Fair Buy? 1975 Olds Omega

A car this cool, under 15 grand, and you’re going to deliver it right to my house—free? Bring it on! That’s my immediate reaction to this 1975 Olds Omega coupe located in Richmond, Indiana but available to you (or me) here on ebay for a buy-it-now of $14,900 that expires mid-week.

The Omega was the corporate cousin of the Chevrolet Nova, marketed from 1975-79 in this configuration. Also in the family—the Buick Apollo. The base models came with V6 engines, but this one has a 350, as some did. (More in a moment on that.) It also sports twin hood scoops, a nice touch, but wait a minute—did the factory do that? Hmmm. We’re starting to go down the rabbit hole of “what are you really getting for your money?” here.

This particular car looks shiny and perfect, with a recorded 55,011 miles and the promise that if you go see it and it’s not as nice as described, the seller will pay your expenses getting there. No word if he’ll see you home again. Sounds fair, and the description goes on to claim various times that the paint is nice and the interior is nice and other things are shiny and nice, but notice—there are no claims as to the originality of anything. Disappointingly, the engine has been replaced with a newer crate 350, said to run well, but what crate did this one come out of, when, and what warranty or statement of fitness for the task can we see that tells us that this isn’t a beater with a backyard resto waiting to unravel?

Looking at the images, no question this isn’t the born-with engine. And I’m highly doubtful of the velour-covered seats. So is this a found gem or a quick flip? Then again, I have to ask myself, Why am I so crazy about this car, despite the red flags? Before I hit that buy button, I must remember that it’s always what the ad doesn’t say that speaks the loudest. Maybe my interest stems from the fact that this is the right body size and style. I almost had a 1972 Nova in the 80s, but the guy backed out of the deal last-minute. I’m also fascinated because I’ve always wanted something with a landau top and that half-vinyl roof works for me, and because I’m inclined to believe that the car is not hiding any rust. Then I put on the brakes. The paint is probably over-the-top thick, I’m thinking, but for that price, and you have to discount it $1500 to get it to me on the West coast, you can’t go all that far wrong. I’d have $13,500 in this car. Would I be happy that I did the right thing? Barnfinders with the eagle eye for correctness and the nose for a skunk, please weigh in here.



  1. Howard A ( since 2014) Member

    1st, it’s the nicest one I’ve seen in years. These “other” Nova types never gained any steam, and SURELY rarely modified. The only way was if the nephew got Aunt Ethyls car, grumbled it wasn’t a Nova, but made the best of it,,aka, beat the heck out of it. I’d almost bet this is a total restoration of a pretty solid car to begin with. It’s just TOO clean, but the attention to deal is suboib. While the automatic, I feel, is a plus today, the motor may kill the deal. We just don’t need motors like this in the future, it’s nice enough that nobody is going to care what’s under the hood. People today don’t know, or care, if there were actually 4 offerings, all basically the same, it just LOOKS like a Nova, and that’s good enough. No bids for what I consider a really nice car, for an acceptable amount, not a good sign, Homer,,

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    I like this car. Beautifully done, just right modifications. Who cares about matching numbers etc. This isn’t a 1933 Rolls Royce, just a really nice car to go out and have some fun driving with.

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    • angliagt angliagt

      To me,matching numbers only matter when you’re selling
      to a snob,or investor.
      How many of us have put a replacement engine in a car?
      How many here really care?

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      • Howard A ( since 2014) Member

        I think that’s true. Not too long ago, when this whole “eat off the air cleaner” thing came about, for some reason, numbers matching was the hobbys hot button. I’m with you, and in the VERY near future, most folks wouldn’t know what powers it or cares. Remember the middle aged gal with the Marlin that didn’t even know how to open the hood? She turned the key, put it in drive, put gas in it, and a big smile. If, and when, it doesn’t do that, help is just a “button” away. I’ve put a couple engines in cars over the years, certainly not in the last 20 years, and like most, if it needed a motor, it was curtains for the vehicle.
        Now today,,,different story. Vehicles have gotten so expensive, one literally HAS to replace the motor. Get this, a guy at the Walmart deli, WALMART DELI, not exactly flush with cash, has a , IDK, 2007ish RAM pickup, got your fancy pants “hemi”, all of a sudden, it locked up. Estimates for a rebuilt motor and installation( if you can find someone, of the dozen mechanics in town, only ONE would do it),,cost? EIGHT FREAKIN’ GRAND. Walmart deli, mind you. He has literally no choice. So it goes,,,

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      • Old greybeard

        Well I don’t want to be a snob, and I bought my car because I like it, and don’t want to be called a investor. Guess Ill yank that 350/310hp 57k original motor out of my Cutlass. Apparently doesn’t matter. I’ll stick a 455 in and put 442 logos on!

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    • Frank

      My buddy has a Buick Regal, a 73? big two door like a Pontiac Grand Am (Collanade?)style. 30,000 genuine little old lady miles, medium green with white half top, white bucket seat/ console interior, absolutely perfect and beautiful. He pulled the anemic 350 smog motor and put in a 500hp+ Buick 455. It hauls ass and is the ultimate sleeper.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    Great build for the money, I bet someone will pull the trigger on it. 350 with turbo 350 and a ten bolt rear what’s not to like? Should run decent and shouldn’t be fuelish. Smiles per mile!

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  4. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga Member

    A totally cool Boulevard Barnstorm Crusier!

    Love it all day long…..👍🤓

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  5. Brian K Staff

    I’m seriously thinking about buying this car. So, people, I need some advice. Is this price way too high? Value guides online say so. Is that interior original? I doubt it, but the seller says yes. What do you think about the hood? Does the engine look anywhere close to right? The car is supposedly well kept. Then how do you blow up an engine in 55K miles? Would you worry about rust? And what’s up with the rear end pumpkin–some kind of street racing stuff?

    I want to hear from you.

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    • Big C

      It’s hard to put a price on a unicorn! Buy it!

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    • Connecticut mark

      Was probably a 305, so betting engine is much better and if has receipts, much better. Car looks great, bring a Magnet. Bring 12th grand cash.

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      • Dwcisme

        A friend in college had a new 75 Omega with the 305. Would barely get out of its own way. Wasn’t actually a remarkable car in any way. The Formula 400 he replaced it with was much better to my mind. Replacing a 6 or 305 with a more potent engine makes perfect sense to me. This isn’t a Trans Am or Cuda where #s matching might make a difference at Mecum or Barret Jackson.

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    • Melton Mooney

      Brian, The scoops look nice IMO.
      The motor is pretty standard sbc fare. Looks like a performer intake, edelbrock carb, and headers. If the motor’s reasonably healthy it should perform well and be reliable for you. The dipstick is on the passenger side, so it’ll have unleaded heads that will tolerate many years worth of unleaded fuel, assuming the heads are original to the block.
      There’s nothing in the pics that indicates any sort of rust problem, but an in-person inspection would be best.
      No sure what you mean by the rear end pumpkin. Looks like a stock original corporate 10 bolt axle to me. Not bad, not good…just a 10 bolt.
      The car doesn’t have a/c which is a negative to most, and the windshield washer pump is missing. The steering wheel cover might be hiding some cracks. I don’t see much downside other than that, and the fact that the seller is over selling it with hyperbole. The car looks very nice, but unless it will autonomously fetch a pizza and a six pack, it’s not amazing, amazing, amazing.

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      • Melton Mooney

        When I say reasonably healthy, I mean no knocks, ticks, or smoke. Keep in mind that this is an 80s era motor, a time when GM was spitting out 305s by the gazillions. This could be a 305 and the seller not actually even know it. Nothing especially wrong with that; you just get a little more mileage, and a little less of everything else. Most people prefer more of the ‘everything else’ though, so a 305 would drive the value down a little.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      Interior is NOT correct. They did NOT use velour inserts on these.

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    • Greg

      All 72 and later GM have an engine code in the vin. This car was originally a 6 cylinder.
      Doesn’t matter anyway if the car is done right…need more details.

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    Buy it. Stupidity blows up engines at 55K. This owner sure didn’t blow anything up after looking how he/she took care of this car.

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  7. Cadmanls Member

    Buy it, most likely started life as a six plain jane, who cares.

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  8. 19sixty5 Member

    A padded vinyl half top and W25-ish stick-on hood scoops are on opposite ends of the scale. This car has an identity crisis, but it does appear to be very clean! A buyer could do much worse.

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  9. Stan

    Dr. OLDS w the body by Fisher.
    5.3L motor would probably be right at home if the 350 isnt up to snuff.

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  10. ACZ

    Nice car. Although, I’d rather see it with a built Olds 350.

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  11. Will Fox

    Beware potential buyers, I’ve seen those hood scoops before. They look suspiciously like the “peel `n stick” variety for $8.99 at Wal-mart or your favorite catalog house. I see no air intake function leading to the air cleaner under the hood, so I bet they are non-functioning. Just an FYI…..

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  12. Rw

    I miss the days of matching numbers like you could buy a 1955 Chevy for $1955.00

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  13. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Wow I have not seen one of these for years. Love the paint color. I am not to much a GM guy. But someone can read the tag information this could have been a v6 or 305 . To me no harm no foul . Fun ride. Many years ago in The Bronx I knew someone with a 74 Omega with a work out 350 T/A hood. Probably from a GTO the same year. 4speed roll bar and all glossy black paint white interior with Cragars. Posi rear to boot. That was one fast mother…… Till one night out visiting his girlfriend on Long Island. I guess he was racing on the Northern state parkway he rolled it on the roof. The car was still drivable. The roll bar saved him and his ride up to a point. He got a donor vehicle and swapped everything in that vehicle. I always felt it was never the same. 🐻🇺🇸

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  14. ACZ

    The car was originally a 250 cubic inch straight 6. (VIN code D).

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  15. JCH841

    I had a 77 with the 305m half vinyl roof, velour seats, FE2 suspension, 2.8 turns lock to lock steering and E78-R14 tires, bought new off the dealers lot. It wasn’t very powerful, but once I erased the tires and put on some F70-R14s and gas shocks it would handle.

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    Those scoops are not factory or even functional. Look at ebag photos. No openings under them. Look like stick ons.

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  17. todd l.

    I dint see a power brake booster.

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  18. Randy Dull

    Did anyone notice the screwed on firewall tag?

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    • ACZ

      Some were screwed on, some were riveted on, and some were spot welded on. Depends on the model year and the assembly plant as to which method was used.

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  19. Lance

    Ebay link says the sale has ended. I love the boxy Nova style cars the best.

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  20. 433jeff

    I say run like a thief and put your money in something else, didn’t these also come with a 260 v8?

    My default goes back to buying my first 1970 Chevelle fot 375$ 396 bench, need a motor rebuild 4 speed 12 bilt posi.

    Cars like this i have a hard time giving it the time of day, like the little old lady said”Wheres the beef”?.

    I guess ive been blessed to be part of a Time.

    Old Broncos going for more than new ones??No thank you

    2wd Squarebodies going for 55 k…..Huh?

    Oh and any type of old wagon ( we used these as donor cars) going for 7500 and up just because? What are you *^**%%++ crazy.

    If you got 15k to spend, do your homework , and as always, To each his own

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  21. W72WW3


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    • Emel

      All pretty unappealing cars.

      And none were cool ! lol

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  22. JCH841

    In retrospect , Emel is right. I thought I was maturing when I traded in a muscle car for my Omega. I should have gotten a Firebird Formula 400 4 speed (ala James Rockford).

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  23. Timothy Phaff

    I always loved these rims. I have 4 sets in my basement and one 15-inch set which is rarer than the 14-inch. I also have many sets of the metal center caps and trim rings.

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