Five 1956-1957 Fords At No Reserve!


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Reader TBall writes: While doing a simple search for 1957 Ford on eBay, I came across this listing. Located in Beachwood, Ohio, it seems like its too good to be true. Listing includes:

2 1957 Ford Custom 300 + 3 1956 Ford F-100 Truck Restoration Projects

Apparently he bought too many project vehicles and is selling out. One ’57 300 and one of the ’56 trucks have had quite a bit of work done (off frame, on rotisserie) and either would be worth investigation, but all tied together – WOW. My wife would kill me, and I don’t have the room, but current bid is only $1,425.00, no reserve and 5 days remaining…

After looking the listing over, I’m as excited as TBall!

This first car isn’t even the best Custom 300 — the seller describes this as a parts car/donor car that is pretty solid on the outside. There’s some visible rust on the bottom of the quarter panels as well as the rocker panels. However, the frame is said to be in decent shape, along with the roof and doors. The glass and bumpers are intact as well. Surprisingly, the seller says there are only 50,000 miles on the car, and it, as well as the other four vehicles all come with clear titles.

The best of the Custom 300’s is this one that has received a lot of work, including brand new floor pans and a frame refurbishment. The seller says they have over $15,000 invested in this one so far, and that there is a good front clip as well as an engine that are included. The frame refurbishment includes new suspension, shocks and brake lines.

The first of the the three trucks has also received a lot of work, including frame and body refurbishment. Over $20,000 has been spent so far! There’s an engine, glass, and interior as well; the seller describes this as needing assembly only. This is a 1956.

The second one looks pretty solid, but the seller isn’t sure whether they have the bed or not (they are checking). It doesn’t have a drivetrain, and has a little rust in the cab.


Finally, and there’s only the one picture of this one, yet another ’56, this time with drivetrain and again, it may or may not have a bed. How do you lose a pickup bed? It makes me wonder (as do the other cars in the pictures) what else is this collector getting ready to sell. Now, the big question: would you keep all five, sell some but keep others (and which ones), or flip them all (I hope not!). Let us know what you think!


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. JW

    Why do I get the feeling the auction is just for the Ford car in the big picture and the others are separate, maybe it’s his disclaimer at the bottom of the AD but something tells me it is too good to be true that all are offered with no reserve.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Seller’s note on the listing:

      “Today is your lucky day!!! This auction is for 5 vehicles total. Clear title on each. Transport is the responsibility of the winning bidder.”

      I read that as the auction being for ALL FIVE vehicles. Because that’s what the seller said. In plain English. I think the disclaimer at the end is the seller’s own standard boilerplate for eBay auctioned vehicles and he neglected to add the pluralization to the word “vehicle”.

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      • JW

        I didn’t catch his note in the auction but if the bidding doesn’t go much above 3K he’s losing money on the car & truck in his shop and it wouldn’t surprise me he pulls the auction just before it’s end date. Just my thinking so I think I’ll watch it to the end to see the result.

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  2. TBall

    JW – My thoughts exactly, however read his sub-title:
    ““Today is your lucky day!!! This auction is for 5 vehicles total. Clear title on each. Transport is ”

    I only wished I lived closer and had a larger garage…

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  3. Rancho Bella

    “if you can’t afford a good one… certainly can’t afford a bad one”

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  4. John H. in CT

    Has anyone been to Beachwood? This is one of, if not the most affluent communities on the East Side of Cleveland. I can’t imagine the city allowing this stash.

    I wonder if a BF reader from around there can validate if this is legit?

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