Feel the Power: 1962 Walker Power Truck 600 GN

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I need a bigger garage, I want this thing, even though I have no clue what I’d use it for! This is a 1962 Walker Power Truck 600 GN and it’s in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $3,000 and a Buy It Now price of $5,000! 

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When I first saw this thing I thought that was a Minnesota Vikings logo over a Wisconsin state outline on the doors, that had me a bit confused; that would be like mixing oil and water. This would be a handy vehicle for a shop of any kind or for anyone with some property, especially with the bed on the back. These things were pretty versatile. The 600 GN designation refers to the narrow rear axle compared to the wide rear axle of the 600 GW. Here’s a PDF brochure showing some of the features of the Power Truck. And, another one showing an owner’s manual.

080116 Barn Finds - 1962 Walker Power Truck - 1

The Walker Company was based in Fowler, Kansas and the company specialized in an assortment of small utility vehicles, such as the “Power Track“, a small Caterpillar-type of tracked vehicle. They also made the Walker Executive Golf Car which was well received, but they found that since it was a seasonal product they wanted a year-round vehicle. The Power Truck was intended for big corporations to use at sprawling factories, but they also worked great for small businesses such as pizza delivery and even found their way onto the decks of US Navy aircraft carriers as floor scrubbers.

In 1968, the company was sold to investors and moved to Casper, Wyoming but bad management forced it to close just a few years later. After a few years of being dormant, the company started up again and is still around today in Fort Collins, Colorado making lawn tractors. It is once again owned by the Walker family, the original founders of the company. Quite an interesting history.

080116 Barn Finds - 1962 Walker Power Truck - 4

The Power Truck has a removable top and removable doors. They also had fabric doors but I guess the Wisconsin climate is more suitable for steel doors. One unique feature that the seller mentions, the steering wheel switches from right hand to left hand quickly.” They say that it’s in good condition and it “runs great”. The dash and gauges aren’t too complicated, to say the least.

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Accessing the engine is sure to be a crowd favorite when you take this to a car show.

080116 Barn Finds - 1962 Walker Power Truck - 5

And, here is the Onan CCK two-cylinder, air-cooled engine with around 16 hp. These vehicles have an unusual configuration of front-wheel-drive and rear steering. There are actually two wheels in the rear so even though they’re close together it’s not a three-wheeler, even though it looks like one. One slight issue is a cracked windshield, but it’s a flat piece of glass so that shouldn’t be tough to replace. As I said, I have no clue what I would use this for, but it should be street legal in most areas and it would just be fun to drive on side streets or take to car shows. What would you use this little Power Truck for?

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  1. Fred W.

    I grew up in the 70’s with a similar vehicle on my dad’s property, available to run from one end to the other, a 60’s Westcoaster mail truck. Dad affectionately called it “Half Pint”. Same engine, more conventional 3 wheel configuration, like a Cushman.

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  2. JW454

    The pictures need something to give it scale. The MG(?) in the background looks big compared to this. I’d think the top speed is less than 30 M.P.H. so, doing much around town would be scary unless you live in a golf cart community.

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    • ScottyAuthor

      Here’s a photo showing one parked next to a motorcycle.

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        That is my Walker Power Truck parked beside my 2006 Honda TriCar, during a show and shine. near Fordwich, Ontario Canada.
        And you are right, it is a HOOT to drive.

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  3. Blueprint

    You know Fond du Lac is French for bottom of the lake ? Wonder where the name came from, and cute little rig!

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      In Wisconsin, we pronounce it “Fon ju lac”. It doesn’t mean literally at “the bottom of the lake”, like under the surface of the water. On a map, it’s at the bottom of Lake Winnebago. I think this unit belonged to the Southern Wisconsin Center, a developmentally disabled facility in Union Grove, Wis. ( yeah, THAT Union Grove.) Must have been their maintenance vehicle.

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  4. John K

    Neat little thing, but now I really want to find a Power Track.

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  5. RayT

    I want it too! I have less than no use for such a vehicle, and am not sure I could squeeze into it, but so what?

    This would rock the local car shows, even if it took a while longer than normal to get there!

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  6. DolphinMember

    Another clown car. I love these things. Let’s see…2 inside, at least another 2 in the bed. And if there’s a slight rise the ones in the back can throw a leg over and push.

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  7. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    The only truck I’ve found that has both a 3-speed Borg-Warner T-92 manual gearbox, and a Morse automatic transmission!

    But beware; It’s got the Onan opposed twin engine. While these engines were great for generators, running at a steady RPM, when put into industrial equipment with varying loads and speeds, they did not do well. And While the company is now owned by Cummins Diesel, it had earlier been taken over by Tecumseh, who wanted Onan’s extensive patent portfolio.

    Tecumseh trashed the company, and really did send 99% of the 2 cylinder opposed motor spare parts to recycling companies for scrap. It is VERY difficult to get engine rebuilding parts. Most are made of unobtanium! I bought a large collection of NOS small engines 2 years ago, from a marine & farm supply store that closed down in 1965. The owner simply turned off the lights, unplugged the Coke machine, and locked the door, and it sat undisturbed until I bought everything in 2014. I had several of the Onan engines, new on pallets, and they were the first to sell.

    Still have a few NOS motors, if anyone needs some: [5] Bernard single cylinder air-cooled upright diesel engines, complete in the crates, electric start, fuel tank & muffler, parts manuals & tool kits included. $795 each [You can’t have a diesel engine rebuilt for less!], 1953 V-4 Wisconsin power unit on skids [motor, fuel tank, clutch & final drive belt pulley], $600. Kohler 2-stroke, 2-cylinder ultralite aircraft engine, $500. All are new, never started.

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    • jeff lane

      bill very interesting. I am interested in one of each of the motors you have available.

      jeff lane lane motor museum

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    • Lowell Scholljegerdes

      You stil have any engines left

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  8. MeToo

    It is interesting, odd, unique, and anyone buying it would have the only one on their block. All that being said, it has been 24 hours since this hit BF’s and there are still no bids. Maybe if they changed the BIN price to 3k they might unload it. But this for 5k? Only if it was fully restored and shiny enough to be sitting in a museum.

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  9. whippeteer

    Dropped to $2K starter and still no bids.

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  10. ScottyAuthor

    A very painful auction update: this sweet little thing sold for $5,000, and I was too late, as usual.

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  11. randy robbins

    where can I find parts for my walker power truck

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