Family Hauler: 1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental

57 potiac wagon 2

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Another family classic, the ’57 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental. These 4 door Safaris were offered mid model year in 1957 and are extremely rare with only 1,894 being produced. This one has been restored, and looks to have been done to a very high level of detail. This rare Safari is listed for $42,999. Find it here on craigslist out of Spring Hill, California.57 potiac wagon 3

The engine bay of this Safari is, dare we say, perfect. The 347 looks to be in wonderful condition, and the seller has stated that it is original to the car. The 3 deuces look the part, and the classic styled Delco battery really sets off the engine bay being a detail that makes you feel as if you are in a time warp. The engine and bay look clean enough to eat off of.

57 potiac wagon 4

The interior looks nice with some low key updates sprinkled throughout. The dash board is beautiful, and features a few extra gauges to mind the engine. There are also hidden speakers in the foot wells, but they aren’t immediately obvious. The choice in fabric for the interior matches the cars exterior nicely. The interior door panel trim looks mint and has great styling, also giving a dividing line of color.

57 potiac wagon 1

This classic wagon is a rare beauty that could easily be a toy and a great way to get the family to car events. We love the feasibility of classic wagons for those who otherwise cannot convince their spouses to allow a “cool car” in the family. There are plenty of places to go and see with this classic Safari. Where would you go, or what would you do with this ’57 Safari Transcontinental?

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  1. Fred W.

    Always been partial to the two door Nomad and Safari models, never knew this one existed but like it even though a 4 door. Wouldn’t it have had an oil bath air cleaner that somehow connected to all 3 carbs?

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  2. speedo

    The air cleaner is on the blanket in the back, note the 3 stud holes. He just wanted to show them off a bit more. Completely understandable. :)

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    • starsailing

      When I bought my second 58 Impala w/Tripower….I ditched the Factory Tripower oven box immediately for same air cleaner setup. Jetted the carbs up two notches…big performance gain. The big ol heavy Tripower cleaner went into garage attic for years….I moved about 6 times during the almost 40 yrs I had the car….each time taking it with me….Cleaning out the garage in 83…I tried throwing it in trash can….trash guy put it back in front of my door with note saying NO AUTO PARTS!!…So month later…wrapped up in old blanket tossed it again…got it back again with another note saying same thing…..Couple years later Trash companies switched…I tossed it out again…this was in perfect shape….get it back at front door again! No Auto parts…. Tried the blanket trick with new company….I get warning saying if I put any auto parts with trash they will stop service…HUH?….So I found room for it until about 5 yrs ago…Sold it to my friend at National Impala for $1000 or $1200…Can’t remember which….Jodi had a customer who needed it…So Mr trashmen…..Thank you!
      Guys using those Chrome pots on tripower…..Terrible for performance!!!….Tripower needs to Breathe!!! Use those air filters like on this Poncho…jet carbs up two notches…pick up H.P. and the best sound you and cops will hear for a mile!

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      • Michael Stands

        nice chevy 348. Canadian built?

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  3. grant

    Seller claims less than 10 remaining in the world. Idk about that but this is beautiful, and it wins the internet today.

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  4. David

    Besides the air cleaners, the thing that really looks out of place under the hood is the alternator. The alternators that look like period correct generators are expensive but would certainly improve the authentic look under the hood.

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  5. Trent Poole

    Ok, now that’s just cool.

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  6. Blueprint

    Notice the see-through hood…probably did not come louvered like that from the factory!

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  7. RON

    this is a nice car it pops up online and at shows pretty often for sale. Don’t know if it sells or the owner/s just like to get it seen since it is somewhat unsual. personally would rather have the2dr

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  8. Joe Nose

    Is the fan on the wrong side of the radiator?

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    • boxdin

      Fans can push or pull.

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  9. DolphinMember

    I really like this. It reminds me of my father’s fondness for big ’50s GM cars. It would be a great wagon to take to shows just like the owner is doing.

    The upside is the general mid-’50s GM style, the grille, and the extras over and above the usual wagons of the era like the sun visor, the roof rack, the jazzy fender mirrors, and of course the Tri-Power. But I would go back to a stock hood.

    From the last photo in the CL listing it looks like the owner is partial to ’50s Pontiacs.

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  10. boxdin

    The visor looks very smooth, is it the typical add on or something more integrated?

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  11. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    The Transcontinental was a 4-door version of the Safari, both built using the Custom Star Chief trim level. Based on one of my automotive sources, it was only used for a few months before GM wisely decided not to use the name in 1958, as Lincoln had the rights to the Continental name for automobiles.

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  12. M B

    Obviously, some “period correct” accessories, the sun visor included. Looks a little excessive on the additional trim it has, compared to the normal Pontiacs of that year. Definitely “distinctive”.

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  13. Brad

    I have a polished ’57 Airstream 22-footer that would look fantastic hitched to the rear bumper. A long weekend in Tahoe sounds like the perfect first outing.

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  14. starsailing

    Oh this is setup just the way I would want it. Tripower on the engine…outstanding as well….Chrome cargo rack on roof…excellent! ROAD TRIP!!!!!

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