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Family Hobby Car: 1960 Buick LeSabre


Ok, I admit it, this one took my breath away–so much car! This 1960 Buick LeSabre has been hiding out in Chicora, Pennsylvania, and it’s for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $6,995 or you can make a lower offer. There’s been a lot of discussion on Barn Finds recently about how to get younger folks involved in the hobby. One way is to have four-door, family hobby cars where the younger folks in your family can go to enthusiast events! We’ve done this with two of our hobby cars and it really makes a difference when the whole family can come along on a tour, rally or drive.


That’s a lot of car! At first I thought the wheel covers were tri-five Chevy’s, but they aren’t, they are original as well. I don’t see any body rust in the pictures in the auction, nor in the online photo album provided by the seller. That’s a good thing, because the buy-it-now price is over the midpoint in most value guides, and this isn’t a concours car.


I absolutely love the rear view of this car. The chrome along the angled fins really sets off the sweeping curve of the trunk lid, and the bumpers and tail lights fit the period so well. My parents had a LeSabre convertible around this time, but they sold it before I was old enough to know what a car was to get the more practical Falcon station wagon to haul me and kid stuff around.


The interior of this car looks to be in stellar shape. I don’t think it’s original, though, based on some internet pictures I was able to turn up. I sure don’t think I’d change it, though.


Under the hood appearance is ok for a driver, but doesn’t quite seem to the standard of the rest of the car. It features the original 364 cubic inch V-8, and the seller goes on to tell us that the car runs and drives well, but will need new tires, rear brake work and a turn signal switch prior to being truly roadworthy. Sounds like a pleasant afternoon of debugging and a set of tires would have you cruising down the road in style–with your family along for the ride!


  1. randy

    I would have auctioned this car, I’m of the opinion it would sell for more. This car pulls off the 4 doors well. I like it very much.

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  2. DanaPointJohn

    Every kid that watches “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” should be all over this car!

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  3. Dan h

    I like. Looks great in black. Wonder how the paint/body is up close??

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  4. Jason Houston

    If 1959-1960 GM has an ace in the hole, the 1960 Buick is it. And it looks great, even with 4-doors! Sure beats the h311 out of a 1985 Honda CRUX, doesn’t it! I also agree, this is a bargain.

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  5. Alan (Michigan)

    My uncle had one of these, and it easily outstyled the rides his two brothers had to haul their families in.
    Classic design.
    This appears to be a great car.

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  6. Mark S

    It’s a beauty, who said a 4 door can’t look good. It makes you wonder why the auto makers insist on making ugly 4 door car, this is proof that a 4 door can have style. Very nice find.

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  7. Cassidy

    This is a nice car! Totally a bargain too! With the interior colors and being all black, this is the perfect Halloween car.

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  8. DonM

    I prefer this body style in a 4 door – this is mine. The ONLY American Iron I’ve ever owned.

    Turn signal switch it common problem. Difficult repair and parts made from unobtanium.

    The upholstery isn’t original- the original didn’t hold up well.

    Buicks don’t get the love like Chevys and Caddies. And they didn’t build a lot of the. The economy sucked and there was a steel strike. Most have been either crushed or chopped up into something else.

    I fell in love with them when they were new. Thought they looked like a space ship ready for take off. Still do.

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  9. Duffy

    It’s a beauti. Nice vehicle even for a 4 door. Nice lines, looks great in black

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  10. jaygryph

    Dad had one of these for a while that we bought from a guy who proudly pulled the tarp off to show it to him, and then almost started crying when he saw that the tarp had held water and pitted the paint and some of the trim up pretty badly. Was still a nice looking car, great for a driver, but it wasn’t the creampuff he had imagined. I believe the one we had came with a starter button on the floor, push the pedal down and it would fire right up because it was also giving the accelerator a pump.

    Not sure where it ended up going but did see a VERY similar one on craigslist just recently.

    I think they look more sinister than Christine.

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    • David G

      You’re right, Buick’s (in)famous ‘step-on-start’ required the pedal to be fully tromped to activate the starter motor. Uses a gravity/vacuum electrical switch mounted onto the Carb’s throttle shaft so that once running, another full pedal action wouldn’t run the Starter (a good thing). I don’t really like that system since engine rpms can momentarily wind up before oil pressure was really happening, especially when cold…
      Nice gimmick though!

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  11. piper62j

    These are true highway cruisers. I especially liked the 59 Olds 98,,, What a monster.. Smooth ride and somewhat peppy engine for the body weight.. Very comfortable.. (from what I remember as a youngster..)

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  12. Dominic

    Dad had a 60 Electra 4 door hardtop. Sweet ride, huge too.

    We also had a 1960 Olds 98 4 door hardtop. Never heard it run, but it was a cool old car.

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  13. Chris

    The other great advantage to taking the wife & kids along is that it doesn’t count
    as a ‘boys weekend’

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  14. Barry Thomas

    Beauty is in the eye, of course, but I feel the ’59 was a purer design, without all those needless bulges. But the pound per dollar ratio is great on this boat. Striking and a very good way to get a nice looking collector car for cheap money.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  15. Mike

    What a beauty! Dad said his Aunt and Uncle owned one for a few years, and it was a beauty, and rode great.

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