EXCLUSIVE: Datsun 240/260Z Collection

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read more about the collection here. As we move ahead with the process, I’ll be listing some of the more interesting cars individually, which will also help readers see more info about specific vehicles they may be interested in. Here’s the next batch of cars, which there was a ton of interest in from the original post about the collection. There are three Datsun 260Zs, one 240Z, and one later 280ZX.

What Makes it Special? The Datsun Z car is one of the last classic sports cars of the 60s and 70s that hasn’t blown sky-high price wise, but that time is quickly fading away. These were driver’s cars, pure and simple, and as demand has started to increase, supply is drying up – both for hard-to-find NLA parts and whole cars themselves. Any of these would make excellent parts cars, or provide the opportunity to buy two and build one solid example out of the pair. This red 260Z is complete but does have rust; it has the best interior of the four.

Body Condition: The sad reality is that all of the Zs have body damage of some kind. This 260Z is another complete example with motor and transmission, but the interior is not original. The nose does show signs of a front end impact but the body is mostly solid otherwise. The red 260Z above does shows signs of rot-through in the sills and surface rust, and more photos showing the rust is available in the gallery below.

Mechanical Condition: None of the Zs are currently running and all will require restoration. This black 260Z has the best body of the lot, with little to no major rot-through to report. The windshield is missing, however, and the interior has been exposed to weather and grime. It may clean up, but it is the worst part of the car. The engine has been removed (reasons unknown) and is stored in an Econoline van elsewhere on the property.

The Datsun collection also features a later 280ZX, which is a manual transmission car that is lacking an engine and has some mild body damage to the rear passenger quarter panel. These cars will all require restoration, but that is certainly an easier prospect with two cars – such as the black and red one, or the more ambitious undertaking of restoring the earliest car there, the 240Z seen here. It is, sadly, the roughest car of the lot. No matter what, they can all yield plenty of good spares for the Z car enthusiast.

  • Price: $1,000-$3,500 OBO
  • Location: Northwest Georgia
  • Mileage: TMU
  • Title Status: 240Z has a title; others are bill of sale only.

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  1. craZee

    Says “rice” instead of price. Perfect for rusted Z cars LOL

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Lavery Staff

      Hilarious! Corrected, thanks.

  2. David Miraglia

    Z’s for parts

  3. Gaspumpchas

    Like David said, Parts cars. too bad they have been laying on the ground so long they will disintegrate when moved. Datsun z-s were so far ahead of their time!

  4. Jeff Lavery Jeff Lavery Staff

    In my opinion, the black car is the one to restore, using the interior and trim from the red car.

  5. bog

    I weep for them. I had a new ’80 ZX and was a member of “Windy City Z Club” years ago. Multiple pristine examples of all versions were represented in that club. Eventually sold that sports car and let my membership lapse. Those guys and gals “might” buy all these, although the distance from here may be prohibitive. The only problems the carburated cars seemed to have was vapor lock driving back from the races in the heat of July & August. Since mine didn’t have that issue, I’d have coolers full of ice and be the “trailing” rescue car until I reached my turnoff. Then everybody was on their own….

  6. MrBZ

    These finds always hit me hard. Still hoping to replace my 77-280 that I sold to my brother, but not financially possible right now. Someday soon…


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