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First Special Edition: 1966 Mustang HCS

1966 High Country Special Mustang.Png

Many have heard of the California Special Mustangs, but few know that there was actually another special edition pony that came out two years before the GT/CS. This 1966 High Country Special is an example of just that car. It is listed for sale on craigslist for $6,500 and is located in Cheyenne Wyoming. It is going to take some work to get this Stang back to its former glory, but if you are looking for something a little different than your run of the mill Mustang than this may be for you.

Mustang Hcs

Above is an example of what this HCS could hopefully look like one day. The project car is going to need some paint and interior work, but the seller seems optimistic. They also state that they bought the car in 1977 and used it in high school. Eventually they sold it, but were able to track it down and buy it back in 2001. This car isnt too special mecanically, but it does sport a 289 engine attached to a three speed transmission.

1966 Hcs Ad

The HCS was an attempt by Ford to boost slumping sales. Just 333 HCSs were built in 1966 and they were distributed to 100 dealers around Denver Colorado. They came in all body styles and any standard drivetrain. The only distiguishing features were the High Country badges on the fenders and the paint color. All the colors available were named after local areas (Example: Timberline Greem, Aspen Gold and Columbine Blue). The HCS was produced from 1966 to1968, but in 1968 it was basically a rebadged GT/CS. Check out MustangSpecial.com for more information.

67 Ski Country Special Advertisement.Gif

While digging up information on the HCS, we actually found out there was yet another Colorado promotional special. The 1967 Ski Country Special! We are not sure how we would feel driving a Mustang up icy mountain roads, but it did feature a lsd, snow tires, fender badges, and a ski rack. Anyone here ever see one of these while on a ski trip at Vail? We would love to find one tucked away in a barn up in the mountains of Colorado!

67 Ski Country Special Emblem


  1. Karo

    There is a Timberline Green ’66 High Country Special in a neighborhood near where I live (Denver). It is a daily driver and in not-bad condition.

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  2. His Royal Flatulence

    I’d never heard of these. Did Ford do similar regional specials for other areas? If not, why did they specifically target Colorado?I love learning new arcane automotive factoids. This was an entertaining start to the day.

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  3. Karo

    That list of Denver Ford dealers is a real nostalgia trip. Of the 10 listed, I think only O’Meara Ford and Courtesy Ford still have their old names (or exist at all; Johnnie Harper Ford in Wheat Ridge became Friendly Ford, then Go Ford, then closed a couple of years ago). We had a ’70 Country Squire that came from Goodro Ford on Colorado Blvd.

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  4. Mark Pfeifer

    This brings me back to the rust-free early T-5 Mustang that I passed on in 1991 . . . . only $2200, and nearly mint. Sob. Sob. Sniffle.

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  5. dean

    They are regional for sure and this one is nothing special.

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  6. Bett

    I have a 1966 Mustang that is referred to as a Scott Drake edition, has anyone heard of this? I’ve only had it 2 weeks..thanks

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  7. Barn Finds

    I know that Scott Drake is a big supplier of Mustang parts and has been for a while. Not sure if they ever put out a special edition car though?

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  8. joe

    isnt Phil Long still around?

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  9. Bett

    Ok, maybe it’s made up of mostly Scott Drake parts…it has the original bench seat and all original parts, runs great and will be painted in 2 weeks….I love it! Bett

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  10. MikeW

    1- California Special
    2- Colorado High Country Special
    3- Ford called it the Lone Star Limited, but in Texas it was known as the Bluebonnet Special Mustang
    4- Ford made 96 ‘Mustang Twister Special’ cars for Kansas Ford dealers in 1970.
    5- “Challenger Special” Miss
    6- Ski Country Special
    7-Sprint package
    8- A commemorative Olympic Sprint Edition
    9- 1969 Limited Edition Mustang E was a rare (about 50 produced) fastback special model designed for economy.
    10-Germany T-5

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  11. Richard G

    I came across a 1967 Ski Country Special in 2002. The aspen red paint, landau top and “thunderbird” portholes threw me, but Marty Auto Works verified the authenticity of the car. I have found a few replacement parts, but the bone interior is difficult to replicate.

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  12. John J Egan

    Just picked up a 1966 didn’t think it may be special just plain Black the guy I got it from got it from someone in Utah 8 years ago car is Blue under the Black some scratch marks show Blue paint my Hagerty agent told me the car was a H.C.S. the production # is 34000 I might have found a gem

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  13. Richard Giadone

    Here is my 1967 Ski Country Special. It is getting ready for the selling block.

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  14. Richard Giadone

    The car.

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