Fifty Year Nap: 1959 Cadillac Coupe deVille

right front

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This old Caddy is listed on craigslist in Orlando, Florida, price unknown. Upon first glance I wondered if the swampland sales business is slow. It was in dry storage, last registered in 1969, and shows 14,000 miles. It’s complete except for one hubcap and that piece of trim on the right and left quarters. I do wonder what the story is with the rusty hood and the trim lying on the hood.

front seat

The interior looks complete from here. Those are no doubt seat covers. It could be only 114,000 miles. That doesn’t look like an add on A/C. A/C in cars was pretty new in 1959. Was this how the factory air was installed?


From what you can see, it looks like it’s complete. This old Caddy was perhaps not well loved before it was parked.

left rear

Just look at those fins! There’s not enough information provided to even guess what condition this old Caddy might be in. Even in the best case it will take lots of work. If that chrome needs to be redone, that alone will be expensive. If it was actually in dry storage, perhaps the rust might not be too bad. It would be interesting to see what shape this Coup deVille is really in. It’s probably worth restoring and just depends on how deep your pockets are. Wouldn’t it be great if this is in good shape and only took the normal mechanicals to get it running? The big question is what the owner thinks this is worth. He’s probably seen that low retail is over 20,000 and thinks his is worth that or even more. Also, he might have paid too much for it. It will be interesting to see what you think this might be worth.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bob

    The A/C is totally aftermarket…both the inside unit and compressor. No way this car has only 14,000 miles and the seat covers are not original.

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  2. LaxMan

    I’d rather find out about the yellow Bird in the background. Years ago I restored a 64 caddy. It was fun for a while but was so big it would rub it’s belly coming in or out of steep driveways.

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  3. Richard

    He is hiding loads with his pictures. The dash is hammered, missing the ignition switch …clock, radio, the glove box is worn, and interior trim is missing. The car is also a bottom of the line series 62.

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  4. JW454

    As of 11:45 EDT on 5/6/16 it’s been flagged for removal. Somebody took exception to it.

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  5. David Frank DavidAuthor

    Like I said, his swampland sales business must be slow, so he tried his hand at eBay!

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  6. Roselandpete

    Love those 59’s.

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  7. M B

    The car was obviously sold new “up north” (or similar or “along the beach”) as any Cadillac sold new in the Southwest would have had FACTORY A/C in it. GM never used the York compressor, although Ford did on their factory a/c cars (although many were in the hang-down underdash configuration until the new 1965 full-size cars were introduced. Or the original purchaser might not have liked the way the factory units hid the spark plugs (and other engine parts) with their plumbing and such?

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  8. slickimp

    That’s good someone flag that caddy because he is full of it on that car

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  9. shawn

    This Cadillac was originally sold as a barn find on eBay for $9500 or best offer, this guy who is actually out of Spring Hill FL, bought the car for a lot less and now is asking $20,000. I drove over to him to see the T-bid in the background that he also bought from the same estate where he found the Cadillac. He said the T-bird had no rust but turned out to have rust all over to the point where someone fiberglass most of the car over top of all the rust. The Cadillac was a nice car, but when I asked him where he found it he denied it was the eBay car, even though the VIN number and tag number was the same one on eBay.

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