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Feeling Like Royalty? 1973 Buick Century Regal


This classy looking Buick Century Regal (they were called Century Regal until 1975) seems to be a reasonably-priced but loved classic. Sure, there are Buicks that are worth more, and probably most of you would find an earlier car or different model more attractive. But as far as value per dollar goes, you might not be able to beat this one! The Regal has been hiding out in Ventura, California, and it’s listed here on eBay with a starting bid of $3,900, no reserve, and only a 3-day auction–so don’t wait to bid!


The pictures are extremely low-resolution, and that’s a shame, because it looks like the finish is nice and shiny and all the trim is in place. I can’t see anywhere that looks like it’s been repaired, but a closeup of one of the Regal emblems looks like there may be peeling clearcoat. It’s hard to tell for sure, and I’d ask the seller for some closeups of the rocker and quarter panels to make sure they are solid.


I like the echoes of separate fenders in the styling of the Regal. To me, this has the cleanest lines of any of the GM intermediates produced at this time. While this particular style of wire wheel covers are from later Buicks, I think they and the narrow whitewalls suit this car well.


Inside the car also looks very clean. I’m certain the carpet dash cover is hiding cracks, and I’m not sure why the glove compartment door is a different color than the rest of the dashboard, but if the car stays close to it’s initial bid, I think that’s nitpicking. I’m thinking this could either be a daily driver classic or a more modern car for someone that collects 50’s Buicks and wants something easier to drive occasionally.


The engine compartment looks to be very clean, and at least the air conditioning components are in place, although the system undoubtedly needs work to make it operational again. I think this would be a great addition to a fleet of classics, or an affordable entry point to a new collector. What do you think?




  1. Avatar photo Bill

    I’ve always liked these cars. The Cutlass Supreme was my favorite.
    If there’s peeling clear coat, this could signal a re-paint as I’m pretty sure these cars were lacquer from the factory.

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  2. Avatar photo Rod

    This car shows signs of a repaint. Check out the pics of the passenger door and you can see overspray on both the striker pin and plastic vent. Still a nice car for the price but I would want to dig into this more before I bought it.

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  3. Avatar photo Rando

    OEM paint would have been a single stage (no clear coat) during this period. Engine is very bright…good looking car though.

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  4. Avatar photo JW454

    Yes, I’m afraid this one would be a disappointment in person. The repaint is very poor quality and they’ve painted over door seals and other things. The trunk emblem picture shows the car wasn’t sanded before the paint was applied. Also, things like the missing steering wheel rear shroud along with missing trim screws bespeak of a lack of attention to detail. I think the price maybe above it’s real value to start with.

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  5. Avatar photo RON

    Would make a great daily driver to be able to drive a classic. I agree there is something just not right on that inner rocker area with the paint n the latch pin. Not good paint. Maybe half the price for a nice piece of transportation. Not enough extra amenities to invest in

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  6. Avatar photo BillB

    Kojak drove a dark brown one just like it.

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    • Avatar photo David

      Kojak drove the sedan

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  7. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    I have a hard time thinking of this as a classic. More like seventies dreck. I must be getting old!

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  8. Avatar photo Racer417

    This is not a Regal. VIN is for a Century Luxus Coupe. Grille and interior are not a Regal. Take it from a former Buick dealer

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  9. Avatar photo Gary K

    The seller listing states this vehicle has a Black and Yellow license plate when it should be Blue with yellow letters/numbers. 1970 was first year of Blue plates and went for I think 7 years. The only way to be Black/yellow would be if he ordered the new CA repop plates, but me think not. In the top picture you can see the front with what appears to be Black/yellow plate. Nice car but needs a good PI with many ?before spending the $$

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  10. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    I sense bondo of on this beast near the rockers and who knows where else. This would be a perfect car to hot rod as it is nothing special but would look cool with some cragers and a hot 455

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  11. Avatar photo Rob

    My dad had a brown 74 that looked just like that. Ahh memories.

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  12. Avatar photo Gary Hicks

    I currently own a 1973 Buick Regal that was purchased for my mother, from Simpson Buick in Downey, Ca., new. I’m not sure about the blue plates, as they are white now, but it’s possible that change was made when transferred into my name. I never heard it referred as a Century Regal, and though the pics are not the best, I do notice a few differences. The front turn indicators on my car are rectangular shaped, not round, and have a clear lens with an amber bulb. It also has the chrome rallye wheels, with black or dark gray accents, not wire wheel covers, to name a few.

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