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Fast Pursuit: 1962 Triumph TR4

1962 Triumph TR4 Patrol

This TR4 might look like a regular old Triumph at first glance, but it has a much more interesting story than you’d think! You see, this car was ordered by Superintendent Bill Burles of Sea County Borough Constabulary of Essexm England to handle the task of being the “fast pursuit” car. After a long career of high speed cruising, it was retired and eventually passed through a number of hands before being fully restored back to it’s original Police car configuration. I sure would have enjoyed being one of the officers assigned the task of piloting this TR back in the day! Find this amazing piece of history here on Hemmings in Rotterdam, Netherlands with an asking of $79k or best offer.

1962 Triumph TR4

Other than the spot light and the Police signs, you wouldn’t have ever suspected that this was a patrol car. I’m guessing that was the point though, how else do you sneak up on a speeding Porsche or Ferrari? I really like the subtle looks.

1962 Triumph TR4 Interior

This car has been extremely well documented and even comes with the official police paperwork. This thing really is a neat piece of history and I’m glad it has been restored to it’s proper configuration. Sadly though, it’s way out of my price range! I guess I could always build my own Fast Pursuit TR4. Any suggestions on where to get police parts for a Triumph?

1962 Triumph TR4 Pursuit

While getting to drive the fast pursuit car sounds like fun, I just want to take a moment to thank every officer out there that works to keep our streets safe! Thanks for your service and be safe out there. Now where can I sign up to drive the fast pursuit cars?


  1. Steven C

    Are these things actually fast? Wouldn’t a jaguar sedan from the same time period smoke this thing?

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    • Dean
    • Dolphin Member

      No, not by today’s standards.
      Yes, by the standards of the early ’60s when family sedans often had 1200 cc engines with one carb.

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      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Dolphin, very few cars on this continent known as North America with 1200cc back in the 60’s. Some with a little more than twice that and most with a whole lot more.

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  2. MG'zer

    Interesting pictures and back drop of a wet dirt road

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  3. Steve W

    Never could get used to shifting with my left hand.

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    • brakeservo

      I drive a RHD Cobra and when people say that they couldn’t shift with their left hand I simply ask if they can pick their nose or scratch their b —s with their left hand. That usually removes the mystery of shifting with a left hand!

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  4. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Can’t picture this being that fast, guessing the element of surprise had more to do with the writing of tickets than a chase.

    Brakeservo, you’re a better man than me.

    Imported a Jaguar MKII back in 1982, 4-speed with overdrive and wires. The 4-speed transmission was the infamous Moss box, no synchro on first. Reverse is up and to the left, first is up and not quite as far to the left.

    NEVER have “launched” the car from a light without double checking, using the clutch to insure forward motion has been engaged. Never have felt the needed finesse to feel the nuance of this particular tranny. might as well have a 2×4 there. On the otherhand, my guitar and piano playing are fine, go figure.

    Have always thought that the day I don’t double-check, will be the day I take out someone’s front end launching backwards into them. Definitely not cool.

    Love the car, even came up with a way to pass taffic on the right without a passenger through a couple of mirrors, only one added and its not on the outside.

    Not exactly sure what is going to happen when the ’34 SS1 finally is completed.

    AS ALWAYS……….Looking for a Standard 6 Cylinder Flathead by the Standard Motor Car Company…….they supplied SS Cars which eventually morphed into Jaguar.

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  5. cj32769

    Really a nice Triumph carrying on with the tribute to the men in blue theme. I have several officer friends and they always hit me with this line even when they drive their wifes car.
    “It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.”

    I have enjoyed the theme today congrats on great work Barn Finds!

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  6. Gazzer

    It’s not Sea County, it’s actually Southend on Sea in the county of Essex and was my birthplace, although I have lived in the States fro 33 years. The tip off was the registration plate as HJ (and JN) were both letters issued by the town.

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  7. Bob Hess

    On the narrow English roads this thing shouldn’t have any trouble running down Humber Super Snipes and all that ilk…

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  8. Different John

    $79K?? You’re kidding, right?

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  9. Frank Opalka

    used to race and win with RHD tr4

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  10. RickyM

    Hi Josh, it should be Southend-on-Sea County Borough Constabulary of Essex, England, if you fancied changing your piece.
    Love the Police Cars you have featured. Always fancied having one, but never have enough money……..

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