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Trapped by Trees: 1981 Peugeot 505


While I find the seller’s description of this 1981 Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel here on eBay somewhat hilarious, I can’t fault the opening bid of just $1.00 with no reserve. That’s likely because even the seller knows it’s downright disingenuous to sell this car as anything other than a rolling parts heap after being carved out from underneath years of overgrowth. 


The poor Peugeot was left to the elements after a coolant leak developed in the block. However, the seller claims the head is still in “good condition.” Honestly, whether the head is salvageable or not is the least of my concerns. The body is coated in what looks like bullet holes and surface rust, some of which looks bad enough to be straight-through corrosion. Amazingly, the tires still hold air.


This car is located in Alabama. If I’ve learned anything about visiting my in-laws in rural Florida, it’s that critters hide everywhere, and some of them are downright unpleasant. I can only imagine what’s living in this 505 after what looks to be many years hidden the seller’s backyard by bushes and brambles. Good thing someone remembered to set the emergency brake; I’m sure that’s solidly stuck by now.


I actually like this Peugeot 505s (but in gasoline form); however, this example was put out to pasture long ago and that’s exactly where it should remain. I’m not sure if this is even suited as a LeMons or Chump Car vehicle, as that would have to be one brave individual who agrees to clean out the interior. With such a cheap opening bid, do you think anyone will take it home for a buck?


  1. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    One of my favorite cars ever was a base model 505 gas wagon. That being said, you would have to pay me to take this home…I wonder what you’d catch (or would catch you) during interior cleaning?

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  2. Avatar photo Van

    Take it to the fire department for training.
    Charge $1 to hit it with sledgehammer.
    Take it to a tank show.
    Monster truck victim.

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  3. Avatar photo Haynes

    Well, $1 is a good deal for a Haynes manual. Wonder if you *have* to take the car? Maybe find a salvage yard to tow it away, and then you get a nice repair manual for a great price!

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  4. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Too bad, it looks like it was a nice car at one time. I believe there is a motor somewhere under that hood. Not sure those are bullet holes, as the glass is the 1st thing to go in those situations. With 155 grand, someone drove this car a lot. Like Van sez, brush paint it pink and line ‘er up at the local monster truck show. Not even worth a dollar. ( seems the ebay ad would cost more)

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  5. Avatar photo Jeff Staff

    I like to believe there’s always a Peugeot fanatic out there who could find $50 worth of parts on this car and lives close enough to tow it home behind a truck. But then you have to call an exterminator when you introduce all sorts of new woodlands creatures to your home. Part it out at a friend’s house instead. ;-)

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      I’m not sure they’d be your friend when you were done…

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  6. Avatar photo bob

    It would appear the wheels held up well

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  7. Avatar photo Bill

    open the doors, chain under the front and pull it outta the yard before hooking it up to haul her home. That may be enough to evict the tenants. Worth stripping. I’m not sure there are a lot of these around, and someone with a nice one will eventually need bits.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      Bill, I saw one in a JY in Florida and always meant to put the word out. It had just arrived and was in really nice shape. That’s the biggest challenge with cars like these that have a niche following: getting the right people to know about them.

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  8. Avatar photo Lionel

    Actually, the French in France would pay good money for the US-specs headlights. The instrument cluster looks pretty intact and can fetch a few euros, and the ceter console clock also… I just dont have the time, space or energy to get this home and dispose of later….

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      It’s amazing how much of the US stuff is valuable overseas – same thing with Volvo 240s and 740s. They love the ugly US-spec headlights.

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  9. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    I worked for a landscape irrigation systems supply company for a bit in 1982,and one if the owners had a 505.He would send me on errands in it.I was 17 at the time. I absolutely HATED that thing. I drove it often for about 3 months and did my best to treat it very,very badly.Simply because I had a 1970 318 Duster. Strangely it developed s solid noisy miss and was traded in on a new Chevy 3/4 ton Custom Deluxe radio deleteIt was nice because it was new, like driving a Caddy after you’ve been walking in the snow uphill on broken glass..

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  10. Avatar photo wuzjeepnowsaab

    I’m shuddering just thinking about what kind of Florida vermin is living in that thing. Pay the $1 and set it on fire.

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  11. Avatar photo josh h

    It sold for $82.50.

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