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Farm Fresh: 1951 Ford Country Squire


This 1951 Ford Country Squire has been in the seller’s family since new and has been parked on the family farm since 1983. It’s completely original, but needs a complete restoration. The seller has many fond memories with this car, but hopefully those memories aren’t clouding their judgment of what this project is really worth. It is currently listed here on eBay, with bidding just over $5k and the reserve still not met.


We have had the pleasure of featuring a number of woody wagons, but one of the recurring themes is the high cost of restoring the wooden body. This one’s wood is looking rough and much of it will need to be replaced, which is going to be costly. There are replacement wood kits out there, but not only are they expensive to buy, you still have the expense of having a skilled wood worker modify and install them.


The original 239 cui Flathead V8 is still under the hood, but isn’t running and by the looks of it is going to need a rebuild. In its day, this 100 horsepower engine was an impressive powerhouse for a wagon capable of hauling the whole family. With any luck, it isn’t seized and is still salvageable.


This Woody is truly farm fresh, but is going to be a massive undertaking. For it to be a realistic project, the seller is going to have to be willing to let it go for a reasonable price. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of an old car and the fond childhood memories that are tied to it, but this rare wagon deserves to go to a new owner that has the means to restore it.


  1. Dolphin Member

    Josh has said it all. The only thing left to add is that this will likely need to be a labor of love by someone who has fond memories of riding in the back of the family station wagon along with brothers and sisters… Oh yes… And the family’s big beige dog too.

    If I’m correct in that thought, I wish the buyer well on his restoration journey.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Definitely going to need more than a simple cleanup although the cleanup is the FIRST thing that needs to be done. Some wood and upholstery work right after that. I wouldn’t turn down a project like this, if I didn’t have a bunch of others underway.

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  3. Chuck

    Your’re gonna have to love woody wagons & have DEEP pockets to take on this project.

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  4. tim

    I would have to say it had better meet reserve soon just over 5000 is about the good price you hit 10, 000 you have went overboard but that’s my thoughts, I have always loved these 50s fords so love of the car would make me overbid, but then again why not hit muscle car prices as these are getting hard to find too and it does look like metal is nice.
    Flatheads are easy to build so long as they are turning over and not cracked from having water in block… Nice to see someone that has the sense to let someone else enjoy this car rather than hid in barn til nothing left of car or barn!

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  5. Mike

    I can smell the mouse piss from here. HUGE project and I LOVE wagons. I think it is overpriced at $5000, it’s gonna eat $30k at the first bite and still be hungry.

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  6. rancho bella

    Once finished you still have a slow ill handling station wagon that has eaten up your savings.

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  7. twwokc

    @ $7600 With reserve not met! Yikes!

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  8. Jeff

    Well, the OCPG, current issue, lists a condition 5 car, which this is, at $8520. A fully restored version, such as seen at one of the big auctions, is shown at $71, 000. Looks like there should be enough room for almost anyone to make out. Providing you don’t want to road race it.

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  9. paul

    Wow another nice original tin woody I hope who ever ends up with this, restores it & keep it to original spec.

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  10. Jeff

    A #3 is typical of what would be seen at a car show. A #2 is what was once a #1 but is now driven sparingly. I know the original editor of the OCPG. He drove one of his cars to our local car show, a 1957 Corvette. I looked it over very carefully and said” Kenny, this is a beautiful #1 car! ” He said “nope, by definition it can’t be. A #1 car is not driven, It is only loaded and unloaded. I drove this car here 160 miles and have done so several times. By definition it has to be a #2 car”, no matter how nice it appears.

    A #4 is a non show car that can be driven. A #5 is a restorable that may possibly run. A #6 is a parts car.

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  11. David G

    Less-massive and bank-breaking job would be to clean her up really well first and achieve safe and reliable driveability (ambitious enough elbow-grease wise for that alone) second. But then before the wallet’s WIDE open, realise some kewl fun as you contemplate which (pricey) portion to apply true restoration justice to, incrementally. I’ve found that jumping into a *total* job like this all from the beginning isn’t nearly as fun as realising the benefit (and moral-building experience – critical! ) provided by a drive out or two. Good for her too since she’s been asleep for so long, get her going with the minimums and let her tell you the rest of her story before jumping in and replacing *everything*, as so many seemingly need to do (and massively pay for right up front) these days… Fantastic project car, if a bit daunting.

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    • Webby

      Well put. I follow the same path- get them safe, legal and enjoyable, then work your way through the cosmetics.

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  12. FRED

    First i get it to turn over, if it does pull the motor and send it to my flathead guy and let him do whatever it needs to get the maximum hp out of it. Then call carpenter/cabinet builder and my body shop guys and let them do what it takes to make it look cool maybe call my wooden boat guy to help. While they do their magic my interior guy would be doing what he can. Then put it all together and head to the jersey shore and brag about all the blood sweat and tears it took m=e to build it.

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  13. Clay

    Shouldn’t mention this but Mother’s Day is coming up and in the last 30 of them why didn’t the kids pull the car out, wash it, put a cheap 5 dollar cover over it, sprinkle a 2 dollar box of mothballs in it to keep the mice out.? Don’t know what to tell ya’ on the wood except call Orkin.

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  14. DENIS

    Grew up ridin’ in the twin to this…fond memories but NOT that fond$$$.

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