Family Classic: 1990 LTD Country Squire

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Besides those of us that just like great big ‘Merican wagons, I’m sure some of you face the dilemma of a family that isn’t exactly enamored with your classic car hobby (thankfully, not a problem in my family, but I can sympathize). One way to involve them is to have a classic car where everyone can come along and enjoy the ride, and this 1990 survivor Ford wagon is perfect for that purpose! It’s being auctioned here on eBay and is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The car has recently been pulled from storage where it’s been since 2005. It’s showing 79,000 miles and I see no reason to doubt that it’s the real deal. The seller tells us that they cleaned and replaced what was needed in the fuel system and it started right away. Even the air conditioning works!

We are also told that there is a small amount of rust in the quarter panels, but there’s no close up picture to illustrate exactly what that means. Some of the plastic trim around the plastic wood is peeling as well.

On the other hand, the entire interior looks like it rolled off the showroom floor last week. Acres of dark red velour are the highlight, and the seller says there aren’t even any wear marks.

Unusually for a wagon, the loading area is undamaged as well!

A further treat is the presence of the rear folding seats. By my count that means a seating capacity of eight, with three in each of the first two seats and two back here with the scenic view — as long as they don’t mind looking sideways! So even larger families can go on whatever classic car touring event or show you have in mind — how does that sound?

While the 5.0 (302 cubic inch) V-8 and the attached systems aren’t current technology, it does have fuel injection and will be smooth and powerful if not particularly fuel-efficient. I hope some classic car lover with a family ends up with this survivor and enjoys some of the family-oriented events in their area. Could that buyer be you? Bidding hasn’t even hit $3,000 yet, but there is a reserve.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. CFP

    Heated windshield?

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      I think around this time, manufacturers were working with windshields with a thin layer of conductive material? I remember something about interfering with radio reception once it hit the market, but I freely admit my memory is flawed.

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      • EJHerr

        The heated windshield was called Insta-Clear by Ford/Mercury/Lincoln. Basically a rear window defroster for the wind screen with its own button to activate located on the dashboard. My father had a 1990 Lincoln Continental with that option that did work well to clear snow, ice and condensation, but did cause some issues with radio reception. And if you had to replace the windshield they were very costly.

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      • Timothy

        You are correct sir. If memory serves, FoMoCo called it “Instaclear”.

        I can’t recall anyone else using this technology.

        Our Grand Marquis had a power antenna so there was no problem with radio reception.

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      • Rob

        Those heated windows were very expensive. I had heard that insurance companies wouldn’t pay to replace them as they were about $800.

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      • Bob C.

        They stopped manufacturing those heated windshields around 20 years ago. It doesn’t mean there still may be one sitting in the back of some warehouse covered in four inches of dust somewhere.

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    • Steve Bowlby

      It’s called an instaclear. windshield. Has a thin layer of gold for faster defrosting.

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    • W9BAG

      I noticed the “electro clear” windshield as well. A fantastic feature ! I don’t understand why Ford discontinued it ? I’ve read that your remote garage door opener wouldn’t transmit through the windshield. A small inconvenience for such a great feature !

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  2. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking car. I’ve always loved later (1988-90) Ford LTDs. Overall, its styling may carry over from earlier (1979-87), but I find the front end appearance of the 1988-90 models way more attractive.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    @Gay Car Nut – agree 100%. The last few years of this body style were really nice.

    Hard to argue with these EFI 302s. They run a long time and I’ll bet you’d be surprised at the mileage you get cruising down the highway in this car.

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    • CS

      What real-world fuel economy have you seen with these? Mine doesn’t want to break out of 16mpg.

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      • Douglas Potts

        I had a fully loaded 88 LX that consistently got 25 mpg cruising effortlessly at 75 mph.

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  4. Gay Car Nut

    I agree. I’ve never owned one, I’m sorry to say, but I know people who have either owned one, or driven this generation LTDs.

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  5. Mountainwoodie

    Its amazing to me to think that 1990 was twenty eight years ago! I shudder. That said, I’d prefer a ’62-’65 wagon, smaller and seem “older”, “classic”, etc. Plus too many velours were killed for this wagon. But if you’re allergic to an Excursion this might do.

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    • Miguel

      Mountainwoodie, not to be picky, but 1990 was 29 years ago.

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      • Gay Car Nut

        I knew it was a long time ago, but I’d forgotten how long ago it was.

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    • CS

      These really shrink on the road; mine only feels oversized in a parking lot.

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  6. Gay Car Nut

    I know. I was only 18 yrs old at the time. I would prefer this any day over an Excursion. Size-wise, this would be perfect. You can do the same things with an old-school station wagon that you can with an SUV, minus the 4wd.

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  7. Buckskin

    Definitely a great car!! The odd tint on the windshield is the electric heat (faster than waiting for the motor to warm up). Rear defogger, AutoLamp, Squire package and roof rack. Those options should include a bunch of convenience packages too. Nicely equipped. My only concern is that Erie, PA winter weather. It’s good it was stored so the rust spots are still small.

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    • CS

      What is Autolamp, anyway?

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  8. Green66

    A family truckster of the 1st degree. I’ll drive that!

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  9. Matt G

    If I recall the dual exhaust was packaged with a 3.55 rear axle, which definitely perked this up over the stock (3.08? 2.73?). Even though these had less horsepower than their LT1 powered GM wagon contemporaries (Roadmaster and Caprice) they were the better car in my opinion. The last year for these was 1991 so this is a pretty good one to get.

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  10. Matthew

    These are actually very fuel efficient. Mid 20s mpg is the norm.

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  11. W9BAG

    LOVE this car !

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  12. Grumpy

    With that windshield option came dual alternator’s, if I recall correctly. If memory serves me, the second alternator ran at 120v.

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  13. Shaun Waite

    I love these old wagons! I just wish an 86 Taurus LX Wagon could show up for sale on here.

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  14. Gay Car Nut

    It’s a damn shame that the Country Squire was discontinued after this. It would’ve been interesting to see a more rounded wagon version of the Crown Victoria, or even a Mercury Colony Park.

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