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Faux Patina: 1967 Ford Galaxie

1967 Ford Galaxie

I’m a huge fan of the late ’60s Galaxie, they just have great proportions and nice lines. When I first saw this one, I thought it had rather odd patina, but then I saw the seller’s photos of when they discovered it and things started to make more sense. Clearly, there were some repairs that needed to be made to the body, but rather than repaint the whole car, they gave it a faux patina look to try and hide the repairs. I’ll give them an A for effort, but I think they may have gone a little overboard. If you’d like to have a closer look at their work, you can find this Ford here on eBay in Martinsville, Indiana with a BIN of $6,700 or best offer. So how do you feel about the faux patina?


  1. Howard A Member

    I’ve always liked ’67 Fords too. Where does it say they added the patina? It doesn’t look that bad in the 7th photo. I think they just rubbed too hard when cleaning it. These had terrible paint jobs from new.

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    • Rick Wilkins

      Last item listed is the paint

      “Car features the following new items:
      Brakes shoes, Master cylinder, brake lines, fuel lines, fuel pump, plugs, wires, rotor button, points, distributor cap, oil and filter, Fuel tank dropped cleaned and coated, fuel sending unit, battery, new patina paint job.”

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  2. JW454

    I would have preferred they didn’t “fix it up”. Also, I don’t like the wheels.

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  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Repaint engine all nice and shiny, then scuff up whats left of the exterior paint so it looks like death warmed over.

    How about no? Does no work for you? SMH

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  4. Burns Rafferty

    I had a ’67 with the 390 V8, it moved out pretty well for a car of that vintage. Kept eating starter solenoids though.

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  5. Bill

    Fautina? well.. done better than some I’ve seen. At the end of the day just consider it partially sanded in preparation for paint.

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  6. 68 custom

    why does everyone paint alloy wheels black? nice enough looking Ford. bet it’s a tad underpowered with 289/C4 combo.
    many moons ago Mom had a 67 Wagon with 390/C6.

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    • Kincer Dave

      Yeah what is it with black wheels? It’s so ugly in my opinion, there is no contrast between tire and wheel! A nice set of wheels can make any car look great, and a bad set can do just the opposite.

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    • Keruth

      Mine is a ’67 500 convertible. Wouldn’t want much more than that 289 in here!
      Standard drums all around on a car that is north of 4k lbs.
      I love the 390 4v in mine, but upgraded the whoa to power disks.
      Great cruiser/land yacht, those bumpers are impressive in person, everything is available re-popped. Hey, they sold a lot of these!
      Could be built up (ala Jay Leno), 7ltr. clone anyone?

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    One can only hope that he used the dip paint and it is removable. Did I mention how much I HATE black wheels?
    Other than that the seller never mentions if he has the missing trim pieces but it does look ready for paint.

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  8. angliagt

    I always thought that the ’67 fastbacks were one of
    the nicest looking Galaxies made.
    I agree about the wheels.Why is it that so many of the
    younger generation think that black wheels look cool?It’s like when
    they buy a new $60,000+ truck,& put black wheels on it.It doesn’t
    make it look nicer,makes it look unfinished,to me.
    Guess I’m not a fan of the “Rat Rod” fad.

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  9. Bobsmyuncle

    They are wheels. They come off.

    Style. It’s an intangible quality generally mirroring itself across genres given to artwork, fashion, architecture, music, et. Al.

    It is often of geographical or generational inclination, as such one individual may not be privy to the influence.

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  10. Larry Brantingham

    Even if it were real, this wouldn’t be “patina”, it would just be worn out. It’s not quite as ridiculous as a rat-rod with fake rust on a fiberglass repro body, but it’s getting there.

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  11. Eli R

    I actually saw this car at a show in Martinsville Indiana and took a photo of it. It was a very interesting car indeed! I personally liked it.

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  12. Car Guy

    Great looking body style, not so hot a car, at least when they were new. My father purchased a new 67 Galaxie fastback in this same silver blue without the white top, but with the 390 V8 engine. The motor ran great and my mother could not leave a stop light without squealing the tires. (That really used to bug her.) I thought it was great!

    However in the first 1000 miles it lost the water pump in the middle of New Mexico on a Sunday about 20 miles outside of Socorro.

    Later that year the brakes failed while my mother was driving it, with me inside, to the grocery store. Luckily she did not hit anyone, and had it towed to the dealer for repairs.

    Three months after that the transmission started dumping fluid all over the garage floor.

    This was my fathers first new Ford, and his last. He traded it soon after for a new 68 Toronado that gave him years of great service. That one would smoke the front tires. I thought that was great too!!

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  13. chris lawrence

    Seller states that he has never seen one this straight.. He must have never seen another one before.

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  14. J Holtsr

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s automotive art, lots of people wont dig this car because its out of their box, It aint shiny and new,,,to me it looks more like an aged jewel, sometimes the aging look is cool, Gotta say I loved Ed Big Daddy Roth, RatFink Forever man !!

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  15. roger

    I am so sick of this whole patina rat rod mess.

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    Rat Rods have their place if they are done as orginally intended. There is a lot of creativity and skill. I am with everybody about black wheels, cannot get into them. I guess when we were young, we did things differently that didn’t agree with the older set! Guess it’s our turn!

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  17. 1000styles

    I dig the black wheels, maybe prefer black steelies to these though. IMO black steelies gives big cars like Galaxies sort of a period Nascar vibe, lean and mean. Not into the fake patina myself but to each his own!

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  18. Roger

    I love these cars! Not a Galaxie but back in the day I had a 69 Fairlane GT fastback and it was a great cruiser ( at that time I had the 69 and also a 70 Torino, and a 73 Gran Torino – loved all of them for different reasons but the 69 was always my favorite ). I don’t have a problem with cars with ” patina ” that has been cleared but I’m not a fan at all of the manufactured patina cars. Now to the black wheels – I can’t say I like or dislike black wheels as a blanket statement. IMO, each car is an individual and there are definitely cars that look good with black wheels to go along with the ” Murda’d Out ” theme ( I know there are some on here that despise the Murda out look but to each his own ) , with that said black wheels for sure do not look good at all on many cars. Each and every build is different and at the end of the day it’s all about whatever the owner likes.

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  19. jaygryph

    Man this car garners a lot of rather vocal hate.

    If you don’t like it, buy it and make it the way that you do like it. It’s for sale, after all.

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  20. RatGal

    Haters are always going to hate…

    I like the look, that’s why I built the car to look the way it does. Google search any simple phrase containing the words “galaxie and patina” and this car will appear. Pretty good considering I released the pics 2 weeks ago, let me know if any of your builds are this easy to find online.

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