karpen

    I paid that much for a 2005 v70 cross country with 115k miles 1 1/2ars ago. Hard to believe that the car is worth that much

    • Julie

      Hi Seth- I owned an ’05 xc70 prior to this, with 190K miles on it (love that car)- hope your v70 is holding up well and you’re enjoying it.

      Personally, I do believe that this wagon is worth $8K and holds its value. When it was originally listed on BarnFinds it was at $13.5K which does seem steep. We put work into the engine and I can “swear on a stack of bibles” that this car now runs so well and so smoothly that it withstands our heavy D.C. traffic, glides up the toll roads and around the beltway without any effort and can carry just about anything you imagine in the spacious interior.

      If you were local I’d invite you around for a drive. We could do a trip down memory lane…grab a cocktail, jump behind the wheel, go buy some groceries and then pick the kids up from swim practice. ;-)

      Have a nice, nice Friday and if it’s not raining where you are, get your garden planted today! Its on my to-do list too! Thanks- Julie

  10. Julie

    I guess that’s the tipping point from an ’05 to a classic car. But gosh- I do love Volvos. I had an xc70 2005 prior to this one. Nothing beats a wagon in my opinion. Thanks for looking at the vehicle. Have a good afternoon. Julie.

  11. John S.

    I’ve had my share of Volvos, wagon & sedans, and have enjoyed them. However, nice as it is, I can not fathom paying $8K for another. What makes this one so valuable?

    • Julie

      good question John, what makes anything so valuable? Remember Beanie Babies and how they had outrageous prices back in the 90’s? What made them valuable was the desire to own and collect them.
      Economics- Collections- Memories- maybe all of that goes into the value of the vehicle.

      This DL245 is rare. It’s the 50th Anniversary Special Edition, with a finite number of cars manufactured. That alone makes it a truly great find. There are not many of these left.
      (Here’s a fun little article to read if you have time- doesnt talk about rating the car as a classic or of a certain value, but it does highlight the 240 series in light of other vehicles and how you can move a mountain with this vehicle, as it is so solid. Fun read…. http://www.pressreader.com/uk/octane/20160501/282862255262460)

      This particular vehicle includes the original Volvo License plate used for shipping, the original shipping paperwork, bill of sale, copies of titles from all the prior owners and more. I can even tell you which boat this car traveled on from Sweden to Chesapeake VA. Not many cars have that type of history still traveling with them today. To have that amount of paperwork still in existence, with the vehicle, means that it was well cared for loved by each of it’s owners.

      The interior is well maintained, the engine runs well and is clean and regardless of your love of Volvos or not, admitting this car is a classic can’t be denied.

      Honestly, if you were to buy this car, I’d include my Princess Diana purple Beanie Baby for you. At no cost! ;-)
      Thanks for your note John- love the dialogue and I hope you have a great Friday. – Julie

  12. Jubjub

    Way cooler than a V70! These were once so ubiquitous…this is the quintessential “Volvo wagon”. Most of these were pretty standard issue, but I remember a few around tricked out, usually with Euro delivery or special ordered features…kinda like this one. I personally wouldn’t pay it, but it might be worth it. Nice shape, cool red interior, manual trans, rally cluster, wicked cool accessory wheels and the euro lamps. Like the GT steering wheel too.

    • Julie

      Thanks Jubjub! yes, the cockpit of this car is a lot of fun to drive. Believe it or not the Swedes even put cup holders in their cars long before it was the cool thing to do.
      This vehicle truly is form meeting function- and a workhorse to boot.
      Thanks for the note! Julie

  13. Anthony


    The only thing that stops me from blowing a hole
    in my bank account (and having a LOT of explaining to do to my wife) is that we live in the desert & couldn’t have a vehicle without a/c.

    It’s a beautiful car-best of luck with the sale!

    • Julie

      Anthony…this car has A/C! You need a better excuse! Although trying to explain the purchase to your wife may be a good enough reason to not buy it blindly.
      Fun comments- Thanks for your good luck wishes. Enjoy the weekend. Julie

  14. Anthony

    Always had Volvo’s in my family from P1800’s to 240’s one of my favorites are the 1969 to 1971 Volvo 164 with manual transmission.
    This is a nice car with manual transmission, but I personally think it is a little high…
    Another interesting read – time to check the other great finds…

  15. John block

    When a body shop paints a tailgate why would they reverse the “Volvo” and the 245DL !! It’s not that hard ! The car looks great however!!!

    • Julie

      John, Good point! Thanks for the comments and feedback. This goes under “things that make you go Hmmmm….” category!
      Enjoy your Friday and BarnFinds! Julie

      • John S.

        Very tempting offer Julie, especially in light of the fact that my wife collects all things “Lady DI”!

        BTW, you can pm me if you like, but why are you selling?

  16. Julie

    Hi John, sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner, was out of town traveling for the weekend.
    Its a great question and has been a hard decision to sell the Swede, based on it’s cargo size, comfort and cool factor.
    But- I’m selling for the following reasons. (probably one of these reasons alone would not be enough)-
    1- Have moved and no longer own a garage- this car, as it ages up, definitely should be garaged to protect from weather and rain.

    2- I am a Landscape Designer and can drive 100+ miles in a day, depending on the projects I’m on- tally that up and 400miles a week – that’s a lot of weekly miles for a 40 year old classic that is a DD.

    3- So, I bought another car a few months ago- and now I have two cars- which isn’t practical for my husband and I.

    Here we are with the car for sale- thanks for the interest. Julie

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