EXCLUSIVE: 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

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The final generation of the Buick Roadmaster Wagon wasn’t quite the family hauler it had once been, but these simulated woodgrain equipped wagons were actually quite good for their time. Power was provided by a good old American V8 and was channeled to the rear wheels. Reader James M has decided it’s time to part ways with this Roadmaster. It has covered an impressive 380,000 miles, but has been well maintained and James recently installed new suspension components all the way around. Other than a few split seams in the upholstery, it looks to still be in great shape inside and out. And with an asking price of just $3,500 it seems like a good buy for a solid driver.

Asking Price: $3,500
Location: Houston, Texas
Mileage: 380,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1G4BR8373PW403589

Seller’s Description: This rust-free example lived in California until I brought it to Texas 2 years ago. “By the book” maintenance and timely repairs have seen this wonderful boat through 25 years. All of the right boxes were checked on the build specs. It is a fine driver as is or a solid base for your dream build. I would not hesitate to leave out for either coast in this car at a moment’s notice. This example has the full factory tow package. Pair it with an Airstream trailer from the same era and tour the country in full hipster mode!

Body Condition: The body is straight with minor dings normal for a 25-year-old car. All of the trim is present (and, no, I’m not happy with the “burl” wrap either) and in good shape with new clips. The leather upholstery is in great shape. The dash is crack free, has always been covered by the dash carpet. The paint is in very good shape, no peeling, no cracking, and very few chips. The frame has some surface rust, but nothing structural.

Mechanical Condition: I replaced all of the weak points in the suspension, complete Moog front end, F-Body brace, performance sway bars, HD rear control arms, HD springs, HD shocks with the goal of improving the handling. Included with the car are the original Load-Adjusting rear shocks, the original springs, and front/rear lowering springs in the event the new owner wants to go another direction. Radio has been replaced with a RetroSound unit with HD-Radio, Bluetooth, USB, and Aux inputs that matches the design of the dash. The original radio is also included.

We want to thanks James for not only listing this Roadmaster with us but for being so upfront on its condition and for providing so many photos! The mileage is pretty high, but parts are readily available and having the suspension already rebuilt is a huge plus. If it turns out that the engine is getting tired, a crate engine would drop right in and wouldn’t break the bank. So, would you upgrade this Buick to make it a sleeper or would you just keep it original and enjoy it as is?

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  1. Mh

    This guy is dreaming. You can find these cars all day long with under 150K miles for that price. I think he’s been celebrating the new year early if you know what I mean. 🥂

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    • TimS

      In his defense, those ~150k examples likely haven’t had any updates or suspension maintenance.

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    • canadainmarkseh

      The suspension work alone could cost the asking price. Very fair price on a well maintained car.

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  2. Tony Primo

    Jesse and Josh you should really type up a list of do’s and don’ts for any used car posters to follow. If this fellow has ever visited this site he would know how much that we hate photos of wet cars!

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    • PRA4SNW

      And no engine shots – that’s BF blasphemy!

      And, it would also be nice to know which V8 it has. I don’t know enough about these cars to guess, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have the LT-1 as I would make that part of the headline.

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      • Utes

        @ PRA4SNW …..The only engine ’91 thru ’93 Roadmaster wagons ever had was the throttle-body L05/350 w/180hp & single exhaust. BUT a gain of 25hp can be realized by using Chevy’s 9C1 Caprice cop car exhaust pieces available thru Rock Auto. Only ’94-’96 Roadmaster wagons had the LT1 under the bonnet.

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  3. Dan B.

    Simply add an LS conversion with a six speed manual. Then I could also introduce my kids to the joy if sitting in the middle of the front bench while the driver shifts around them.

    x2 on the no pictures of wet cars.

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  4. Superdessucke

    If I’m not mistaken, this should have the iron head LT1 350 that was in the Impala SS and 9C1 Caprice police cars of this era. Unfortunately, no engine pics so I can’t be 100% sure but I think it does. If so, amazing that it went nearly 400k!.

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  5. funfunfer

    Thanks for the comments. I will post dry photos and engine compartment as well.
    Since the car is a ’93, it is the last year to have the Gen 1 small block 350 ci Chevrolet motor. LT1s started in 94 and were. I understand, iron head versions, not the Vette motor.
    As to the pricing, I think it reflects the market and the upgrades/spares included. Check the recent BaT Impala Wagon shipped to Europe.
    Miles are high, but condition is very good. I’ll refund PPI cost to a buyer if necessary.

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  6. Wrong Way

    With the upgrades and recent work performed, if I were looking for a wagon this would be at the top! The price is a good price for a turn key car! However I have to agree about more dry pics!

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    • funfunfer

      I’ve sent them to BF, but here’s the hood

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  7. Had Two

    Very nice old driver. Does it have the Automatic Level Control? There were issues………..

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    • funfunfer

      Level control pump in spares box. Rear shocks are Bilstein HD. Rear springs are HD for this car from MOOG catalog. Front springs are stiff MOOG and shocks are KYB HD Original springs and 3″-2″
      lowering springs also in spares box

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  8. John

    LT1 V8’s were 94-96 I believe

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  9. Bruce Fischer

    I like my 87 Buick 9 seater station wagon.I am just finishing up rebuilding the front end it has 162,000 miles on the clock so it was time to do it. Rides like a dream. Bruce.

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  10. Jim


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