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First Year Ford Bronco Project

It really amazes me how much interest for old Broncos, Ramchargers, and Blazers has gone up in the past year or so. I remember when you could pick up a nice first generation Bronco for just a few thousand dollars, now you can’t even get rusty projects for that kind of money. The 1966 Bronco you see above has been stored in a pole barn Viroqua, Wisconsin. It is missing a few components and has some serious rust issues, yet the seller is asking $3k for it here on eBay. And what’s sad, compared to some of the other Broncos we’ve come across lately, this is one of the better deals.

This one is a first year truck, which may explain why it’s getting so much attention on eBay. Survival rate has been quite low for early examples, although parts supply has greatly improved, helping to keep more of these on the road then ever. As a matter of fact, you can get every part for this Bronco, including a new frame or even a replacement body. If you have the money, replacing everything might be the route to go. And if you are on a tighter budget you can always buy replacement panels and fix what is here.

The seller claims the engine turns over and they were even able to get it running but putting a little fuel in the carburetor. These inline six engines are durable and bulletproof, so I would suspect that this engine still has a lot of life left in it.

I know this one is going to be a major undertaking, no matter how you go about it. Replacing everything is going to be the most costly option, but you would have a brand new truck when your done. Depending on how serious the body rust is, you might be able to salvage it and either fix the frame or find a replacement. I’m not sure I would want to take this one on, but I sure would love to visit this barn to see what else is in there!


  1. PaulG

    Interesting Barn, lots of other “projects”…
    The guy’s eBay page has a lot of cool machined parts and other “stuff”.
    The Bronco is the only current vehicle for sale.
    Being from the desert SW, it’s hard to imagine the rust that just takes over the body of a vehicle (even though I grew up in Northern (rusty) NY…)

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  2. sir mike

    Nothing a new body and frame can’t fix…

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  3. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s a Wisconsin truck, all right. I’m sure the drivers door “fell off”.( note rusted hinges) For me, I’d get it running, hang a plow on it, and park it ’round back. Sorry, maybe it’s just the “winter blues” today, but you should have your head examined if you were to restore this thing. Great plow truck. And to think some had the audacity to rip on Dennis’ Bronco a while back.

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    • Mike H. Mike H

      Howard, you know that I love it here and I rarely have anything to say that’s less than positive, but sometimes some of the community can be a bunch of asses. When the seller is part of the group and he’s explaining himself clearly it would be great that the jerks commenting would read the previous comments before coming out with their (frequently) uninformed opinions and offending a fellow community member with what they *think* they know based upon perceptions of a few photos.

      Does that count as profanity? If so then I apologize in advance.

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  4. 8banger Dave Member

    Cool enough, but I’ll take the ’68 Charger that’s lurking in the background.

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  5. JW

    Parts vehicle and that’s being nice. Then no title adds insult to injury. As much interest in the first generation Broncos has become I’m surprised Dynacorn has not started making and selling complete bodies for these. I wouldn’t even put in a offer unless I had a better one needing parts and then it would insult him.

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    • Magstar67

      Dynacorn or someone is making or is in the process of making new bodies for these. As I recall it was going to have the desirable design details that were added or deleted by Ford during the production run of this body style so that it had all the details Bronco nuts preferred. I’m not sure when they were going to start production.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Dennis Carpenter is selling bodies now. After years of promises, Dynacorn has failed to get one into production.

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  6. Dennis

    Update on the Bronco I had for sale a few weeks ago that a few people was all negative (the yellowish Bronco) with the small area on the frame that “I explained and shared photos with during the sale” !! I thought each of you would like to know how this went, I ended the auction early on Ebay, the offer I got was over my asking reserve price, which was double the amount when Barn Finds listed it on this site. The buyer made a trip with his brother to pick it up, they pulled in, went all over it, was very pleased, and was sold exactly how it was explained on the listing. Reached in, fired it up, pulled onto the trailer, they departed as a happy buyer. I have this car for sale, tried to list it on Barn Finds, but could not figure out how to. 1936 Dodge, all steel body, solid clean car, clear title. $ 4,900.00 cash.

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    • JW

      As a first generation Bronco lover I’m glad it went to a happy buyer, I would have checked it out but too far away.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Dennis – glad it went to a good home!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Dennis, https://barnfinds.com/submissions/ is the link to how to list your car with the site. I am SO glad you had a positive result!!! I wrote up the original post and hoped you would get some good karma from it–I’m glad you stuck it out!!!


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    • half cab

      Thanks for the update.

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  7. half cab

    Looks like an early ’66 . I know a feller in Maryland that could use that on his island.🚧🏁

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  8. chad

    mine came to get her w/3 of them, most lookin worse than thisun.
    There are several metal bodies made and bout 3 fiberglass ones.
    Like the stang (they both started seperate revolutions: SUV/muscle cars) it is popular enuff (since the 90s w/the expamsion of the net). Now if I can only find a ’78 – ’82 LTD wagon (W302) or a Mitsu Expo LRV/Ply Colt Vista (chrlsful@aol.com) my garage will B full…

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