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Farm Collection Up For Auction

57 Chevy Bel Air 210

We were recently messaged by Karen G about an upcoming auction that she thought might be of some interest to us. A few of her relatives are in a financial bind and have decided it’s time to clear out some of the cars and farm equipment parked in their barns. We hate to see anyone’s family in a bind, but we would be glad to see some of these cars go to new homes and hopefully get back on the road. The auction is being held by Aumann Auctions, with all bidding being done online. The cars are located in Hillsboro, Illinois and can be viewed the 25th starting at noon.

1957 Chevy Bel Air

This family has collected some interesting cars over the years. Besides having two 1957 Chevy Bel Airs, they also have a 1980 Corvette, a 1978 Triumph Spitfire, several Model Ts and of course a number of old trucks. We are sure the big attention grabbers here will be the Bel Airs, but both are in rough shape. The red one has been in storage since the ’70s and is missing most of its interior, the transmission is gone, and the 283 V8 is in pieces. The green one above was parked 43 years ago and has had the 327 completely rebuilt but never driven. The seller believes the motor will run, but hasn’t tried to start it.

1980 Corvette

The auction house seems to be the most excited about this 1980 Corvette. It has covered only seen 19k miles since new and they claim that the plastic on the seats is the same stuff put on at the factory. While it is in great cosmetic condition, we are actually more excited about some of the prewar cars on offer.

1925 Franklin

Besides having two Model Ts and a Model AA, they also have a 1925 Franklin. It is going to need a complete restoration, but the original air cooled straight six turns over. Both Model Ts are still in the barn and are going to need work before they can be driven. They both look solid though and hopefully will run again with minimal effort. Be sure to take a look the complete auction catalog and let us know which car(s) you would like to save from this farm? Our thanks and best wishes to Karen and her Family!


  1. rapple

    The frequent appearance of the comment “owner thinks it will run” next to photos that scream “No it won’t!” gives some insight into the blind optimism of the fellow who collected this pile of scrap.

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  2. jim s

    the case tractors, 1 ton trucks, and the ford f-7 big job wrecker truck ( current bid $675 ) are very interesting. i hope they all sell and the owner gets out of the bind their in.

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  3. Mark

    That Model T truck certainly looks in decent shape! I’ve always like the trucks better than the cars anyway.

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  4. Caseyd

    The Franklin would be a cool project if the engine isn’t locked up. Franklin made some very cool and dependable “air cooled” engined cars up until the depression.

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    • Joe Howell

      Franklin made aircraft and helicopter engines until well into the 50’s or early 60s. The Czechs were building a copy that was used in their Zlin aircraft as late as 1994, I got out of flying in 1995 so don’t if they still are making them or not.

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  5. paul

    I spot a Spitfire!

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  6. Don Andreina

    I’ll take the dark green van. What’s the coupe behind the 63 Chev in the red Triumph shot?

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    • Alan

      The car in the background has the same rear as the 1950 Buick which is listed. So, it must have been moved before the pictures of it were taken?

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      • Alan

        Oops… Yea, I think I’ll pull that opinion and go with @ Luiz on the ’49 Merc.

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  7. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Some mighty nice vehicles mixed in there, that were abandoned to return to the elements. Serious projects now, not for the faint of heart.

    Good luck to both the seller and the buyers.

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  8. Luiz

    Don Andreina, it looks like a ’49 Mercury.

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    We just pulled in an interesting garage find car. A mid early 70’s 280S with like 40k on the clock. Ugly color Brown but solid and shines as it spent it’s life indoors.

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  10. Alan

    Some rides which look like fun. I’m a fan of the ’50 Buick, just have to love the fastback look. The Franklin would be a huge undertaking, but whether refitted to be original, or as a hot rod, it would be awesome when finished.

    I don’t understand why the negative votes for @ rapple and the comment regarding whether the owner is being pretty optimistic over the “thinks it will run” concept. Some of the barn-stored examples, ok, maybe. But some of the field-stored examples? Gee, even if the motor would turn over, you can count on scored cylinders for the effort, and then, running or not, it becomes a bigger problem.

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  11. Tara P

    A sale thats a million miles away from the UK, hope they are all saved though.

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