Factory Short Box 1970 Chevrolet C-10

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Original short-box pickups like this 1970 Chevrolet C-10 are so popular they can command really high prices. They are so popular, in fact, that there are literally hundreds of internet videos and magazine articles on how to convert long-bed trucks into short-beds. If you want the real deal, this one can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of just over $4,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Located in Hermitage, Tennessee, the seller doesn’t say anything about the history of this truck but you can tell it has probably sat outside for quite a while. Have a closer look for yourself.

The engine is a 250 cubic inch inline-six that is mated to an automatic transmission. The ad says the truck doesn’t currently run, which isn’t too surprising based on the photos. Obviously, an LS swap is probably in the future for this project since they are so prevalent. But how about something different? Perhaps a ZZ632 crate engine with 1000+ horsepower and fuel injection? What about a small block 383 to save weight?

The interior is pretty much as you would expect also. The dash and door panels seem to be easily refreshed.  The seller does say that there are some rust issues on the bottom of the doors and in the rocker panels, so the floor pans probably need to be addressed also. The nice thing about this generation of C-10s is there are tons of aftermarket parts available.

Overall, a deep cleaning and new wheels and tires would do this truck wonders. Hopefully, it finds a good home and enjoys some driving time for years to come. If you had the choice between a higher-priced original short box or converting a long box for about the same price, what would you do?

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  1. HoA Howard A (retired)Member

    Um, no, it will take a bit more than a cleaning. Where to start? The motor?( pun intended) This is one tired truck, neglected for years. Love the U shaped gas pedal indicating where the gas pedal was most of the time. Door handle as window crank,,and so on. It’s only merit, really, is the lack of total rust, and could theoretically be returned to useful status,,,BY REPLACING EVERYTHING,,,sorry, in the real world, a poor example like this should garner no more than a grand. Being a shorty, it is desirable, automatic nice, looks like P/S, and I suppose one could just address the issues at hand and drive a beater, but it’s not that much fun, trust me. It’s still a good find.

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    • John VanPelt

      A grand we’re is this person from the moon?

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  2. Troy

    Nice find, rust started in the cab depending on the reserve it could be a nice buy

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  3. Bill W,

    I don’t agree with Howard. In today’s market, you’ll never find a SWB like this for a grand. I agree, this is destined for an LS swap. If it were mine, a nice 5.3/4L60E swap, add some AC, do the interior, and I might just buff it out nd see what I’ve got. Wheels and tires, sure. A 70 came with drum brakes, I bet they’re still there. That would change. It’ll be a nice truck.

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  4. Dave

    Well, it’s obviously worth more than $1000 if the latest bid is $4000. These trucks have value, and are simple. Anyone with basic automotive experience can easily get this back on the road. If you need to pay someone else to do the work, you also need deep pockets.

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  5. Midway

    I see 300 hrs of labor and 15 K in materials.3 year project.

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  6. Robert Levins

    You know why these short boxes are so popular? It started in the early 80’s when all of the automakers decided that FWD was the way. No arguments. No more 2-door cars (except for a select few), no more V-8 body on-frames. PICKUP TRUCKS on the other hand gave you 2-door V-8 body on frame with really nice interiors, and the same equipment that you could get on a luxury car. TRUCKS were the answer. Eventually overtaking most American luxury cars. Trucks gave you a 350ci V-8, RWD, and if you chose a short bed, “Voila”, you had what you wanted. Today? “Voila”, you still get what you want.

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  7. Maggy

    Up to 4600 and reserve not met? I see a 1k to 2k at best truck in the pics.

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  8. Eric P Akins

    Will go to 8k….watch

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  9. Evan

    Same chorus around here every day. “This ain’t worth a grand!” Maybe not to you, but it’s obviously worth $4500 or more to somebody, and the seller doesn’t care who buys it, only that they get their money.

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    • Steve R

      Those sort of comments are performative, the ones making them typically have no interest in, or even like the car they are commenting on. They are like the “fan” at a professional sporting even screaming at the player on the field that they suck.

      Steve R

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    • Dave

      Tiring, isn’t it? And it’s always the first one.

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  10. Oldskool55f100

    Nice truck! Should easily get asking with what everything is selling for these days.. And its complete! Nice.

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  11. Joe Haska

    Some of the best comments I have seen on B/F about old pick ups and especially C -10’s, instead of saying its worth a thousand bucks, the readers are saying look at the market this is what it is, deal with it. I live in Phoenix and we are starting the big Auction week and at a large cruise yesterday ,there were several C-10’s testing the waters. Many were very nice builds, the starting numbers were 40 K plus. Here we call it B/J prices, during this time period.

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  12. Barnaby Wilde

    Am I the only one who noticed the 67 only box on the back. It has no side markers.

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  13. T. MannMember

    EVAN is so right,
    The same chorus is here every day. “This ain’t worth a grand!”
    Now at $4600 working toward 5000.

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  14. Tyler

    I’ve built quite a few of these trucks, but rust above the windshield is a no starter for me. That & the cowl are the absolute worst places to repair. Unless you can do all the work yourself, you are going to have a 20k bill from the body shop. That’s before you tackle the interior & drivetrain.

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  15. John McBride

    I see people degrading on here all the time. If someone wants something they buy it because they want it and have their own money. I see most responses have nothing to do with the question asked. everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t tag on people who have things for sale you think are not worth what is being asked. Again no one can say they never paid more than something was worth because they wanted it? If you can say that you should not even look at barn find !!!

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  16. Matthew Dyer

    Great start for a rural transportation truck. For the right mechanically inclined person it’ll be easy to return it to a driver. Keep it stock and the insurance and registration will be minimal.

    4 grand may be emotional buying territory though.

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  17. Jeffery Amburgey

    Great trucks, but you are ahead paying for the rustfree example unless you can and want to do the body work yourself. 5k, another 20 to 25k to have the body done right, plus drive train. Just buy the 40k truck to begin with, and save the having work done headaches. Just my 2 cents.

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  18. Ashtray

    I see it as a pretty good solid truck. It is probably a better body than most, although it needs work.
    It would not be too hard to put a 350 v8 in it and drive it. Already has an AT. There are plentiful and not that expensive. A good power washing would help. I see what might be blue showing up on parts of it?
    I had a 72 Cheyenne, but it was a long bed. Everyone usually wants a short bed now, but that was not the case back in the day. They were work trucks so most people bought the long bed.
    The Cheyenne Super short bed was the top dog of them all.

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  19. Larry D

    I’m thinking a ZL-1 427. The power of a Big Block with the weight of a Small Block!

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  20. Steve R

    Sold for a high bid of $7,500.

    Steve R

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    • Ed

      That is a lot of bids over $1000.

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