First Year Malibu: 1964 Chevelle Malibu


1964 was the first year the Malibu name appeared on the Chevelle. This 283 V8 powered Chevy was with its original owner up until a year ago. Very solid, with great looks, this Chevy has a lot of potential be a driver. With a little over a day remaining, this Chevelle Malibu has been bid up to $3,405. Find it here on eBay out of Miami, Florida.


Sporting a bare bones “no nonsense needed” 283 cubic inch 220 horsepower V8. Looking over the engine and bay you can see the no nonsense aspect of this Chevy as it has no real options to speak of. The 283 and automatic combo do not run, and condition is unknown. With a little hope, perhaps the engine is not locked up. With plenty of dirt and dust, the engine and bay look solid with little rust present.


Taking a look at the cockpit reveals a very original and mostly complete interior. The carpet has been ditched at some point, but thankfully the floors look great in this Chevrolet. The seats and door panels have seen better days, but the door panel hardware looks acceptable. The seats certainly need a rebuild, and the dash looks to need a good wipe down to see what we are working with. The dash looks pretty good, as if it may clean up, but it is difficult to make out from the photos. Moving to the exterior of this Chevrolet reveals a very solid body and frame. The only concerning rust mentioned on this Malibu is in the trunk floor. There is some obvious surface rust on the exterior, but overall the exterior is very manageable. The driver front fender has a dent, being the only body panel needing some attention.  The glass looks good, and the body trim isn’t too bad off, though there is a missing door trim piece. There is a missing headlight bezel as well on the driver side. Some rattle can paint has been executed on the driver rear quarter to prevent the spread of rust. That quarter looks to have some minor pitting, but looks solid.


Solid, with a great look, this first year Chevelle Malibu is a great candidate for your next project. What would you do with this Chevy?


  1. dirtyharry

    I think this will become someone’s hot rod. These are tough cars. My younger brother had the SS with a 283 in the 70’s. He wasn’t much of a driver. Before the car was sold after 3 accidents, the only original sheet metal was the roof and hood. Thankfully my father had a friend in the body shop business, as he was a used car dealer. He isn’t the mechanical type either, several times we pulled the oil stick only to see nothing registered. My brother wasn’t the type of guy to bother. He couldn’t kill the Malibu, so we agreed it had to be one of the be cars built.

  2. Terry J

    Knew a few of these in the 60s when they were new or soon afterward. Owned one later on circa 1975. 283 220 H.P. engines had a 4 barrel carb ( and dual exhaust). This one appears to have the air cleaner base laying on top of the air cleaner (??) and seems to be a 2 barrel carb. If so it would be a 195 h.p. engine. Tranny would be a 2 speed Powerglide, all in all a nice set up, and that’s now most of the Malibu’s I knew were equipped. My pal Jim had a very nice 283 220 h.p. 4 speed car though. Great looking, very solid cars. :-) Terry J

  3. Ck

    I like it .Its got lots of potential and whats not there is available through the after market .The 283 and auto trans have to go.I say that because it will cost just as much money to hot rod that engine ,than it is to get a nice 350 crate motor .Especially if your on a budget .If money is no object then hey do whatever you want.The car needs a 4spd and a posi too thats a given.Ok now for the rest of the car.Lots of elbow grease and your own time will save a ton of money ,cuz the interior is going to be pricy unless you can find decent used stuff good luck with that ,but you never know .Body work on this thing,unless you do it your self ,will probably be just as much money as what this car ends up selling for .Body work is expensive If this sells for under 5k ,its a good deal .You get my point its gonna take a few bucks to get this thing where its lookin good and running would be a nice car when its finished though.

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  4. JW

    I say get the mechanicals working along with the brakes & decent tires, restore the interior to presentable then do what you have to the body to lay a Maaco paint job on it to make it a daily driver.

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  5. Dan

    The air cleaner lid is flipped upside down so it is open all the way around to let more air in, instead of just coming in the snorkel. An old hot rodders trick.

    • Scot Douglas

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, look at the photo again.

      • JW

        Scot I agree on looking at the picture again, I’ve seen this done on open air cleaner lids to gain a 1/8t inch clearance to the hood but not on a standard air cleaner unless you put a extra tall filter element. To me that lid looks like it doesn’t even belong to that base as it looks bigger around than the base.

  6. Rock On

    Like Terry J said, the air cleaner is not sitting down properly on the carb. The snorkel should not be facing straight ahead, it should be off to the side.

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    • RT Elkin

      It should be off to the passenger’s side, as well; and the lid on this one is obviously either not stock (the A/C assy itself may be such), or, as Dan says, flipped.

  7. Terry J

    Don’t see a wing nut holding the lid down, but kinda looks like the carb stud is visible through the open hole. Odd to do that for your picture album, but see stuff on C/L like that all the time: Hood not closed, car freshly washed and the hose and bucket laying next to it, a tow chain still hooked to the front end,garbage in the interior shots etc. At any rate, I just looked at the e bay ad and it’s a 195 hp 283 so it is a 2 bbl carb under there, and if stock, a single exhaust. Fun cars. :-) Terry J

  8. Ron H

    Lol. Of course 64 was the first year the Malibu moniker appeared on the Chevelle. 1964 was the first year for any Chevelle.

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  9. Ron H

    That is the air cleaner base sitting on top of the air breather body. It wasn’t a simple disc type lid. So that will be a two barrel most likely or at least had one to begin it’s life.

  10. 68 custom

    Like others have said the entire air cleaner is upside down. right now this car is still at 3400$ and would be a great deal if it could be bought so cheaply. I am guessing it will get pulled at the last minute and re-listed.

  11. Skip

    My grandmother bought my dad a ’64 El Camino which was based off the Chevelle. It had the 283 engine and was quite a runner. I made a business trip for him in it when the truck was about a year old, and it was soooo nice on the road.

    Dad had left it to me in his will; but when he became ill in 1999, a guy who was taking care of his business concerns sold it and a couple of other vehicles despite my protests, saying it was Dad’s decision. When I confronted Dad he denied having said it, but the other guy would never say who got it. So it’s still out there somewhere. Note: Dad was a County Commissioner at the time and the other guy was a ranking county employee. Go Figure!

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  12. Rudy

    My first car was a ’64 Chevelle 300 series 2 door, still regret getting rid of it and I troll eBay and other sites watching to see if it ever comes up for sale so I’ve seen this car off and on eBay for the last 6-9 months…this time with no reserve, don’t remember how high bids have ever gotten but this time someone will have a new project

    • 68 custom

      there used to be an old couple in my home town that drove around in a all black 300 with a 283 and 3 on the tree. it was in great condition, wonder what happened to it?

  13. Rustytech Member

    Nice project start whatever you decide to do with it. I like the fact that the original interior is there so if desired one can attempt to restore it to factory specs, which is exactly what I would do with it. I would rebuild the 283 with a mild cam and. 4 bbl then have it painted in the OE color. I’ve seen hundreds of these done as a restomod, even helped do one, but you don’t see many with a sympathetic restore.

  14. slickimp

    Hey wasn’t 64 the first year for Chevelle or Malibu anyway

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid of $3,750.00. 25 bids.

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