EXCLUSIVE: 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury Survivor

Reader Chris H doesn’t tell us how this Plymouth Gran Fury managed to survive the years in such pristine condition, but honestly, it’s so nice I don’t even care! This thing looks nearly perfect inside and out. It could use a tune-up, but runs and drives well. With 57k miles on the odometer, it’s barely broken in. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a classic cruiser that looks great and is ready to be enjoyed, you really should give this Plymouth a closer look! And, you can contact Chris via the form below with any questions or make an offer.

What Makes It Special? Original paint, interior and drivetrain all in very nice condition

Body Condition: Shiny factory paint with no rust. A few door dings and some basecoat checking in the hood. Nice chrome, filler panels and rubber parts too. Overall, everything on the car is present and looks good too.

Mechanical Condition: Very good mechanical condition. The choke sets with a single pump of the gas pedal and holds a consistent high idle. A pump of the pedal again returns the idle to normal. Once fully warmed up however the Lean Burn computer will occasionally and intermittently get confused and adjust the ignition timing to the point of getting a stumble. After a few moments, it clears and the engine returns to smooth running.

I really would love to know this car’s full story. Clearly, it was well maintained and was kept indoors. With just a little work, it could be a very nice car to have. And while not terribly desirable, there’s no doubt that it would stand out at events. So, would you daily drive or only cruise around in this Fury on nice days?

  • Asking Price: $4,500
  • Location: Wilmington, DE
  • Mileage: 57,300
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 1p3bb16pxjw107987

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  1. Chris

    I’m the owner (seller) of this fantastic Gran Fury. I found this car for sale at a repair shop in North Philly several months ago. The shop owner stated he used to service the car many years ago and bought it from the original owner after his passing. The car sat at his shop for about 6 months without anything being done to it before he was ready to sell and free-up that parking spot. That’s when I bought the car and completed a tune-up, hoses, belts, tires, catalytic converter and fluid changes. Since then, I’ve been semi daily driving the car and having a blast with it. This car really is in wonderful original condition. There is however some crazing in the paint on the hood and some dings in the body too. The interior is stunning from the door panels, seats, dash, gauges and carpeting too. Even the door jams and sills are clean and unmarred. Under the hood, the 318 V8 has a 2 barrel carburetor mated to a 3 speed automatic, with a 2.20:1 rear differential. With only a puny 140 horsepower the acceleration is leisurely but it makes up for it in smoothness and quietness. The factory Lean-Burn fuel/spark management system is still in place and functions properly, well most of the time. When the engine is at full operating temperature, the Lean-Burn computer will at times get confused and excessively adjust the ignition timing to the point of causing an intermittent stumble. After a few moments it clears up and returns to a smooth running engine again.

    I welcome discussion on the car and if there are any questions, please just let me know!

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

      If this is a “fantastic” car, and you just purchased it a few months ago, why are you selling it?

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    • Miguel

      Chris, don’t you have some You Tube videos to post about this car?

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      • chris

        Hey man, yeah, that’s me with the YouTube videos. This really is a fantastic car and I’ve had lots of fun with it and enjoyed it. It was a ‘bucket-list’ car for me. I don’t really keep cars too long and this one along with some of my others need to go to make room for something new.

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    • Keith Rigsby

      Chris, is the Fury still available?

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  2. Andrew

    Awesome car, the first ’88 I have seen with no factory A/C

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  3. dweezilaz

    This car is a perfect example of the phrase “only original once”.

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  4. bobby longshot

    Please nobody ever remove that bumper sticker, it is hilarious and perfect on this car :)

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  5. Pete Phillips

    This has the extra cost “Salon” interior which gives really nice, supportive, comfortable seats, nicer door panels, etc. I had one just like this and it was a wonderful daily driver until the Lean Burn began acting up. I paid very little for the car, was in similar condition, similar low miles, but I reluctantly let it go for even less money when the Lean Burn became a nightmare. These are wonderful cars expect for the Lean Burn.

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    • CJM

      All Gran Furys were Salons after 1983 I believe. This car has the base interior and seats. (one piece front bench). Earlier non salons would have had an even simpler one piece front bench with no drop center armrest. You could get an upgraded seat package (still called the “Salon”) which featured Diplomat SE style split front seat in a plusher sew style but this car does not have it. This looks to be pretty much a zero option car, which is OK. No a/c is a plus- less to break.

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  6. Del

    Needs a 3.5 rear end.

    Nice cars.

    If it still has theLean Burn dump that.

    Get a 4 Bbl.

    Nice first car for some ones kid.

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  7. Trooper Bob

    My first cruiser when I just joined the State Patrol was a 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury with the police package. It was very roomy compared to today’s cruisers filled with computers, cameras and prisoner cages. My Plymouth had none of that, just a K55 radar on the dash held down with spring clips.
    The Fury’s were solid and smooth. They were easy to drive for ten-hour shifts and did reasonably well in the snow.
    But a State cruiser needed to be faster. They would accelerate slow and steady to a top end of 104 mph. Running wide open for more than 15 minutes would cause an overheat if the A/C was on, so it was routine to switch it off if you were on a long run. I was responding to a crash on a summer day that was a good 60 miles away. I got very warm after a bit and decided to switch the A/C on when running wide open throttle. The compressor made a loud HUMMMM noise and the engine started to stall and dash lights started coming on.
    I quickly switched off and backed off to about 85 and limped in. Didn’t do that again.
    The Fury’s were too slow forState Patrol work, and soon each office was issued V8 Mustangs for pursuit use. The Fox body ponies were very small and ill handling at speed. I stuck with my slow, steady and hot Fury.
    All the Fury’s were replaced with Chevrolet Caprice’s in 1991 as the Patrol discontinued Plymouth patrol cars after a 25-year run.

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  8. Ralph

    Really odd combination of options on this car, upline radio, power mirrors and cruise, but no a/c?


    Its interesting that you can still see a “gate ajar” light in the dash when these hadn’t had a wagon in the line up in like 7 years.

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