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Farmer’s Favorite Ferrari

Ferrari Tractor

Were you looking for just the right Ferrari for your farm? Well maybe this is the one for you! This Ferrari tractor, a macchine agricole, is listed here on craigslist. Your first and/or next Ferrari tractor is in Las Cruces, New Mexico. James the seller is asking $5,000 for this rare machine.

Ferrari Tractor engine

So you may be asking yourself, how can I afford the parts for this power plant in a Ferrari tractor? No worries man! Someone dropped in a Dodge 318. The engine is said to run “great”, but it does smoke.

Ferrari Tractor gauge

It appears some of the gauges have walked off and the “clock” may have been “serviced” showing zero hours on the engine.

Ferrari Tractor rear

This 4 wheel drive Ferrari tractor is articulated in the middle. There are 8 forward speeds and 3 for you to go in reverse.

Ferrari Tractor spring seat

This is a Ferrari tractor so of course you expect to be riding high and comfortable. The driver’s and the passenger’s seats both have full suspension. There is a PTO, all the gears are said to work and this rig also has hydraulic steering. So you if want a Ferrari tractor and you have $5K this could be the one for you.



  1. Dairymen

    I’m familiar with Italian farm equipment; engine & hydraulics are usually good, but they’re very prone to rust. I drove several Lamborghinis……… (all tractors :-)

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  2. JW

    An interesting piece of farm equipment I have never seen before and I worked on a farm part time for a few years. I love the things posted here that are odd compared to the usual barn finds.

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  3. van

    Paint it red
    Put. Michael Shumacker
    On the side
    And brag brag brag
    Oh yeah what have you got

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    • grant


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      • Rancho Bella

        double sigh

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  4. nick

    portal axles??

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  5. Scotty G

    This is, by far, my favorite Ferrari of all time! I wonder what this would be worth if it still had the original engine; probably quite a bit more than $5,000. A restomod, articulated 4WD Ferrari tractor; crazy! At least it doesn’t have an SBC in it..

    I can’t seem to be able to dig up any info on this model or any photos of one, restored or not. It looks like an airport luggage tractor more than a farm tractor. I don’t care what it is, I want it!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Note: It’s a different Ferrari company. Their website is http://www.ferrariagri.it/

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      • Scotty G

        Ah, shoot, so does that mean that the cool, old Lamborghini and Porsche tractors aren’t actually from the Lamborghini and Porsche that we know and love?
        Sorry about that, I should have looked it up first, I assumed that it was the same Ferrari.

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Actually, no, both of those ARE the same companies (I believe). I knew about the tractor/mower Ferrari through my real job.

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      • Dolphin Member

        Mr. F. Lamborghini made tractors before he made supercars. Legend has it that Enzo Ferrari kept him waiting too long for service on his Ferrari one day so he decided to out-Ferrari Ferrari by building his own supercars. The result was the 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT.

        Ferdinand Porsche was designing ‘The People’s’ tractors back in the 1930s. See: http://www.porsche-diesel.com/history.aspx

        Porsche also produced diesel tractors. A few of Porsche’s brochures for tractors are here:


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    • Dolphin Member

      Ferrari is not a rare name in Italy.

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      • Doug Towsley

        Nor in neighboring Countries either. At my last job I worked with a gentleman with the last name of Ferrari. He had a very noticeable accent however I have been in Italy and just like many countries there are regional accents and dialects. So I just ASSUMED he was Italian. So, funny thing,, I was looking to make some funny sayings for Italian Motorcycles and asked him to do some translations. SCCREEEECCCCHHHH!!! He hemmed and hawed and put me off for a while. But finally admitted he barely spoke ANY Italian at all. He grew up in Spain near the border and despite his family was Italian he barely knew any of it, and spoke several Dialects of Spanish & Basque and of course English.

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  6. Dairymen

    I’ve seen similar type of tractors being used in Europe in steep mountain type farming environments, like vineyards and pastures. Lower gravity point and easier to backup than a tractor & trailer, and with a PTO for farm equipment it’s the go to equipment for mountain farming.

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  7. van

    Need to change the PTO to GTO.
    Red umbrella, exotic girls in red jump suits, old blue eyes on the boom box,
    Dam where is this thing again, will they take a trade in.

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  8. Jason Houston

    Can’t wait to take it to Le Mans…

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  9. John H. in CT

    Hard to source the missing drop top frame. Bummer..

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  10. Bret

    We had 2 ferrari tractors – I believe one was 30hp and the other was 50hp. Both were 4wd, articulated with high flotation tires and very low center of gravity. We used them on our avocado grove in very hilly Fallbrook California. They would go up, down or across any hill we had and had 8 forward speeds, 3 reverse, and locking diffs. We got them in the 70’s and my dad used one of them until just a few years ago. Really fun machines.

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    • Carl Piehl

      Hi Bret, Do you still ahve the 2 ferrari tractors?

      Thank you

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  11. Metalted

    What the heck,
    If they were red only , I’d want one.
    Cause that’s the only color a Ferrari should be.

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  12. Jim

    Love it, it could be the all purpose cool machine for doing anything on the property. I like that its different, go into the woods for a load of something and you know you’ll get back. Like another guy mentioned, thank god it doesn’t have a 350 Chevy in it. I like Chevy, I have a big block Monte drag car but doesn’t anyone use Caddy, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, Packard engines anymore? A lot of car guys have gotten lazy and build cars out of the Jegs catalog, it’s a shame hot rods used to have more character. Just sayin

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  13. Wayne Thomas

    Amazing that BHCC or Gullwing didn’t snatch this up and try to flip it for $15,000!

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    • Scotty G


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  14. Doug Towsley

    Ive seen several versions of these Tractors when I was Europe and a few on the internet. Ferrari also made Motorcycles as well. Also a really interesting Tracked Tank/motorcycle thing, Just like the German Ketterand half track things. Moto Guzzi also dabbled in Agricultural and military vehicles and their V twin engines were originally designed for small autos and Agricultural applications.
    Ferrari and Maserati both have extensively dabbled in motorcycle designs over the years and have been both debuting designs in the last couple years. For a variety of Ferrari Motorcycle designs surf the images here or do your own searchs:

    I also have been a big fan of Those UniMog Tractor things. I have seen some of them used on some very steep hillsides mowing along highways and farmers using them in very difficult terrain.

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  15. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’ve always enjoyed asking self-proclaimed “car experts” such questions as;

    In what year did [insert either Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari] first produce a diesel vehicle?

    The common reply is “They never made a diesel”.

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