First Year Seville: 1956 Cadillac Eldorado

Does anyone ever grow tired of looking at old Cadillacs? I know that I don’t, as I love the styling and engineering in these great American classics. This ’56 Eldorado may potentially be an original paint car, but more importantly is a runner with dual quads, and air conditioning! Needing some fuel and brake work to be a driver, this beautiful Caddy is currently bid up to $1,925.00. Take a look at this beauty here on eBay out of Ancaster, Canada.

Although currently located in Canada, this Cadillac is thought to have spent most of its life in California. The 365 cubic inch V8 is a runner, and appears very original and complete. The seller states that the fuel system needs some attention, as well as the brake system. I am guessing this beauty may have been run off of a bottle for test purposes, so I would expect the entire fuel system and tank needs a solid cleaning. Finding any classic car that is equipped with air conditioning is like winning the lottery, but when it comes to a beautiful and stylish car such as this, you’ve definitely found a jackpot! I am sure this classic will need more mechanical attention beyond what has already been mentioned, but how can you say no to a face like this?

Inside you are greeted by an interior that is equally as pleasing as the exterior, from a style and condition standpoint. Off the bat, the steering wheel is a bit off color, the headliner is missing, and the driver door panel is missing. I would hope that the door panel is around somewhere as the interior is in nice shape with only minimal damage, and sun fade. The seats look great, and the dash appears nearly flaw free. There is carpet in place that looks nice, but it is unclear if it is original to the car. If you could find the missing door panel, this interior would certainly be an acceptable “driver grade” interior.

The west coast can often be a harsh climate on an automobile, but a different experience compared to the east coast. While the East typically offers rusty, moldy machines, the West typically offers sun bleached exteriors and interiors with dried out rubber and plastic, all mixed into a mostly rust free body. The seller suspects that the paint is original, and that could certainly be true as the paint does reflect some age. My guess would be that this is a garage kept West coast car that lived a pampered life. There is some evidence of rust along the edge of the roof line, and around the rear window trim. It could be surface rust, and it could be shadows, but from the photos provided it is difficult to see. The vinyl roof has been removed, giving a better idea of the roofs condition. Thankfully rot looks to have missed this car as the rockers and quarters look excellent in this Caddy. With some work and polishing, I dare say that this Eldorado would make a great un-restored driver. What do you think?


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  1. Andrew not amember

    To coin a phrase ” booing”

  2. Nrg8

    Wow that frame is immaculate. Great place to start. Depending how far you want to go, it could still be everymans Caddy. Probably chrome would be your biggest cost.

  3. Steve R

    No reserve with a low starting bid, gutsy move.

    Steve R

  4. Mark

    Very tempting, 3hrs. From my house. Kinda like to have another big Caddy. Really nice “Dagmars”.

  5. Dolphin Member

    This is a ’57. The ’56 Caddys still had the smaller fin/tail light that was at the end of the rear fender. The ’57 had the start of the big tail fins as seen on this car.

    I know because my father was a mechanic / automotive trade school instructor who often bought ’50s Caddys with needs to fix up.

    • Racer417

      Plaes Google ’57 Cadillac images. Not a ’57

      • Racer417

        The ’56 Eldos had different rear fins than the DeVilles. Note to self: Spell-check “please”…

    • Rustowner

      Front end looks like a 57 with that grille and the single headlights, but the rear half of the car appears to be a 58……fins are backwards sloping in the 58’s where as 57’s angle forward.

      • Racer417

        The Eldorados in 1956 had different fins than the regular Caddys. Google images to see the difference. These are correct for a ’56.

    • Dolphin Member

      OK, I’m wrong….again. Thanks for correcting, Racer.

      I forgot that US carmakers sometimes put “next year’s” features on top-of-the-line “this year’s” cars, a year ahead, so to speak.

      That seems to be what Caddy did with the ’56 Eldorado…..big ’57 style fins on the ’56 Eldorado, but regular, smaller fins on the ‘lesser’ ’56 Caddys.

      • georgemia Member

        I once saw a dealer make the same mistake: He listed the car as a really good California Custom. I sent him pics.

        I know these cars because one just like it rotted to bits in my neighbor’s front yard, despite many offers to buy it, including mine.

      • Racer417

        It (sometimes) helps to be old :-) The Seville and Biarritz Eldos in ’57 and ’58 had the big fins with a rounded tail, again completely different from the standard cars. Then there was also the spectacular Eldorado Brougham.

      • Andy

        ’56 was also the last year for vertical A pillars.

  6. Jack Quantrill

    These”Jungle-Cruisers”, were gorgeous!

  7. Racer417

    Lots of potential here; but would still cost a small fortune to restore. Factory air was rare in ’56, even on these.

  8. Metoo

    Okay. What is that thing on the back in front of the trunk on the passenger side?

    • Racer417

      They’re scoops for the factory A/C. On both sides…
      The A/C unit was in the trunk and can be seen in the pictures.

  9. David C

    This looks like a 57 to me but I love it!

    • Andy

      Seville had ’57 style fins in ’56. The front end and windshield with vertical A pillars is all ’56.

  10. Maestro1

    Whatever it is, if you can get it at the right price, jump on it. Do what it needs. You won’t believe these cars. Either restored or as a nice driver you’ll love it.

  11. Tigger

    This car is not too far from the world famous Steve Plunkett Cadillac collection in London Ontario.
    I wonder if Steve needs a parts car?

    • Miguel

      This is definitely not a parts car.

      It is solid inside and out.

  12. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    What about that R/T Challenger In front of it ?


    Factory Dual Quads w original twin oil bath air filters all still intact!

  14. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Great looking car though I think I prefer the 58 better (the one with 4 headlights).
    Some minor trim parts missing but I’m sure all those bits and pieces can be found.

    • Tigger

      I agree that the 4 headlights are better looking.
      Unfortunately missing trim can be very expensive and in some cases unobtainium.
      This ‘Rado in my pic needed new trim and had to be hand made after exten$ive searching.

      • DRV

        This is a Barittz which is a completely different car for every nut and bolt. It has a stainless top an suicide doors.

      • Tigger

        Yes, a different year Eldorado with many sweet features.
        Correct, the SS roof and suicide doors are very evident in the picture I posted.
        This is not my car, I am just a Machinist and Millwright who does custom metal work on vintage cars
        My statement still holds truth with both two eyed and four eyed Cadillacs of that era that trim pieces are hard to find. The missing trim on the ebay posted Cadillac might also be unobtainium and pre sold for more than the sum of the car now for sale.
        As I mentioned in an earlier post yesterday, this ebay Cadillac would be appealing as a parts car for a notable collector.
        Restoring old Cadillacs require a deep pocket.

      • George Member

        This is indeed an Eldorado Seville

        The Eldorado Biarritz is the convertible version of this body

        Neither should be confused with the Eldorado Brougham

      • Miguel

        This is actually an Eldorado Brougham. It is a very rare car.

        I mean the blue one in the picture above, not the featured car.

  15. DRV

    The missing pieces are that because they are now impossible to find. Those aluminum rear bumper ends are another incredibly expensive piece to re chrome let alone find a pair good enough to rechrome. I’m calling it a parts car.

  16. George Member

    The blue car in your picture is a 1957 or 1958 Eldorado Brougham,a very limited production automobile and parts are difficult to obtain as you say

    Car that is for sale is an entirely different Cadillac. It is an Eldorado Seville, a two door hardtop That shares most of its body and trim with other lesser Cadillacs

    But I bet you’re right about the cost of recruit me those aluminum bumpers!

    • Tigger

      Is there anywhere that I did say they were the same?
      My posting was in reference to missing trim pieces.
      Ok, I’ll stop posting real world experiences and post what I learn from Google.
      My Bad.

      • Miguel

        But why did you post a picture of a Brougham? They are very different cars.

      • Mountainwoodie

        Its the internet. Relax………….Those of us that recognize commenters with real world experience are here too. Its those that dont know what they dont know who really know……… my sainted late father used to say :)

    • Tigger

      Have a look at who I replied to, 88 vette convertible.
      Re read, a little slower this time.
      I also personally believe the four headlight version is much more better looking so I posted a picture of a car that I have some (and apparently not as much as you keyboard restores) knowledge.
      By coincidence the car I posted had missing trim issues. It was also a Cadillac Eldorado and the same Blue!

      I NEVER said they were the same car. I replied to a comment and posted a picture in regards to the four headlight version. Try to understand, if you can.

      I am very well aware of what car I posted, and Hot Diggity Dang!!!! I am very glad that all of you experts are telling me about my photos, like I don’t know anything. LOL

      Apparently, half of the posters don’t know the difference between the models or what piece of jewelery I posted.

      Ok, my turn Miguel:

      Why can’t this Clickety Crowd understand the posting with who and what subject I responded to?

      Why do the “wanna be experts” think I don’t know the difference between the models when in fact so many are pulling guesses out of their hind section

      Why can’t people enjoy a picture of a very beautiful Cadillac?

      Should I type a little s l o w e r for Y’all to understand?

      Looking forward to your response.

  17. George Member

    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, glad it is cleared up.

    I think you would agree with me that obtaining parts for in El Dorado Seville versus an El Dorado Brougham is simply not the same level of difficulty

    My familiarity with these cars does not come from a Google search. An elderly neighbor had one that his father had bought in 1957 from his college roommate

    Was one of those “I’m going to get to it” cars that rotted to bits on his front yard

    I tried to buy it from him but “he was always going to get to it.“

    I looked at it at the offices of the estate attorney who handled his affairs when he passed away, and it was too far gone to be a viable project

  18. 64 Bonneville

    I looked at all the pix on e-bay. Appears missing trim is in the trunk, if I remember correctly from sellers ad. Those trunk mounted A/C units had vents up in the headliner over the windows and would freeze parts off a brass monkey on the hottest days. (Good old R-12 Freon). Bidding is up around $8200.00 with 1 day and some minutes left. to find an “almost restorable” El Dorado from the mid 50s’ is in about a $20K neighborhood, from what I gather after reading ads in Hemmings Motor News. Convertibles will be about 2X as much. The fact that this is “driver” quality, needing a gas tank and brake work makes this almost a steal if you are into mid 50s’ Cadillacs.

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