EXCLUSIVE: Kansas Collection Part 2

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

Back in March, we featured Don’s collection of classic cars in Kansas. Now that a few of the cars have sold and shipped to their new homes, he is hoping to get some of the motorcycles sold and find homes for the rest of the cars. We thought we would do a quick update to let everyone know what’s still available. If you see something you’d like, be sure to message him to make an offer! And if you haven’t read about Don’s collection already, be sure to check it out here.

Don doesn’t really know much about the motorcycles, just that he wants them gone. Scotty had the opportunity to check out the collection in person and may know more about some of the bikes. I’ve done my best to identify each bike, but I’m no motorcycle expert so please forgive me for any mistakes! Also, the photos you see here are the only photos that we have of the bikes, but Scotty did a great job getting as many detail shots as possible, so please take a closer look at them before asking for additional photos.

Suzuki RE5 – It looks like this rotary powered Suzuki has 13021 miles and is in nice shape. I’ve always been a fan of the rotary engine, so this is one I’ve always wanted to experience!

Kawasaki KE 250 – Looks to be a nice clean little bike with just 3,793 miles on it. With a good cleaning and tune up, this could be a fun bike to zip around town on.

Suzuki 90 – This little bike won’t get you anywhere to fast, but it will get you just about anywhere you’d want to go. It looks to be in fantastic shape with just 1,265 miles on the odometer.

Suzuki GT550 – This is one of the larger bikes in the collection and with a 550cc 3 cylinder engine, it should do just fine around town or even on the highway. It’s odometer is showing just 767 miles, so this one could be a great buy!

Yamaha CT1 – I’ll admit, I don’t know a ton about Yamahas, but this one looks to be a late ’60s or early ’70s CT1 to me. I could definitely be wrong, if so let me know. It needs to be cleaned up and has 5,377, so a tune up is likely in order.

Honda C70 Step-Thru – If you are looking for basic transportation that is cheap, dependable and easy to ride, you can’t get much better than the Honda C70 Scooter. It definitely isn’t fast, but it’s easy to ride and gets fantastic fuel mileage. This one is showing just 2,025 miles, so there is a lot of life left in this scooter!

From what I can tell, there are several other bikes in the collection, these were just the ones that caught Scotty’s attention. If you see something you are curious about in the background, don’t hesitate to ask about it!

And below, you can find a complete list of what cars are still available, just in case you didn’t take a look at our previous post! Our thanks to Don for listing his collection with us and to Scotty for taking so many great photos of everything! And if you happen to have a collection of cars, motorcycles or automobilia that needs to go, please consider listing your collection here on Barn Finds.

1951 Borgward 2d – $4,000
1951 Ford Taunus – $3,500
1952 Dodge Pickup – $1,500
1955 Mercedes 220 – $1,500
1958 Fiat 1100 – $4,000
1961 Borgward Isabella TS Coupe – $5,000
1961 Austin Cambridge 4d – $3,500
1963 Austin A30 – $6,000
1964 Mercedes 220SEb – $6,000
1964 Datsun Patrol 2d – $3,000
1965 Sunbeam Imp – $4,000
1972 Honda Civic Coupe – $5,000
1964.5 Ford Mustang – $2,000
1970 Toyota Crown 4D – $5,500
1939 Packard 120 Sedan – $20,000
1936 Buick Special – $9,000
1948 Oldsmobile – $6,500
1951 Rover 75(P4) – $6,000

Photos of the cars can be found here!

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  1. 68 custom

    I always have thought those rotary Suzuki’s are rare and maybe valuable? lots of nice stuff at this one.

  2. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Staff

    Don is such a ridiculously nice guy, they don’t make too many folks like him anymore, unfortunately.

  3. lawrence

    Soooo…where is the list for the motorcycle’s ?

  4. angliagt

    The Yamaha with the Black tank is a 360 Enduro.
    Used to be you could tell the model by the tank color on
    those Yamahas.

  5. pursang

    The black tank Yamaha Enduro is an RT-1 360 cc. CT-1 was 175.

  6. Rolf Poncho 455

    Speechless what a collection love the bikes I hade a DT175 Yamaha TT 600 Yamaha RD350 Yamaha

  7. Rolf Poncho 455

    XT600 Yamaha

  8. Rolf Poncho 455

    rd350 yamaha

  9. BMW4RunninTundra Member

    Maybe I missed it, more than likely, but where are the descriptions and pricing on the two boats shown in the “fine print” of the pics?

  10. Derek

    Suzuki TC90 had a high/low range selector, so would probably go anywhere. Never had a complete bike, but had most of an engine at one point.


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