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Flame Find! 1962 Cadillac DeVille

Purists stop reading now! I was intrigued by this 1962 Cadillac DeVille that is listed for sale here on eBay not so much by the flaming paint job, but by the fact that the car seems awfully solid and a good value for money–whatever the paint job looks like. It’s located in Riverhead, New York and can be yours for the buy it now figure of only $4,500 — but bidding is going on even lower than that!

I wish there were a picture of the front end of the car in the eBay ad, and I have messaged the seller through eBay to ask them to post one. As a matter of fact, the top picture in this post came from another ad for the same car on a different site. I’m not sure what “vibe” the person that added the flames was going for (along with the period racing decals) but the more I look at it, the more I like it–especially at that price!

If you look closely at the windshield here, you’ll see the car is licensed through 2018, so it’s clear it can drive at this point. The seller calls it a “turn key driver” that starts, runs and drives nicely with no mechanical issues” and that “everything works as it should”. They also describe the car as structurally sound with good floors and and a solid trunk.

The upholstery, or at least what we can see of it, looks nice. I’m not sure if it’s original or not, but again, at this price, does it really matter?

She sure looks ready to head down the road. Maybe float down the road would be a better way of putting it.

Unfortunately, this is as close as we get to being able to see under the hood. I’m not sure if that is signage on the very front of the hood or paint deterioration, but I’d sure like to look under it. So what do you think–personally, I’d love to show up at Cars & Coffee with this behemoth!


  1. Avatar photo JDScurlock

    If it were only a little closer to home! Not every classic on the road has to be a showroom showpiece. This thing is sweet! And what a deal if it really is road ready.

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  2. Avatar photo Jlowen

    I like it. Wish it were close enough to go look at first. Certainly not something you see every day.

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  3. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Never really cared for “flames”. Maybe a little on a deuce coupe, but not down the whole side of one of the nicest cars made. I feel, the ’62 Caddy is such a nice looking car, and a beautiful dark red to go with the interior would be so sharp. Sorry, this, and the silly window decals ( and lifeless black paint) detract from what a beautiful car this really is. Be a great way to get into a ’60’s Caddy, though.

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  4. Avatar photo GaryMc

    I like flames, but, not sure I like the application on this one.

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  5. Avatar photo jw454

    When you go this extreme with a styling choice you really limit your market when it comes time to sell. While the price is reasonable a quality repaint will cost quite a bit.
    I like the car… not so much on the paint.

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  6. Avatar photo JimmyJ

    A $4500 caddie will need paint anyways if it’s not rusty it’s a bargain
    Nice driver till you can afford paint. Who knows? You might not paint it after the flames start to grow on you 👍

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  7. Avatar photo Elrod

    Not sure if the photos help or hurt the sale of this vehicle. It appears the camera was just fished out of a pond before the “shoot”. Its either that or the empty bottle of Vodka in front of me…

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  8. Avatar photo Dt 1

    That’s one cool ride

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  9. Avatar photo Jim Z Member

    The lack of decent pictures says the seller is not serious. Just sayin’…..

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  10. Avatar photo Miguel

    I hate flames soooooo much!

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  11. Avatar photo JW

    Looks like a car Danny on Counting Cars would drive.

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  12. Avatar photo Pa Tina

    How much for just the flames?

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  13. Avatar photo Rustytech Member

    I too like the car, but the paint? Not so much. However if this car is as clean as it looks in the limited pictures available, even if you had to spend another $4500 on paint, it’s still a bargaining!

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  14. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    A s a ‘purist’ I should hate this car but I dont. I’m a sucker for red interiors on Cadillacs. I dont even mind the clownish flames….it can be painted. The decals have to go….unless its being used in a demolition derby. I dont think you’re going find a Series 62 on the track.

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  15. Avatar photo Terry C.

    Anyone else remember the series 62 Caddy from The Greatest American Hero?

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    • Avatar photo Terry C

      Came here to say the exact same thing!!
      Great minds (and names ) think alike!! 🍻

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