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Fall Classic Auction – Time to Get Lucky!


Back in May we ran a feature about Lucky Auctions and their spring sale. Well, summer is almost over so it is time for another auction. This is their big one though and there are some real gems scheduled to cross the block next weekend. You have probably noticed their banner ad at the top of the page. They were generous enough to sponsor the site for a week in return for a little publicity so please check them out. Lucky is a smaller venue than some of the big auction houses so you might be actually get lucky and snatch up something at a bargain price! Take a look at their site here and let us know which ones you would go for. I have included my top picks below.


Admittedly, the Lucky site needs a little polishing. Many of the listings are still without descriptions and things can be a little hard to navigate. That’s okay though because the possibility of a bargain makes it worth the extra effort. The guys over there seem customer centered and I’m sure they will get right back to you if you have any questions. Ideally, you would want to bid in person so you can inspect the cars beforehand, but they do offer online and phone bidding too. Here’s one that won’t go cheap – a fuel-injected 1963 Corvette roadster! In the Corvette world, it doesn’t get much better than this. Sixty three was one of the best years for the Vette and the 360 horsepower 327 V8 just makes it sweeter.


Obviously, we don’t all have the bank balance required for the Corvette so it’s nice to see a few more affordable options like this 1960 NSU Prinz. The engine has been disassembled, but it might just be oddball enough to go cheap. When you do finally get that tiny engine back together, it’s not going to be fast, but at least that little Bertone designed body can look sharp when restored. If it turns out to be solid, this could be a fun project for someone who appreciates the unusual. There’s lots of variety at this auction, so I’m sure there is something for everyone’s taste.


If the NSU is too normal for you, may I suggest this 1956 Citroen 2CV Azul? This rare variation of the 2CV may look odd, but from what I can tell, was a great way to take the family camping. All the information I have found online about these is in French, but the brochure with photos of creekside picnics and references to the “de Week-End” give it away. It looks like there is extra room in the back for hauling gear and since the seats were always removable in 2CVs, it might work for sleeping. The Citroen was built to be a rugged utilitarian machine, so perhaps it would make the perfect small RV?


I still regret selling my own 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV, so this one caught my eye. Mine looked about the same when I let it go a few years back for a measly $5,000. I knew prices were going up then, but I would never have imagined what they sell for now. So, I will be watching to see what this one ends up going for. There is most likely a lot for rust hiding under the surface, but it looks like it did come from Montana, so you might get lucky? The 5-speed gearbox and disc brakes do make these drive like a much more modern car, but I never really got used to that seating position. This is one of those listings that doesn’t include much information for us long distance bidders, but hopefully they will get something posted up there before the auction begins.


Here’s another mystery listing. It does say that this 1973 Lotus Europa has a twin-cam with only 23k miles on it though. By 1973, Lotus had started using the more powerful “big-valve” version of the twin-cam and that is a very goo thing. The early cars used Renault engines that were a little underpowered even for the lightweight Europa. I’m guessing this one is an older restoration, but it could even be an original car, so Lotus enthusiasts should definitely take notice. Some may not like the orange hue, but I think it fits the Europa’s personality perfectly. Just be sure to check that backbone frame for rust before bidding!


Finally, we have this 1937 Mercedes-Benz 300… Well, it’s not really a 1937 or even a Mercedes actually. It is a frankenstein of a car that I would usually pass right over. This one deserves a closer look though and it’s not because it was built on a Jaguar Mark 9 chassis and could supposedly do 125 mph. It’s because it starred in the Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark! This was the Nazi staff car that Indy forced off the road a few times in one of the chase scenes. The logical side of me says that something like that shouldn’t add value to a cobbled together car, but the part that remembers watching the movie as a kid makes me want it badly! So, you guys see anything else you would like to pick up?


  1. Jeff V.

    Correct me please, I always thought the 327/350-360hp motor was carbureted and the fuelie was rated at 375hp, thanks…Jeff

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    • stanleystalvey

      I believe you are correct.. The 327 is a high-rpm monster capable of impressive torque and speed. I used to shift mine at 7400 rpm even though it is only rated at 6400 rpm. Of course I had to put in stronger valve springs. I found my engine stuffed in a 67 Caprice Classic that I bought for $150. The block number was T0702HK. That matched up to the book as a 327ci SHP (special high performance) 350hp. The camshaft part number is 3863151 and was very popular among drag racers. My engine screamed and pulled hard all the way up to 7400 rpm. The only local car that could beat me was a GM kit car that only weighed 1800 pounds and had a 455 Oldsmobile engine. My 327 outran all of the big block engined cars around town in the 70’s. My car was a 71 Chevelle.. It would easily dust a Trans Am 455HO on the holeshot at that time and any stock Chevy big block car. Why did I part with it.? Temporary insanity, I suppose…

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      • Jeff V.

        Nice story, a good auto-shop buddy of mine in hs had a 70 1/2 Z28 LT1 350-370hp, 4spd that could dust anything around including my 1st car 67′ 390 C6 stang & my 2nd a 70′ 429CJ Torino then my last one in hs a 70′ Nova SS350 built. All victims of a lead foot and total lack of authority. Solution was join the Navy lol-SALUTE!

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      • stanleystalvey

        The Navy was a good choice. I too, am a veteran of the Navy. My pals on the ship taught me my first knowledge of Horsepower cars. I’ve been hooked on drag racing ever since.. My first engine build was a high compression 307ci Chevy. They said it ran like a 350ci. My Chevelle came with a powerglide transmission. Before long I replaced it with a TH400 and added a Rochester 4 barrel. It bogged down on the takeoff so I bought a Holley double pumper. It ran like a scalded dog after that. I always worked on it at the Navy base hobby shop in Littlecreek, Va. Soon after that I bought the Caprice which had a Corvette 327 SHP engine for my swap into the Chevelle. In the trading post I aquired a complete fiberglass front end for my Chevelle. My world changed dramatically after all of these modifications. Getting the belts to line up with the pulleys was the first problem but was soon solved with junkyard parts. There was a pic-a-part in Chesapeak, Va. That’s where I first laid eyes on a Fireball Hemi in an old Desoto.

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  2. Kemosobe

    I’ll take the 2 stroke Saab Sonett. It’s 1 of only 258 2 stroke Sonetts built and 1 of 325 with wood dash.

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  3. Mark E

    The Lost Ark Mercedes is cool but I’d be happy to get the 1948 Packard convertible – I love Packards & it’s much closer to my budget!

    BTW, if you live in the upper midwest, Spring Grove Auction Co is having a consignment auction Sept 20th. Not nearly as diverse or high-buck but lots of collectible American cars:

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    • jim s

      the 54 chevy truck they have up for auction looks great.

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  4. Brian Peters

    Anyone else having trouble viewing the photos on Lucky’s site? I only see a tiny sliver of a featured photo. Maybe I am having a browser difficulty.

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    • Lucky Collector Car Auctions


      Unfortunately our web browser has been having some issues. If you were to attempt to view the listings with Internet Explorer, we’ve noticed that the entirety of each photograph is viewable rather than just a “sliver”. We are currently working to correct this with our “IT guy”, but for the time being, Internet Explorer is the way to go.

      Our apologies to all of our viewers and bidders for the difficulties this may be causing.
      We hope to have these kinks worked out before our May Auction in 2015!

      -Lucky Collector Car Auctions

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  5. Brian

    Although I think auctions are fun to attend and watch, I’m not really that comfortable with the concept of purchasing a car, other than maybe very low dollar parts or non running restoration project car, at an auction. Particularly with antique cars over just used cars, there always seems to be a sizeable group present that are willing to pay alot more (sometimes it seems like whatever it takes to win) than I would, so I’m done bidding pretty early and I’ve never been successful at buying a car this way. The auctions that I’ll attended, granted not that many and smaller ones, there was no opportunity to see the cars run, let alone have any idea what they would do out on the road. Knowing that makes me assume they are not driveable, so the amount I’m willing to pay goes down, so I’m finished before I start when I’m up against, what I like to call ‘testosterone bidders’, those guys that see getting the car as a sports-like competition rather than a business transaction. Add in the bidder and transaction fees, plus tax and registeration costs, there is just no room for me to afford to overpay at an auction. Maybe when I win the Powerball! Fun to watch, but when it comes to buying expensive, big ticket items, I’d rather have more control and be able to take my time to make my decisions.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    This auction’s website sure could use a tuneup or maybe even an engine transplant. Like others, all I’m seeing is a thin sliver of an image at the right hand edge and no descriptions at all.

    But that’s OK, because if you’re in the pacific NW just go to their facility and look at the cars you’re interested in thoroughly yourself. Even if the photos & descriptions were working on this website it would be essential to evaluate the cars directly.

    I was going to make fun of some of the listings (anyone for a ’79 Caddy Sedan de Ville, or a TR8 “recreation”, or a 2002 Kia?), or point out that you could salvage your trip by visiting the nearby LeMay museum, but then I saw:

    – 1956 VW 23-window bus
    – 1971 Dodge Charger Hemi
    – 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda
    – 1949 Fiat Topolino Giardiniera ‘woody’
    – 1964 Facel Vega Facel III
    – 1974 BMW 3.0 CS
    – 1950 Lagonda drophead coupe
    – 1956 Chrysler 300B
    – 1991 IRL Lola racecar
    And that’s just a few from the first of the two days.

    For a mixed-bag auction it looks like it has some real gems.

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  7. DT

    I assume that NSU came from my friends collection, The vw bus has been sold at other auctions previously, and it is a big buck car

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  8. jean Lecointe

    Hi everybody,
    I will of course speak about the 2CV.
    The body may be 1956, but not the engine. The plastic fan visible behind the hood has been fitted in the seventies. It means also that the engine is a 3CV (french tax power).
    The windows are missing but are easyly found.
    That green color is not original.
    Don’t expect to lie down to sleep if you are round six feet tall….

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  9. Mike A in MD

    Although I too would love the Indiana Jones Mercedes, regardless of its purity, and there are some nice-looking vehicles listed, I’m a real truck appreciater and so would love to be bidding on the 1956 Ford F700 truck ! I know, not sexy, but it’s cool (to me) nonetheless. The fact that’s it’s totally on the other side of the USA makes it impractical to get, though :( I imagine that the shipping would almost double the total final cost !!

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    • jim s

      that truck would nice to have. be interesting to see what is sells for.

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  10. jim s

    your buying vehicles not a web site ( which is getting a lot of hits right now, i think ). a lot of nice items for sale. white dump, mgb, corvette, rolls, mustang, vw camper, GMC motorhome and F700. something for everyone. if anyone is going the auction please keep us updated. thanks for sponsoring this web site.

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  11. ConservativesDefeated

    Just a heads up…I use an AOL browser..yes it’s true!

    I can see their web site perfectly .

    Fire Engine…..ummmmmmm..Homer Simpson

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  12. ConservativesDefeated

    Just saw the ’63 Chrysler Crown Imperial………

    I had the very same car in two tone beige over the early nineties. Tons of fun to drive. This may or may not have leather interior and no shots of the cool steering wheel or dash. Too Bad

    20 footer shots of a car are not the way to sell it if you are going to take bids on the internet Just saying

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  13. stanleystalvey

    I looked at the Lucky site but was unable to find the F700 Ford truck mentioned. I like those big, heavy Ford trucks. They’re fun to drive sitting high above all the traffic. I worked at a Ford dealer in the 80’s and got to test drive all of the large trucks that the railroad brought in for service. Most of those were brand new F800’s. It was so much fun driving all of those brand new cars in those days. I miss it.

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  14. Timvs

    A bit extra info on the 2cv azul
    It is a Belgian build 2cv van. That has been adapted as 4 seater.
    Originaly it would have been a two tone car.
    Some info and picturers can be fount here (in french)

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  15. OKCPhil

    The Town and Country convertible and V16 get my nod but why the lack of text descriptions? Working in IT I can say that text is the easiest thing to add and display. The lack of descriptions is disheartening since it just makes me and most others go “Is that a real Hemi? Guess I’ll never know.” Not trying to be critical but your customers will get more money for their cars and you get more commission by just adding more text. Does the IRL car have an engine? Honestly just trying to provide feedback amd not critisism. Good luck with the auction and please post the results. Thanks

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  16. DeeJayK

    Regarding that Indiana Jones Nazi staff car. From what I understand it is not currently running as it was in the midst of an aborted attempt to convert the drivetrain from Jag to Chevy. The sister car to this one (two were built to play one role, sort of like the Olson twins in Full House) apparently sold in 2008 for $60k, so it’ll be really interesting to see what this one brings.

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