Fiero Rarity: The Only 1984 Enterra Vipre

The Pontiac Fiero has been the canvas for wild ideas and questionable choices since it was introduced in 1984.  It’s mid-rear engine layout and low price enabled owners to add kits to ape Ferraris, mimic Lamborghinis, and experiment with poorly built one-offs.  Standing out from the kit-car cacophony were several rebodies available only new through Pontiac Dealers.  While the Mera may be the most well known, the Fiero-based Enterra Vipre is likely the rarest with estimates of only 38 having been sold.  Find this one on Facebook Marketplace for $25,000.

The Enterra was sold only through Pontiac dealers as an appearance and luxury package on fully loaded Fiero SE’s.  The Enterra package meant that new Fiero SE’s were shipped to Canada where the unique body and interior were fitted by Enterra.  The Canadian connection perhaps explains the front end’s resemblance to Canada’s other sports (safety?) car, Bricklin’s SV-1.  Aside from the distinctive bumper, the changes included expanding the body by approximately 50 centimeters to account for unique styling, and the standard Fiero interior was treated to handsome leather on most surfaces.  The result was a uniquely styled Fiero with even more exotic looks and a nicer interior.

The listing is sparse on details, but from it, we can gather that this Enterra will be a project.  The seller claims it’s the only 1984 model in existence, but offers no proof.  The Seller also claims to have “2 engine styles to go with” the Enterra without elaborating on what that means.  Assuming the photos are current, the stance of the vehicle implies that an engine is currently installed, but there’s no telling if it’s the originally-fitted Iron Duke 2.5L 4 cylinder which was the only engine available in 1984, or something more powerful.  Given the Fiero roots of the Enterra, any number of swaps are possible.  Whatever engine is currently installed, the seller claims the vehicle has a total of 46,000 miles.

The exterior of the Enterra body looks cosmetically intact and the shape has aged rather well.  Panel gaps aren’t perfect, but then again, stock Fieros didn’t leave the factory with perfect panel gaps.  There are no passenger side or interior photos offered, but if the exterior is any indication, the interior may have been preserved.  When it comes to Fiero rebodies, the Enterra’s unique exotic looks, rarity, and factory history stand out nicely without suffering the fate of most other rebodied Fieros which tried their best to look Italian.  $25,000 seems to be a lot of money for a Fiero, but rarity has a price.

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  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    How could they not show the interior!?! This looks tasteful at least. I think the base firebird is prettier, especially the tail lights, but to each his/her own.

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    • Lex Sherlock Lex Sherlock Staff

      Really frustrating not to see that leather all over the fiero interrior. Also I wanted to see if there was any unique badging on the wheel, but alas, no dice.

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  2. Rick

    Fun fact: the company that gave us this kit started life as a company called Fortvac, which produced a car called the “Bernardi” based on a tube chassis using the vintage kit car called the Cimbria as the base for the body. The bodies were widened slightly and lengthened slightly to cover what was then a GM based Toronado drivetrain. High production costs forced only 5 Bernardi (maybe 6) to be made, and Fortvac then either sold or reformed as Enterra. All of the Bernardi styling cues can be found on this car. If I could post photos I could do a comparison side-by-side.

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  3. Steve R

    Rare yes. Distinctive looking, yes. Worth $25,000, not likely. When the main draw of a car is “it will draw attention at a show”, that’s not much of a leg to stand on. There are too many other cars that stand on their merits in that price range.

    Steve R

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  4. Steve Clinton

    “The Only 1984 Enterra Vipre” Thank goodness.

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  5. Skorzeny

    I would rather have a clean Fiero GT, there are plenty out there for well under $20K. This thing isn’t horrendous, but it’s a bit pricey with not enough photos…

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    • Lex Sherlock Lex Sherlock Staff

      The Fiero GT’s design has aged very well (design, not build). So good in fact, that my favorite one played host to a different kind of kit– an electric conversion kit.

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      • Martin Wibert

        Thanks Lex! Was a surprise to see my old Fiero EV mentioned here.

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  6. Mutt

    Enterraly too much money for this and it’s on facebook marketplace…
    Just sayin’

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  7. Daniel Wright

    It’s a 25,000 dollar Fiero with an automatic… And a body kit. No photos of the interior or the engine…no thanks

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  8. Howie Mueler

    Yes one is too many.

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    There are several cool factors. I have the only one and it is a unique looking vehicle. It goes out the window after you say it is really a Pontiac Fiero.

    Taking a Citation chassis and doing a rebody and making a mid engine was a good idea. Giving it to Pontiac another good idea. All good until it was introduced in typical GM. They put R&D into the owners hands. Building a car low on oil from the factory? You bet. Not something out of Mad magazine. Most were bought by women. No disrespect but few check their oil. Didn’t take much to self destruct. Almost all did. The great engine recall.

    One would think someone (anyone) from GM would have learned from the Corvair and Vega. Sadly like the Corvair the last Fieros were the best however they will never be a Toyota MR2 in performance or collector value. Sad they had a chance. You can screw people so much until they have had enough.

    Its funny you can shed your short comings and go from “Old” to “New” Now the “New” GM is going all electric when that market is dominated by Elan which he started because the General bailed on the EV1. Since making the EV1 a masterpiece their credibility as an electric automaker is laughable but I am here to bail them out again whether I have a choice or not. Get ready

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  10. Douglas Adams

    Oh yes, and a fourth in Kentucky!!!

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