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Field of Dreams in South Dakota

Field of Dreams - Fury

Now that we are based in Boise, I’m not sure I will be able to make my annual pilgrimage to South Dakota to visit family and hunt for old cars. Although Jim S came across a field of dreams, as he puts it, that may justify making the 14 hour drive. The car that Jim initially spotted was this 1965 Plymouth Fury III found here on eBay, but as you can see the seller has a large number of other cars in the background. They also have several other cars currently listed for sale on eBay. Whether I would buy any of these cars, I’m not sure, but I would love to go spend an afternoon wondering around this field to look at all the old steel.

Field of Dreams - Pinto

I assume this is one of the several salvage yards in the Rapid City area, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint which one exactly. I’m sure with enough time on Google Maps I could find it, but I like to leave some of the fun of the hunt to you guys, so if you are able to track it down please share the link or an areal view in the comments. As you can see there is a wide variety of years and makes in this field, so I’m sure you could find just about any part or car you might ever want or need here. This ’76 Ford Pinto is being offered here for $3,250, but I’m curious to know about the red one in the background though.

Field of Dreams - Oldsmobile

It appears that most of the cars are in rusty and rough shape, but that is to be expected of cars that have been parked out in a field for who knows how long. If this really is or was a salvage yard, than I’m sure many of these cars are missing vital parts and pieces. The Fury is a great example of one of the issues with buying a salvage yard car, it is missing its engine and transmission, among other things. This 1933 Oldsmobile is one of the other cars they have for sale and it is missing much of its interior and all of it’s glass. It does have its engine though and many of the rare bits.

Field of Dreams in SD

Based on the seller’s description, I’m going to guess there won’t be many incredible deals here, but you might land a few good buys. If nothing else, this field could make for a great place to visit while in the Black Hills. Drop the family off at Reptile Gardens or one of the other many tourist attractions in the area and then head to the salvage yard and spend the afternoon wondering amongst all this old steel and history! I can’t think of many better ways to spend an afternoon while on vacation. You might even be able to get away long enough to make a few good deals on some spare parts or project cars. So do you see any cars in this field that you’d dream of dragging home?


  1. Vince Habel

    I love old salvage yards. I could spend all day in them.

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  2. Rich

    I’m with you Vince. I could spend all day wandering around an old salvage yard.

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  3. Dave b

    There is a place here in Ga that has a 1921 Huppmobile 3 door, with lots of parts, along with several older cars and trucks. Along with a Fargo PU, a 73 AMC Javalin with the AMX 403 option ,many Mustangs too. They are for sale on Facebook buy swap and sell in Spalding Co Ga. The Huppmobile is complete sans runningboards. Has the 4cy engine.

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  4. Jody

    Moore’s Auto Salvage. http://www.mooresautosalvage.com/

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      They certainly do have a lot of cars!

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  5. dbigb1 Member

    Im’a little older now. damit. Il take the inp to the left

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  6. Kenny

    How did you come to the conclusion that the Pinto is 1976? Looks more like a 1971-72 to me!

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  7. Moparman MoparMan Member

    I preferred the ’66 Fury over the ’65. It’s amazing how much longer and lower the car looked after the mild trim refresh. It also had the newer console; whereas the ’65’s was a carryover from ’64. Hopefully, the picture of my Sport Fury will post sucessfully! :-)

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  8. DT

    That imp on the left sure is straight.He has some nice Chrysler products,300 convertible,’50 sedan. ’51 Studebaker,Willys sedan.

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    I owned a ’66 Fury III, I think it had a 360 in it. Clean car, bought it in December 1977, in Abilene, Kansas. It was a fairly necessary purchase, as the car I was driving from LA to Dayton, OH (1966 Corvair) developed a valve train issue, and I was afraid to attempt finishing the trip. Used the Plymouth to flat-tow the Corvair, and it did a decent job of it.

    I drove that car for several years, and it never failed on me. Not a stellar performer, and a bit thirsty, but in those days gas was still cheap, and I had a decent job to pay for fuel. Until I saw this listing, I had not thought about the Fury for quite a while.

    Perhaps I am just out of touch with values, but to me the ask for this car is really very high. With no engine or transmission, $4500 seems like a ton of cash. You can also bet that other important items, like a radiator, are also missing. Then of course there is the rust underneath, from sitting in a field. By the time the car could be made drivable and presentable (not restored) $10 would likely have been spent….

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  10. David

    After finding the address on the page in the link above, I went on Google Maps. (1761 Country Road, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701). There is a clear image of a faded red 1965/66 Chrysler 300L, the rest is kinda blurry, but you can still make out most of the cars.

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    • RickyM

      That is astonishing looking at the location and streetview in Google. You have so much land in America that this place looks tiny in comparison the area around it, but is stacked with old US cars. Amazing – I would be wandering round it all day !
      RickyM, Petts Wood, Kent, England.

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  11. MikeW

    I see he lists 7 Edsels for sale.

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  12. Barzini

    The 1965 Plymouth Fury is nearly identical to one my neighbor owned back in the early 1970s. Seeing one again brought back a wave of nice memories, for which I thank you.

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  13. Woodie Man

    I don;t know. I must be getting oid. Or maybe it’s the internet’s role as a baited hook. But 4500 hundred bucks for a rusted (even if its surface) Fury with no drive train?

    What the heck?

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