EXCLUSIVE: Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet Projects

As part of the large Georgia collection we’ve featured here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive, I wanted to create a post specific about a V8-powered Ford Maverick project and a very clean Mercury Comet. The Maverick and Comet both have solid floors and despite their tired cosmetics, could be brought back to life or simply refreshed mechanically and the patina preserved. Be sure to scroll through the gallery to see more pictures, and if you’re interested in any of the cars and trucks in the collection, contact me this week as I’ll be returning to the site soon.

The Maverick has benefitted from an engine swap at some point, as the VIN confirms this was originally a six-cylinder car. The Maverick also sports a rear spoiler that looks like the same on found on Grabber package cars. The motor did run when it was parked but it has not been started in a few years. If I recall correctly, the hood is also a Grabber hood, with the requisite hood scoops.

The interior of the V8 car is fairly complete but in need of a cleaning. As you can see, the door grab handles are a bit tired and the bench seat needs re-covering. The rest of the interior is still fairly decent, with good door panels and dash as well as a complete back seat. The Comet’s interior is even better, and is the highlight of the car – along with its nearly rust-free condition.

The Comet isn’t much of a performance car in its six-cylinder form, but the body and interior are quite nice. In fact, I’d wager you could bring the Comet back mechanically and simply enjoy it as-is. If you dig the patina look, this is about as good as it gets. Both the Comet and the Maverick are project cars, but feature loads of good parts and are definitely close enough to road-going use to justify saving rather than parting out.

  • Price: $2,200 – Maverick (OBO); $3,000 – Comet (OBO)
  • Location: Northwest Georgia
  • Mileage: TMU
  • Title Status: Bill of sale only

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Pine needles and sitting on the ground doesn’t bode well for the underbellies. Looks like the window is busted on the multi colored car, kiss the floorboards good by, Do like the small block and cal custom valve covers. Need to be moved for full inspection, You would need to be brave to take these on. Good luck…you think a rustang is bad–these rotted out while on transport to the dealer…


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    The rear spoiler on the Maverick is not a Ford part, probably something from JC Whitney. The hood is a little harder to see but I will say that it is not a Grabber hood. A correct Grabber hood has 2 separate scoops, 1 on each side of a raised center section of the hood. The hood scoop is probably another JC Whitney bolt on piece.

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  3. lbpa18

    Im more interested in the camper in the background of picture #1. Lots of treasures out there.

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  4. KevinLee

    Traffic, traffic, looking for my chapstick
    Feelin’ kinda car sick
    There’s a Ford Maverick…
    Sorry, been putting that off until now what with all the Mavericks and Comets popping up.

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  5. Butchb

    Front end damage, missing parts, covered in wet pine needles and sunk into the ground on rotten tires. These cars need to be pulled out and cleaned off/out to be correctly evaluated.. to many unknowns.

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  6. PatrickM

    …and no title, either. Just Bill of Sale. At this rate, the only offer I would give is to take it off his hands. He pulls it out of the weeds, mud, etc, wee load it on our truck, seller hands me the Bill of Sale, and I’m outta there. These cars will need a lot of work to get them back on the road.

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