Factory 440 4-Speed Wagon: 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood

UPDATE: The previous owner who restored this car has chimed in and let us all know that this car actually left the factory with a 383. Still impressive, but it’s not quite as the seller presented it.

If you are looking for a holy grail of muscle wagons, look no further. This 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood is 1 of 4 wagons ever built. Packing a 440 cubic inch V8 and a Pistol Grip 4 Speed, is there a better muscle wagon option out there that exists? Although previously restored, there are some minor issues that prevent this one from being a concourse winner. I am okay with that though, as this one needs to be enjoyed for sure. You can have this King of the muscle wagons for $24,900. Find it here on Hemmings out of Mundelein, Illinois.

Here is the magical heart this mythical beast. Packing a not so family friendly drivetrain, this wagon must be an absolute riot to drive! Overall the engine bay and engine are clean as one would expect from a restored car. The engine features an upgraded Edelbrock carb and a set of ceramic coated headers flowing through a high flow exhaust. The engine and transmission were rebuilt in 2012, so the two likely haven’t amassed that many miles since then. Something else that is fantastic is the factory installed air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering. Can you imagine the person who picked this baby out? Clearly not your everyday mom needing to get the family to cheer practice. Or was it?

The office chair inside is inviting, and eggs you on to hammer some gears. Equipped with an aftermarket tachometer and the lovely Pistol grip shift lever, this wagon is ready to give you all the vitals you need. Like the rest of the car, the interior has been restored, but there is a small puncture hole in the driver seat area. Also the tacho isn’t currently working. But getting past those two small issues, the rest of the interior is fantastic with excellent fit and finish.

Simple yet aggressive, the white exterior of this wagon is shiny and looks nice, but sadly there are a few cosmetic issues. Even though this wagon was restored not all that long ago, there are some small bubbles developing on the body. This is a bit concerning, as I can’t imagine that this wagon was driven through all of the seasons since being refreshed. Or perhaps the car was restored longer ago than insinuated? Getting past the bubbling concern, this wagon is a suitable driver and would certainly show well enough at car events. I know at the least, it would likely be a thrill to drive and to show to people who have never seen a factory 440 383 4-speed Crestwood. Have any of you seen once of these factory build haulers before?

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  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Holy smokes, I want this so bad Brian! I’d want some documention to prove that it really is one of the four factory built cars. The listing says that they have the broadcast sheet and photos from the restoration. I wonder if the hood scoop was factory too? Either way, this is an awesome family hauler!

    • Cooter Davenport

      The VIN says it is a 383 car. Also, a 6 passenger.

    • Cooter Davenport

      Yep, 383 car. Also, a 6 passenger.

    • Gregg Nelson

      I know this car personally. It was originally dark green with wood grain and the green interior. The hood scoop is not original to this car nor are the wheels. The car was originally in California and brought to Shelburne Vermont in the late 80’s or early 90’s where it sat idle next to another gold big block, pistol grip Crestwood for many years while the owner built his body shop business. The owner had the gold wagon as a teen and wrecked it. He had intentions of repairing it but I don’t know if he ever did. The green wagon was sold almost ten years ago where it was transformed into what you see today. It is a very rare car but it’s not as represented. The rust issues are because it sat in the back yard on grass all those years in Vermont.

    • Bob

      1 of 3 now that it is a 383 car

  2. 70kingswood

    Very cool but a 69 Chevy Kingswood with the 425hp/427 and M-22 would be faster and cooler, but where are you gonna find one?

    • Big Mike

      My Mom and Dad had a 69 Kingswood, it was Blue.

    • fordfan

      Maby not , this dodge is much lighter

  3. flmikey

    …mythical is right…I do not believe you could get a 4 speed in this model…but this setup is super cool and a great find….

    • Mike

      Yes you could…but you could NOT get a 440.

      • Rocco in Florida Member

        I think the 440 stands for the body model.

        It looks like it has a 3xx on the air cleaner lid. Does that mean 383 Magnum?

    • Andy

      You are wrong

      • Trey

        Mike is right.

    • Doug

      The 440 4 speed was available in 1970.
      Full size wagon in showroom of Ensign Chrysler in Voctoria BC.
      Funniest thing, it,was between a Duster and a Road Runner.
      All had the famous pistol grip shifter.

      Truth be said you could go to the store, shop and be back in a minute.

      Mopar made it all. And if they didn’t , they could and would.

      • Trey

        Sorry, there was no 440 available for this car.

        Even in Canada.

        Dusters didn’t have the Pistol Grip shifter either.

  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow. You said it best Brian. This thing begs to be hammered. So impractical yet I so want it.

    I think I would lose the non-op tach, put some black steelies on it and show my tailfeathers at every stop light

  5. SFM5S

    1 of 4 but built by who? This car does not look stock but screams “aftermarket”, and I would be curious if anyone can shed light on what this vehicle looked like rolling out of the factory?

    • Mike

      It was a 383 4-speed.

      • Ross892

        Yes it it was originally blue

    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      the thing here if you knew the right person at chrysler you could order anything you wanted! for instance i was offered a 68 new yorker wagon 426 hemi 4 gear wagon loaded to the nuts with a big trailer hitch on it! factory built all the paper work to back it up too! only one problem! It was dick landys tow rig to haul his altered wheel base dart and my pockets weren’t that deep! the dealer in south carolina wanted 6 figures for it o yea it came with a tandem trailer and the dart too! I bought a 66 sport fury 383 4 gear off him instead this I could afford!

      • Trey

        Landry built that car. Not factory.

      • Bill

        6 figures in 1968? I seriously doubt that

    • Andy

      Scroll down and read.

  6. wuzjeepnowsaab

    150mph speedo…I’d say this was something special from the factory. And with ’71 MOPAR wild looks, I wouldn’t doubt the hood scoops came off the line.

    Looking at the pics I see it does have the perfect wheels on it. I’d just paint them black and leave them as is, cop hubcaps and all!

    • Mike

      Cop wheels are totally wrong, they didn’t come out until 1978 and were used until 1989 on police cars only.

      • 68 custom

        but they look so right on a Mopar, paint them black!

    • Andy

      I put the scoop on there. Black wheels woudl look like crap.

  7. RicK

    Back in the early 80s a friend of mine had a ’67 Pontiac Bonneville Safari station wagon that came from the factory with a 428 4 speed, now that was badass grocery getter!

  8. mark

    “Yes Dear, It’s a family car. I bought a station wagon. I really wanted the automatic but I got the 4 speed instead, ya know the automatic was extra and I thought we could do without that since it is just a family station wagon”.

    • doug6423


    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      bet a lot of people don’t know up to 68 in full size chryslers automatic trans was a option if you didn’t pay the xtra charge you got a 3 speed on the tree! I saw a 67 newport ragtop at a mopar show! the old man that ordered it would not pay the extra cash for the automatic! and his daughter who had the car told me her dad had no use for auto trans so he got this!

    • G.P. Member

      thumbs up

  9. Blindmarc

    Three things I noticed. #1-wheels are mid 70’s cop car. #2- “tuff” steering wheel wasn’t an option. #3-air cleaner is hobbled together, would have been a duel snorkel.

  10. marvin

    383 was the largest engine you could get in this car it was only 250 hp

    • Trey

      300 horsepower

  11. Mike

    This car was originally a 383 4-speed car. The rallye gauges and Tuff Wheel may have been factory, but I can’t say for sure. If you ordered a 4-speed, you got the Pistol Grip. Only way it came in ’71. No 440 was available in the B-body sedan or wagon though.

    • Andy

      Rallye gauges were factory. I added the Tuff wheel.

    • Andy

      This car was ordered by someone in the military whiel they were overseas. It has a tag on the radiator support that states “Dodge Made in the USA”

  12. flmikey

    …on 2nd thought, I guess anything was possible in the 70’s…my friend got a new 70 LS6 M22 Monte Carlo that everyone said Chevy didn’t build…it helped that his dad owned the Chevy dealership he bought it at…

  13. healeydays

    Curious if anyone ever special ordered a wagon like this with a Hemi?

    • Cooter Davenport


  14. rustylink

    the ad is a bit deceptive as it does not indicate a 1 of 4 as a 383 but rather a 440. For that kind of money you could build yourself a heck of clone for a lot less.

  15. Mike


    N=383 Super Commando (HP)

  16. Howard

    I love this car. ITs what I would have wanted to own. Probably not original, but would be so much fun.

  17. RNR

    Mike is correct – 383 4bbl / 4 speed is the best you could do in a Coronet in 1971 (which were either 4 door sedans or wagons – all the 2 doors were Chargers). I found on the Alpar site the ’71 police specs; if the cops couldn’t get a B body with a 440, nobody could.

    • JagManBill

      cops COULD get it because I took drivers ed in one in 72. 71 Coronet 4 door with 440 auto. Ohhh how I remember that car!!

      • Trey

        Apparently you don’t remember it so well.

  18. Brent

    VIN # decodes to a 6 pass. w/ 383 HP. That style snorkel warts on the hood didn’t come out till 1972 on AAR Dusters & Demons. I know cus first saw em in Nov. of 1971,when 72 models came out, while home on leave from Nam. As a MOPAR guy I was ashamed of them — still am. As for the 4 speed – I would have to have been on the factory line and seen them put it in for I believe it. Steering wheel and column are out of a A body. I would be looking at line setting ticket real close. Easy to counterfeit. If it really came with a 4 speed w/ 383HP NADA top dollar is 9 grand. So as SFM5S said — 1 of 4 built by who? Be a fun car. Wouldn’t need to downshift on a steep hill.

    • Del

      Very good points. This car was originally a 383 4 barrel and probably an automatic. Lot of add ons that were not appropriate. Probably over priced by 10 grand ?

      • Andy

        No, it was not an automatic. It was originally a 4 speed.

      • Andy

        No, it was not an automatic. It was originally a 4 speed. I restored the car in 1995

    • Andy

      1 of 3 383 four speed 1971 Crestwood wagons.

    • Bob

      Data plate will settle this assertion.

  19. Big Ed

    The Blues Brothers would have loved this car and I would’ve paid to ride with them. Put all the instruments in the back please!

  20. Ck

    Point A to point B at a high rate of speed.So freakin kool.

  21. Larry

    Cleverly worded description from the seller. You’re led to believe it was born with a 440 without definitively saying so. The VIN says 383. A cool family hauler never the less.

  22. Andy

    I restored that car in 1995. It was a rust bucket, I had to make floors, door skins, fender tops, and on and on.
    It was originally a 383 HP w/ a four speed. The current owner put in the 440.
    I added the third row for my at the time two year old son.

    • Jack

      @Andy Wow, nice work. 20+ years later, still looking good!

      • Andy


    • Keith

      Nice work Andy! I bet your son had a blast back there!

  23. Brad Member

    If you look closely at the top of the emblem on top of the breather, above the word Magnum, the first digit appears to be a 3, indicating it’s a 383.

  24. peter

    Down here in Australia, often the dealer makes the mods which is illegal – but they carry the warranty themselves. The sales documents will show the changes hence the misconception of originality. Of course, the vehicle manufacturer gets very upset with such dealers and often issues factory warning letters. I know of one case where the owner of a dealer modified car was caught out more than ten years after the sale and the dealer had to refund the original purchase price.

  25. Vintageracer

    There were actually 3 of the 383 4 speed wagons built per Galen Govier. This car above that is for sale in Hemmings, a second car that I understand no longer exists and the 3rd “Crestwood” 383 4 Speed Wagon that resides in my good friends garage right here in Nashville TN!

    The “3rd” 383 4 Speed Crestwood wagon here in Nashville is completely “Numbers Matching” with the original drive-train, dated engine components, fender tags and has recently completed an extensive detailed restoration on a very nice original car. The “3rd” car is still the original Green with Green interior, still in the “Crate” with the factory woodgrain down the sides, the original 383 engine and the infamous “Pistol Grip” 4 speed shifter.

    Expect to see this car at a few Mopar shows in 2017!

    Now you know the “Rest of The Story”!

  26. Andy

    How I got it in 1993, freshly pulled from the teeth of the crusher.

    • Bob

      Nice save!

  27. Andy

    Being reborn:

  28. Andy

    Featured in MCG

  29. Keith

    Put a hitch on it and you got a tow rig for your race car !

  30. Andy

    Featured in Wagons of Steel magazine with Gaffo Jones!

  31. Andy

    Here it is with my good friends 65 coronet wagon on my wedding day

  32. Andy

    When I moved last year I found lots of extra glass an trim for this car in my attic. It all went in the trash because the local mopar guys didn’t want it.

  33. stillrunners

    Thanks Andy…..nice pair at the wedding !

  34. Andy

    MCG article

  35. Andy


  36. Andy


    • David Montanbeau

      Why would the master cylinder be different? Same car?

  37. Andy


  38. Andy


    • Jack

      Such a cool restoration story!! Well Done!!

  39. Andy

    Fresh from the maw of the crusher. This car was headed for the end of the line. I pulled it out of a junk yard in Park City Illinois. It had the original engine etc, but did not run. These photos are from the day I brought it home circa 1993.

    • 68 custom

      Good job saving a rare car!! :)

  40. Andy

    New quarters made from GMC truck door skins.

  41. Andy

    Engine bay before and after along with dash pre resto. See Rallye gauges.

  42. Andy

    Top photo is the day after I painted the Crestwood. Lower shows the 383. Not the original engine, but a rebuilt 1971 HP 383 that I had at the time. I was under a time crunch to get the car done in time for Mopar Nats 1995. I finished itwith some help from my good frind Tony and drove it there without any issues. We brought the Crestwood back to Nats in 1996 where it was featured with several other 1971 cars for the 1971 25th year anniversary.

    • John

      the coolest part about this car is that I sat in the front seat while it walked away from a 1970 AMC Rebel Machine 390, 4 speed… from about 30 mph on… good times!!!

      • Andy

        Everyone gets to be cool once…

  43. Andy

    Built and painted in a two car garage in Wisconsin. Any other version of the story is BS. I sold it to a friend in 1999 for $7500. It changed hands three or four times, went to an owner in Alabama for a few years and then came back north to it’s current owner.

    • Charles rust

      I owned it for awhile. Bought it from memory lane motors

  44. Andy

    Top photo is the day after I painted the Crestwood. Lower shows the 383. Not the original engine, but a rebuilt 1971 HP 383 that I had at the time. I was under a time crunch to get the car done in time for Mopar Nats 1995. I finished itwith some help from my good frind Tony and drove it there without any issues. We brought the Crestwood back to Nats in 1996 where it was featured with several other 1971 cars for the 1971 25th year anniversary.
    Read more at http://barnfinds.com/factory-440-with-4-speed-1971-dodge-coronet-crestwood/#YAuzC0GRSTw5KHrP.99

  45. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow, Andy. Someone should buy this and gift it to you. That’s a crabton of work you did…a real labor of love.

    Kudos, my man. Looks great

  46. Howard A

    I have got to say, while I’m not terribly interested in the car, it is the most comprehensive ad here yet. Just a fantastic job on a WISCONSIN car? (shudder)
    BTW, Andy, I’m from Milwaukee originally, what junkyard was it?

  47. rando

    I love it. And as unoriginal as it is, I would be tempted to do Buckets and a console for the pistol grip. Of course, I like the bench too. Not like I would ever be able to afford it, but one can dream, right?

  48. Sammy

    I remember cruising with the owner of this car back in the mid 90s. Haven’t seen him in years, but the way he used to hold that shifter drove me crazy!!!

  49. Rocco in Florida Member

    Very cool for a wagon.

  51. Joseph Burke

    The engine does not match the VIN code. This is not a factory original 440 car.

  52. Andy

    Did you read anything I posted about the history of this car? It was a factory 383 HP with an a833 four speed.

  53. Blindmarc

    Andy, now expect people to read first? (Insert sarcasm here)

  54. George Eaklor

    This slingshot Dodge is proof that the big 3 boys were building anything that rolled off the line in america could come in any version we buyers wanted.
    For some reason I remember one here in the St. Louis area back then but from what area, I’m not sure. We had a lot of Chrysler products here that were wicked to say the least and
    383’s and 440’s were readily available in the crate. I wonder with the length of that body did it have that launch off the line w/o having excessive wheel spin. lol
    Would make this a resto mod just to put a better front end on it so I know it would stop

    • Trey

      Not sure it’s proof about anything. The fact is that manual transmissions were standard for a large percentage of the market in 1971, and 4-speeds continued to be offered as an option for more pedestrian versions of muscle cars (Coronet>Charger Super Bee). It has nothing to do with what “we buyers wanted.”

  55. Tory Rau

    Well… regardless how original… the cool factor is high. I have a 72′ Coronet wagon and it’s getting the white, roof rack and bfgs with cop wheels. Nice job Andy.

  56. Andy

    It’ll be a cool wagon.

  57. Greg

    Love it!! Had a 71 9 passenger with a 318. Had 3 at one time, 2-71’s and a 72 Crestwood. Built a 340 for it. She screamed. Never had the money for a 727 and a good rear. Would have to lift to get her to shift. Still rock & rolled. Always wanted to “Challenger” one with a 340 T/A. I’d love to have the money to redo/modernize one. Crate hemi package, suspension, brakes. Shave it clean, Xenon halo headlights, yet keep it full sleeper. I miss my sleepy wagon BAD.

  58. Greg

    Rusty, almost as bad as my 67 Rebel.

    • Greg

      Gas tank fell out going down the road twice. Strap broke once, j bolt hole broke off second time. Ground the pinchweld lip down within mm of the tank. Sparks flying in the mirror. LOL

      • Jack in RI

        Nine lives!

  59. Greg

    The heart

  60. Tory

    New wheels are on and painted new color…

    • Greg

      It’s a really good color for the body shape and curves. The green just didn’t work. Keep us updated

  61. Tory Rau

    Cop wheels in paint

  62. Tory Rau

    On the car…

  63. Bob

    Thanks for the vin, the fog is starting to clear. Anyone have a data plate shot?

  64. Pete T

    I owned 2 of the 4 383 hp pistol grip, bench bucket seat,1 was a 6 pass. 1 a 9 pass the green one went to Tennessee in 2002, the 6 pass I purchased in 1976 in Plattsburgh ny when I was a senior in high school, Unfortunately it was lost in a fire in 2002

    • Tory Rau

      Do you recall which 833 was used in your wagons? I am converting over to four speed with the stock bench. I am wondering about 833 b body or e body shifter placement through the floor.

  65. Pete T

    I am sure it was a b-body as I recall the tailshaft on the transmission had 2 bolt patterns for a mounting plate for the shifter, also the shifter was only for bench seat was shaped differently

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