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Ferris Wheel On Wheels

Really? Van?

Some days you just don’t know what will show up. Listed here on eBay is what the owner calls a “1950-1960 Chevrolet Carnival like Ferris Wheel parade ride”. This thing leaves us wondering why and what you do with it now? Someone must want it as biding at the time of writing is already up to $4,000.

Really? Van? top view

This is 1989 Chevrolet Conversion Van with 157K on it and the owner says it runs good.  The previous owner replaced the fuel pump and now the fuel gauge no longer works.

Really? Van? rear

The rear “seats” swing freely as the vehicle accelerates or decelerates. According to the owner the “swing motion” is adjustable.  There is also a Reese hitch so you could also pull a float in the next parade.  The previous owner recently replaced the windshield, fuel pump, battery, muffler and tailpipe. Your new “ride” will need tires though.

Really? Van? int.

Does this image really matter when you have already viewed what’s behind it?  The owner says that this configuration will clear a standard 7′ garage door opening.  We suggest that you are sure that you do not have any “passengers” in the rear seats when pulling into or out of a garage.

Really? Van? back seats

The owner recommends a maximum capacity of 6 children or 3 adults.  The owner is giving you a “99% guarantee there are no other rides like it!” There maybe a good reason for that. Where can you get this to pass an inspection? Can you get a “Parade Only” sticker or would it pass inspection in your state?




  1. Avatar photo Fred

    Whoever decided to build this should have used a run of the mill longbed pickup. Could have avoided a lot of cutting.

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  2. Avatar photo randy

    Selling due to pending lawsuit!

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  3. Avatar photo grant

    Wow. I’m not sure what to say. Obviously someone thought this was a good idea. I’d love to ask them why. With that said, considering some of the things I’ve seen on Oregon roads this might be able to be registered as a home built.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    Well I’ve lived in Missouri for 15 years and have seen some pretty bizarre things being built in home garages but this thing takes the cake IF it was actually built here. No reasonable use except for a parade car and that would limit it’s value considerably. If it could be bought for it’s current bid of 4K it might be worth removing the Ferris Wheel contraption and making a 80’s style Corvair / Econoline type of pickup, you would have a unusual but practical use vehicle for everyday use plus car cruise night ride.

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  5. Avatar photo Donnie

    Kids if you se this driving down the road run.

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  6. Avatar photo Mark S

    Looks like the waste of a perfectly good van. I’d say part it out and scrap what’s left. What a useless build.

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  7. Avatar photo Chebby

    This is just stupid.

    It might make sense if the Ferris wheel portion could extend from the rear and actually function. I’ve seen homemade bicycle-powered Ferris wheels that would fit in that amount of space.

    And why not start with a plain white vehicle, so the color scheme could match. This looks like it used to be a nice conversion van, most are all beaten and grimy by now.

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  8. Avatar photo Mike

    My only question would be WHY!!!!!!!!

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  9. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Sure. Someone should have preserved it. They shouldn’t have cut it, and shouldn’t have built this. Because 26 year old conversion vans are such a hot ticket right now.

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  10. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    Is the “green leafy” stuff legal in Missourri? Well, in all actuality, there has to have been a LOT more substance abuse involved with regard to the “thought process” (term used for a lack of a better word) that brought this thing into being!!!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo JW

      Actually Meth is a bigger threat in Missouri and yes the engineer of this project was doing quite a bit of it.

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