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Executive Suite: 1967 Imperial Mobile Director

1967 Chrysler Mobile Director

One of my favorite things to do is collect vintage accessories. Obviously, I’m biased towards BMW parts, but I still grab nifty baubles as I see them if for no other reason than to save them from being scrapped with the rest of the hulk of a junkyard car. From CB radios to Becker head-units, or sheepskin seat covers and retro license plate frames, I like holding onto vestiges of automotive options catalogs. That’s why the Chrysler Imperial Mobile Director is one of my favorite Mopar products, and how it’s hard to not jump on the first flight to Tennessee and buy this long-hidden ’67 Imperial listed here on craigslist for an undisclosed sum.

Chrysler Imperial Mobile Director Ad
Image Courtesy of ImperialClub.com

That this car even exists today is nothing short of a head-scratcher. I can’t imagine what was happening in the board room when a designer or product planner told the team he wanted to convert a two-door coupe into swanky mobile office. But the idea holds great appeal, especially if I were of the means to afford a chauffeur: sit in leather-wrapped luxury and maintain maximum productivity while getting from Point A to Point B in efficient comfort. While I am neither that busy nor that powerful to require such an arrangement (and I like driving too much), I get a kick out of the folding wood-grain tables and swiveling front bucket that came in the Mobile Director package. I wonder if this one still has the high-intensity desk lamp?

Imperial Mobile Director Interior

Needless to say, these rolling offices didn’t find a lot of buyers. The seller says less than 100 Imperials were spec’d with the Mobile Director option – while I haven’t verified that number, it wouldn’t surprise me. According to expert accounts, ticking the box next to this unusual option package was a nearly $600 upgrade in 1960’s dollars, which even today isn’t an insignificant sum. The seller doesn’t give away a lot of details, and I suspect he knows what he has. What we do know is that it likely hasn’t seen the open road since the ‘70s and has been stored indoors, which is good news. “Every option known at the time is in this car,” the seller says – hopefully, it still has the original Torqueflite automatic and 440ci big-block.

Chrysler Imperial Mobile Director

While the production numbers of the Mobile Director variants are hard to confirm, there were at most 237 ever made. No matter how you slice it, this is a rare bird, but I’d imagine you’d have to be the kind of buyer who places value on nostalgia rather than pedigree. Personally, I fall into that category because this car appeals to me on a historical level, that a domestic automaker took a chance on being just as luxury-conscious as Bentley or Mercedes. It wasn’t a success by any means, but it was certainly an interesting footnote in Chrysler’s history. That’s enough for me to open my checkbook. Does this Imperial speak to your inner executive? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Rich

    Baffles me why people can’t take a decent picture.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      My first thought, after opening the CL link. Terrible.

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    • Woodie Man

      Along with everything else “they” do.

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  2. That Guy

    These are really interesting and unusual cars, and they don’t go cheap. I think they have become more high-profile since Jay Leno acquired one, and it’s one of my favorite cars in his collection.

    The 2-door was used for this option because the position of the door pillar in the 4-door doesn’t allow enough space for the 180-degree seat rotation.

    I would love to own this car, but I know I can’t afford it. The seller is clearly no rube (except when it comes to operating his cell-phone camera), and he will get a good price. What is a good price, actually? I don’t know but I’ll take a SWAG and say $25-30K.

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  3. Maestro37 Member

    Cars like this are always interesting and frankly because they are mildly esoteric the restoration costs will be higher. And if there is a Hemi under the hood buy a Petroleum Company. I’m not sure that the car is worth any more in this configuration than as a standard car, for no other reason than that it may be hard to get a premium for the option.

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  4. Charles

    Too Cool! This would be a fun car to have and restore! Too bad the seller does not provide better pictures and an asking price. Poor quality pics usually mean that they are hiding problems, and the lack of an asking price indicates that they think that they are sitting on a gold mine.

    When I was a kid my parents owned a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker with a factory 440 and two four barrel carbs. The car was a sport coupe with the same seats as the mobile director, except that the center console which was like those found in other Mopar’s of the day.

    I have a habit of looking for another Chrysler similar to the one my folks owned, and will buy when the right car presents itself. A Imperial sport coupe will be acceptable also. Even though the Imperial is considered a whole different car from the New Yorker, the running gear and suspension are shared between the two.

    Big Mopars seem to sit for sale for a long time. Just as there are few big Mopar cars available, there are also few collectors who are looking for these cars. Hopefully someone will come forward and be interested in this unique car, and hopefully the seller does not have Barrett Jackson prices in mind when considering his or her selling price.

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  5. jim s

    the poor photos will not sell this car. it needs to be on BF, Ebay or at a high line auction. great find

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  6. Vince Habel

    These are wonderful driving cars.

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  7. Chris

    I owned a 1968 charcoal grey 2 years ago. Sold it to a guy in MD. Wish I would have kept it. Rare car!

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  8. stanley stalvey

    Now you are cooking with grease. This is an interesting vehicle. I have a fond affection for the older Chrysler products. My first car was a 63 Dodge Dart I bought for $25 dollars at age 15.. I drove it for several years and only bought a battery and one tire for it..

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  9. Kenyon Wills


    lots of info about this variant (and 100,000 pages about all Imperials) at the above pages.

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  10. MH

    Just found out the guy is asking $3200. Seems reasonable. But doesn’t seem like you will get much profit after a restoration.

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  11. Joe Taylor

    A quick search shows the car has been listed for sale on a few sites over the past few months. Check out the price on the small link add shown at
    (about 6th listing down). I assume the price was a typo. It’s the only listing I found that had a price for the car.

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  12. skloon

    Now if only I could convince Christina Hendricks to drive around with me I could fulfill my Mad Men dreams

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    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Oh yes. That would really be the finishing touch, wouldn’t it?

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  13. james g

    there was 2 craigslist adds for this car one was listed in a different location but pics were of different parts of the car and a slightly different description but same cars

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  14. That Guy

    I’ve talked with the seller, and he sounds like a straight-up guy and the car sounds good. A cashier’s check is on the way. I’m taking a gamble here, but at $3200 I figure I can’t go too far wrong. The car is probably worth that even without the MD equipment.

    Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you all posted.

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    • Woodie Man

      Great! Send better pix n explanation! I would do the same if it was in my hood! Ie West Coast

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    • Erik

      Sweet Grab, That Guy!!!, Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I’d love to have one.
      And up date it to modern communication standards and have a killer retro-mod(Blue tooth) system installed and have “the” modern mobile office…

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    • Maestro1 Member

      Well done. I wish you all the best, remember, take lots of pictures and take notes. And join the Walter P Chrysler Club. They are responsive and supportive, and know where the parts are. Best of luck.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Awesome! Keep us informed!!!!

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  15. Jeff Lavery Staff

    That Guy, please keep us posted – this is such a wicked machine, we’d love to hear about the retrieval of the car (and how it looks when you get it home!)

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  16. erikj

    Grandma had a 67 imperial;.440 and that thing was fast. Big too, took my drivers test in it, couldn’t p-park the thing for the life of me. fond memories.

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  17. RickyM

    I agree with Rich – shame that people think a poor picture will sell a car. That being said it did this time – hats off to That Guy for taking a punt on it ! Congratulations. Would love to see some proper quality pictures once you have bought it, plus please keep us informed how you get on looking after this extraordinary and rare car.

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  18. Chebby

    The swivel seat and table setup doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a 2-door coupe (or offer a lot of legroom either), but I think it would be GREAT idea for big pickup trucks. If you’re a general contractor, et al, then your truck basically is your mobile office. Now you could sit at a proper table and work on your laptop, eat lunch, review plans with a client, etc.

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    • Gary C,

      Good for you “That Guy” Truly a beautiful car and a reasonable price. Good luck and Happy Motoring.
      You should build one.

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  19. That Guy

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so retrieving the car will involve long-distance shipping. And tomorrow night I’m headed to Asia for ten days, so nothing more will likely be happening for a couple of weeks. I will probably have the car on my driveway in about four to eight weeks, depending upon…. stuff. Photos and an update will follow!

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  20. Charles

    Congrats! Keep us posted.

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  21. Jeff Myers

    Sure like to see that in Black Beauty trim.
    With Kato at the wheel.

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  22. Mike S

    60’s Imperials have been undervalued for far too long. Imperials are great cruisers and merit every bit of what a comparable Lincoln or Caddie would bring. Time will prove out that an Imperial bought today is well worth the money.

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  23. fred

    Wish I had seen this sooner “That Guy”- I live very close to this car and could have checked it out for you!

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  24. Chris

    Wow….$3,200 sounds like a steal. I sold mine a few years ago and got $6,800 but was in a little better shape. Good buy !!!!

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