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Fabulous 1964 Fairlane?

1964 Ford Fairlane

Or at least the seller thinks it’s fabulous! The slightly over the top description of this 60’s Ford from Hickory, North Carolina can be found here on eBay where it’s currently at just over $1,000 but reserve is not yet met. This is a pretty nice car, with only a few minor rust spots on the rocker panel and in the battery box (for once, I agree with the seller’s “99% rust free” statement, at least based on surface area) marring the original Wimbledon White paint—except for that dented left front fender that isn’t mentioned in the description. Wimbledon White happens to be one of my favorite car colors, being original for my mother’s 1967 Mustang coupe (289 w/AC, wish we still had it!) and also for my Triumph Italia 2000 and is on another family Triumph.

1964 Ford Fairlane Interior

A red interior, or at least a nice red interior, would set off that paint nicely, although this one is in sad shape. The seller doubts that the original 289 is present, and he thinks it’s a 1971 302 engine. He is also including a nice package of parts including a slightly later 4-bbl carburetor and intake, and invites prospective purchasers to come look at the car. I appreciate that attitude and I’m guessing most folks would be favorably impressed if they made the trip. Late in the description, the seller mentions that he is looking for $5,000 for the Fairlane. Does this fast Ford trip your trigger enough to place a bid?


  1. Jim

    This is a perfect candidate for a T-Bolt clone project. If I didn’t have so many current projects, I’d jump on it.

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  2. William H

    Looks to be a fairly rust free, straight bodied (since he has the replacement fender and hood) project and I certainly wouldn’t mind having it. I especially like the buyer giving you an opt out if you purchase the car then don’t like it after seeing it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that in an Ebay listing.

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  3. JW

    I agree with Jim this Fairlane would make a nice T-Bolt project for someone.

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  4. SoCal Car Guy

    It might be a perfect basis for a Thunderbolt clone if it was a two-door sedan instead of a hardtop. If you’re going to built a replica of something historic, start off with the right basic car to build from. On the other hand, I’d sure like to see the VIN and door tag, cuz those sure look like HiPo 289 badges on the front fenders.

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    • Jim

      What’s the difference between the 2 door sedan and the hardtop ? They both look the same to me.

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      • SoCal Car Guy

        The bodies are (to the best of my knowledge) the same overall length, but roof is noticeably longer and the decklid equally shorter on the sedan than on the hardtop. The sedan has a center pillar with fixed framed quarter and door glass, while the hardtop has no center pillar and both the door and quarter windows are frameless. If you saw a hardtop and a sedan together, or in similarly “posed” photos the difference would be immediately visible.

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    • Rocco Member

      I agree about the vin#? and HiPo badges. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a HiPo with a three speed trans., let alone on the tree. But anything might be possible back then. I’d leave it a 289ci car. I just happen to have a ’64 289 HiPo eng. with the proper 5-bolt bell housing.

      There are way too many T-Bolt clones.

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      • Rocco Member

        I remember around ’69, we had a ’64HiPo Fairlane at work for servicing. It was a 289HiPo, 4-speed, 9″ rear, 4-door sedan. The rear window’s were full of Dragway 42 Class Winner stickers, almost running out of room on the second window. The only one I ever saw, and it was factory original. So I guess it is feasible to have a three speed trans., IF this is a HiPo.

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  5. Jay

    Here is a pic.of a T-Bolt.

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  6. Flynn

    I am local to Hickory, NC, and would not pay more than $1000.00 for this tired Fairlane!

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