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Family Sleeper: 1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Front

UPDATE 1/15/12 – This wagon ended up selling for $9,300.

Now, don’t laugh. This 1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon may seem like just any other old station wagon, but take a closer look. This beast has muscle car power and is all original. It is so clean that it looks like it could have just left the dealership back in 1969. It is located in Portland, Oregon and is listed for sale here on eBay with bidding currently at $3,000 and no reserve.

1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Fender

When we first came across the auction listing, we assumed this car had been restored. Then we had to ask ourselves, why would anyone restore a wagon? Then we noticed the size of the engine and started to understand the reasoning. Then the real shocker came when we realized that this car is all original. The seller claims that this is a two owner car and that it is still wearing its original paint and upholstery.

1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Engine

A land yacht this large requires some major power to move down the road, but luckily this one is equipped with a big 429 V8. All that torque is fed to the ground through a C6 transmission and Detroit Locker rear end. Not exactly fuel efficient, but we are sure this barge can cruise down the highway at high speeds at ease even with the whole family in the back.

1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Interior

If you thought the paint looked good, then you will think the interior is amazing. Big benches provide plenty of room for everyone and everything you may want to haul around. Just don’t take corners too quickly because there is not much to hold you in place. Put the seat down and this thing turns into a truck with a massive cargo area in the back. These are the kind of details you could use to convince the Misses that this is not just another muscle car you want to buy.

1969 Ford Country Sedan Wagon Rear

So we have established the fact that this is an amazing survivor, but the question here is, what do you do with it? Is it too nice to drive? Or does the fact that it’s a wagon make the act acceptable? Considering the fact that vehicles like Jeep Wagoneers are popular again, you can at least be sure that you will be very stylish hauling the family around in this one.


  1. Ken Jones

    That’s a damn nice car!

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  2. AMonFM

    And even nicer without the Squire’s woodgrain siding. I’m not a Ford guy but I’d take this without hesitation.

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  3. Jeff V.

    Nice. Drivetrain alone is worth 3K+. Something unique here.

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  4. hearsetrax

    Garranteed to pass everything but a gas station LOL

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  5. Will

    I would love to have this to tow my camper. I’d bet it could tow almost anything.

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  6. karo

    Love this one. Our family car was a ’70 Country Squire. Same “K” code 429 2-barrel, premium fuel engine (320 horsepower)/C-6 automatic, but loaded with A/C, power windows, power seat, AM/FM stereo, tilt steering wheel and mag-style wheel covers. Medium Ivy Green Metallic with green vinyl interior. Lots of power and torque; my 17-year-old self would routinely bury the speedometer! Wish I still had it.

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      I have a ’66 Impala S/W 396/325hp-400 trans-12 bolt diff. This is a survivor they get get torn down for the drive-train and front clip. The rest ended up as a chicken coop! To find cars as nice like this wagon is hard to do. I get a lot of doubters about the drivetrain being original and the 49,650 mileage! Fun to dust off fancy new cars!

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  7. Gary Fogg

    Great condition ! I would make room for it and drive it with pride !

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  8. Bret Womack

    There was a time when the wagon was a family man’s musclecar;You grew up,got married,had kids,got a career going,and the little woman says “We need a family car,YOU need to get rid of that Mustang.” So dad goes and looks,and finds a Charger “WRONG ANSWER!”She says.So dad looks again-Look honey,a Country Squire Wagon,It’s got plenty of room for kids,and groceries,and it has the towing package so we can take the little darlings CAMPING!Oh it’s PERFECT!She says.Then dad returns to his accomplice,the dealer and discusses this towing package amid winks,and knowing glances…

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  9. Reno Rennsport

    You think you’re pretty badass driving your new BMW X5 M//? This is what your doppelganger from 1969 was driving. A family wagon is still a family wagon….

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  10. J. Pickett

    People forget these wagons road and drove like cars, could haul just about anything you needed to and looked decent around the neighborhood.

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  11. Jeff V.

    My fav was an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser of the era (roof glass), 455. Oldsmobile/Hurst made some for the 72′ Indy, here a link to one in 69′, luv the 442 hood. http://www.cars-on-line.com/54075.html

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  12. DJS

    For a collector of old RV ‘s and travel trailers this would mke a great puller of the travel trailer pre 1969 . At any old car/ trailer show not bad at 3,000. if that is what it goes for . like to know the end result of this old BABY??

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  13. His Royal Flatulence

    No way is this going to go that cheap. The auction still has five days to go. I’m certain this will end up at 2X-3X the current bid, maybe even more if two people want it really bad.This seller always does a great job with their photos and sales listings.

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  14. Bob

    Just cause it’s a 429 doesn’t make it a muscle car…there are plenty of T-Birds & Fords with that engine. A freeway cruiser yes…Handling & stopping NO !

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  15. RaceWay

    My neighbor had bought a brand new light yellow ’69 Ford wagon with “hide-away” covered headlights and that 429. It really sounded like a muscle car at idle and when taking off down the road. Couldn’t keep up with it. Great find.

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  16. Shaun Harris

    My grandmothers car! Fond memories playing in the back with the window down while cruising down the highway…. Ah good times, good times.

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  17. Dave5275

    I hope the value of this car goes sky high cause I’ve got this car’s younger twin that’s going on the market this spring. A ’71 9 passenger Country Sedan. 40K original miles, car has the 400 2V engine, automatic, A/C, AM radio, roof rack, WSW tires w/whl covers, PS, PB, and all-vinyl seats. (Dad added an FM radio under the dash w/2 door spkrs like they did back then.) Same light green paint w/dk green seats. Car was bought new by my Dad, it is a one owner, totally original survivor, an unmolested time capsule. Stored in my barn now, the car has never been hit & has never seen snow. I’ve got the original owner’s manual, warranty card, window sticker, and sales contract. He added a class II hitch & pulled a 20′ travel trailer from MO to CO & back for the “family vacation” a few times. I think he parked it when gas got “expensive” back in the 70’s. Started using cars like a 72 Gremlin or a Merc Zephyr as his drivers. Now 87 & in a nursing home, I’ve got to liquidate his collection. Hope to have the wagon on eBay by April or May. It’s neat to read the positive comments about an old wagon like this.

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  18. mark

    There again not a Ford guy but this is a beautifull car with a powerfull drivetrain and very clean inside and out!!! I would take this over any new car in a heartbeat!!!

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  19. tom wilkins

    Our family had one just like it, only with the 390 c.i. in a jade blk-grn. It is what I used to get my drivers license in. I loved it, it drove so nice and smooth, with lots of power.

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  20. oil&iron

    Got my driver’s licence in a ’69 390 Ranch Wagon. The tester bawled me out for not cutting in front of a bus. When the test ended, he said he had only one question: on a yellow do you cut in front of an oncoming bus or SIT THERE LIKE A BUMP ON A LOG?!? I chose the bus, murder in my heart. CONGRATULATIONS! he crowed. You passed your test!

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  21. oil&iron

    Got my driver’s licence in a white ’69 390 Ranch Wagon. The tester bawled me out for not cutting in front of a bus. When the test ended, he said he had only one question: on a yellow do you cut in front of an oncoming bus or SIT THERE LIKE A BUMP ON A LOG?!? I chose the bus, murder in my heart. CONGRATULATIONS! he crowed. You passed your test!
    I’d pick it up if I had 5K or 10K to spare.

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  22. Bill

    My Dad bought a 69 ranch wagon new. It had the 351 Cleveland motor. Dad bought it because unlike GM or Mopar, you could put 4 x 8 sheets of plywood down flat in the back. Mom had an antique shop and we frequently loaded it up tight inside and on top. I remember Mom backed into something and broke the taillight. Dad was not pleased with the design that required major dismantling of the rear end to replace the lens!

    Years later, somebody in town had this car, same color with the 429, in the parking lot of the grocery store. Saw it all the time and drooled over that motor.

    Wow, seeing that back seat brought back a flood of memories.

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  23. Jim s

    When I was growing up we had a1970 k ingswood estate chevy woods sides and all it was dark blue the treat under the hood 454 th 400 trans 3:91 posi rear loaded power everything my dad worked for a hotel him and one of the others mgr decided to drag race the guys 69 dodge charger rt me and brother cheering dad on he killed the charger qwik I don’t know motor charger but not enough for mr k ingswood good times

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