Eye For Detail: 1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” With 53,142 Original Miles

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It is common for classic cars to lose some of their original parts as time passes. However, this 1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” deserves special mention due to the owner’s eye for detail. It would be easy to mistake it for a new car courtesy of their desire for authenticity. No area escaped their attention, and its appeal is heightened by the extensive documentation confirming its authenticity. All good things must end, with the seller listing their pride and joy here on eBay in Rogers, Arkansas. They provide a BIN option of $85,000 with the option to make an offer. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting this fantastic classic.

Pontiac introduced “The Judge” variant to its GTO range in 1969, and although overall sales had fallen, the new option accounted for nearly 10% of total GTO sales. It returned in 1970, but it alone couldn’t stem the model’s sales free-fall. This Judge is 1-of-3,797 produced that year, and the seller holds PHS documentation confirming its authenticity. The Build Sheet confirms it wears its correct Granada Gold paint, although it is unclear whether it received any restoration. The vinyl top is original, while the car features its correct spoiler, stripes, and Rally II wheels without the trim rings. Faulting the presentation is virtually impossible. The paint shines beautifully, the panels are laser-straight, the gaps are consistent, and there is no rust to cause the new owner sleepless nights. The trim and original tinted glass are flawless, and there is no doubt this beauty would turn heads wherever it goes.

Potential buyers will be pleased to learn this Judge is 100% numbers-matching. Its drivetrain combination includes the 400ci Ram Air V8, a three-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission, a 3.23 Posi rear end, and power assistance for the steering and front disc brakes. If you ever doubted the muscle credentials of the ’70 Judge, this car’s ability to scorch the ¼-mile in 14 seconds should quell those doubts. The seller emphasizes the originality of this engine, from its air cleaner assembly to its carburetor and exhaust manifold. However, their attention to detail lifts this car to a higher level. Routine maintenance often results in consumables like hoses and clamps being replaced. Inspecting the engine bay reveals that every item, including its AC Delco battery, is correct for this car. I’ve often said that attention to detail separates a good car from a great one, and this GTO confirms that. It runs and drives perfectly, ready to hit the road with the new owner behind the wheel.

Considering the condition of the rest of this classic, I don’t think any of you will be shocked by the interior presentation. Pale vinyl upholstery is prone to stains and yellowing, but this car appears almost perfect. There is no evidence of wear or physical damage and no signs of aftermarket additions. It is especially noteworthy, considering the only identified replaced item is the carpet. The Information Card hangs from the ignition switch, creating the impression that this Judge is yet to roll off the showroom floor. It might be a muscle car, but the buyer won’t miss out on luxury touches. The original owner ticked the boxes to equip the vehicle with air conditioning, a deluxe wheel, an AM radio, and the ultra-cool hood tach.

Pontiac produced 3,797 examples of “The Judge” in 1970, with 3,629 being the Hardtop variant. The seller’s documentation confirms that this is the fifty-eighth to roll off the line, and its condition could make it one of the best unmolested examples. Its BIN figure is hardly chicken feed, but recent sales results suggest it is justified. Twenty-five people are watching the listing, and it will be fascinating to see if any hit the BIN button. It is possible…unless you beat them to the punch.

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  1. Sfm5

    I have never seen a judge with a vinyl roof before! Nice piece!

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Dealers loved vinyl tops, Pontiac pushed ‘em because they were extremely profitable. I never liked them on Judges, but this IS a nice car.

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      • Donnie L Sears

        Worst thing ever done to an automobile. Vinyl tops cause a lot of problems.

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  2. Maggy

    Awesome color combo and I really don’t like vinyl tops but it works on this car imo. Wish she was a 4 speed that would be the icing on the cake for me but it is still a great car.Glwts.

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    • RMS

      What was it about our fascination with vinyl tops? LOL

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      • maggy

        GM pushed them to make $ and hide the lead filler marks that was used to connect the quarters to the roof. Also the hid the a pillar lead.Some non vinyl cars looked really good and some not so much depending on who was doing the work and if it was a fri. or mon.lol.

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      • JD

        It did not require waxing….just vinyl protecting potions, somewhat easier on the elbows .I have always disliked vinyl tops, pretentious fakes of convertible wannabes that can be spotted even when they are going by at 100mph.
        The vinyl top destroys the car, GTOs are muscle cars, the painted roof ones are. This vinyl hat version has the same curb appeal that a tricked out Tempest clone would have had even back back then with decals, a gto rehabbed nose from a junkyard sporting the hood mounted tach.
        Original yes …but why?

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  3. George Mattar

    Either my almost 70 year old eyes can’t see that good, or I do not see The Judge option on that build sheet. Beautiful car. If am incorrect, shame on me. I believe it was a $339 option or thereabouts.

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    • Sfm5

      Its on there, just scroll over to the right.

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  4. Gunner

    This color combination is highly unusual for a Judge. I don’t believe I have seen one before like this. There can’t be very many produced in this configuration. The ‘70 Pontiac’s received the 455 in the model lineup. The 400 was dropped with the end of ‘69. A very well taken care of Judge and much loved by the owner.

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    • Nick P

      The 400 remained the standard engine through the 73 model year. The Judge got the RA III standard with the IV optional.

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      • Greg Mitchell

        Gunner may not even know what the Ram Air IV options were about. That option was the rarest of the rare for GM. That knowledge remains with us Old Guys.

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    • Robert Holt

      That’s an unusual color for sure, I have a very fortunate friend who has a 69 Judge this color, only I’m pretty sure it doesn’t wear a vinyl top. He’s also fortunate enough to own a 67 GTO, in a beautiful, almost brown shade of maroon. Both of these vehicles have been babied for for years, he takes them to local rod runs and shows, but aside from that they are stabled and pampered and never go out in the rain. I have to wipe the drool off my goatee every time I look at those beauties. The one in this listing is truly stunning, I’m going to share the posting with my friend and see if he’s interested. My angle is, if he buys it, after I turned him on to it, maybe he’ll let me drive it, hee hee.. but I really wanna drive the 67, that’s the one I’m in love with…

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  5. Peter J Egan

    The 455HO was a Mid year option in a GTO In 1970 and came with a 12 bolt rear end. No other GTO not even Ram Air 4 cars cam with that option they had 10 bolt rears!

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    • Michael Allen White

      Okay okay just calm down

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      What in the heck are you even talking about? No Pontiac in 1970 came with a 12-bolt rear end, lol.

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      • 70geeteeohh

        Peter is 100% correct. The 1970 Gto 455HO which actually didn’t have the RamAir round port heads came with a 12 bolt rear from Pontiac.

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  6. Craigo

    My neighbor had an uncle who owned a Pontiac Dealership in the day so he was able to order the limited edition Ram Air 1V.

    The car was a monster.

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  7. Rickyrick

    Certainly nice but $85k? Owner must be ready to retire.

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  8. Eric Kam

    Vinyl Tops are not my choice on any car. They have to be replaced at some point and they always cause rust under the vinyl top.
    This judge is optioned as a highway cruiser with a 3-speed automatic and tall highway gearing being 3.23 ratio. Lots of top end but wasted torque down low. And the interior is an odd color though an excellent shape. This just wouldn’t be my choice to spend big bucks on. But somebody will love it and give it a good home.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      The interior is sandalwood, which would’ve been one of the choices with Granada Gold. I don’t find it odd, and it’s certainly better than if it had dismal black guts. It could also have been saddle or white. Of course, I suppose you could have special ordered it w/the green, blue or red!

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  9. Jay McCarthy

    Nice Judge, I like the color it’s different but the vinyl top ruins it

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  10. DON

    Vinyl roofs are like whitewalls, redlines , tailfins and two tone paint – just a fad for the time period – none of them really do anything to make the car better, just to look different so you dont look like everyone else. Remember when all cars had single headlights ? then in 58 you had to have 4 lights or your car was dated looking; same in 75/76 all of a sudden cars were changing to square lights . They didnt have to, but it was different from the previous cars lights. The 1980s starting getting weird pastel stripes on a lot of smaller models ; the Chevy heartbeat stripe was popular, but you sure dont see it now.

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  11. BMan

    This is a Raw Old Dog… Someone was thinkin a tad when they ordered it to actually look like a Gold “Luxury” LeMans… lol Shout-Outs to DeLorean and the PMD Class of 70′ RIP

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