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Flaming Turkey: 1979 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird

'79 Firebird

It is reported that 38,642 Firebirds were produced in 1979. Listed here on craigslist out of Hartford, Connecticut, this 1979 Pontiac Trans AM priced at $19,900. The owner says this in an all original car.

'79 Firebird engine

As per the owner the matching numbers original engine and transmission are in the car.

'79 Firebird int.

This car has factory A/C, AM/FM radio, PS with vinyl bucket seats and 41,870 miles reported on the odometer.

'79 Firebird trunk

The owner, Dave, would like to say he restored it but he purchased it this way.  He thinks this car was restored at some point though.

'79 Firebird rear

This is a clean looking Firebird and would be fun to own and drive any day of the year that is if it’s not wet outside and salt hasn’t be put down.



  1. Avatar photo grant

    I’m confused. Does the owner think it’s an all original car, or does he think it’s been restored?

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    • Avatar photo The Walrus

      Seems like a question for ‘Dave’, as it is a question and he’s apparently eager to answer any… but I would guess he doesn’t know. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the concept of overspray. I don’t see any in the pics, but even the best restorations of cars worth less than 100K show some evidence of having been repainted.

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  2. Avatar photo Charles

    Judging from the interior and under the hood the car has probably been repainted, but is otherwise original. Perfectly acceptable for a production car of this age, and that does not make it a restored car. It looks like a nice car, of course one needs to inspect it in person.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Had a friend and coworker who bought one identical to this one new in 78, not a big fan of these even being a Poncho fanatic but like other cars of the era just didn’t push the right buttons for me. Now not to offend anyone everyone to their own taste. It is a nice looking car IMO.

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  4. Avatar photo Slim Chance

    Cheap fun. Won’t beat a Honda in drag race but it sure is prettier. Sadly, these were sheep in wolves’ clothing.

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  5. Avatar photo erikj

    I agree These where and still are great looking cars. I was a teen when these where new and seen lots of them . I always liked them as drivers but they where gutless. All show and no go. The up side is you can beef up the engine or swap to something better and make them go!!! I’ve done that twice with great results. Anybody else agree?.There not rare for the most part, unless you have a special one

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  6. Avatar photo Mark S

    One of the things that was really crappy on these was the rear wheel disc brake that GM used the idea of using a ratcheting screw mechanism threw the centre of the calipers pistion was one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen on a car. The engineer that thought that was a good idea should have had his family pride incased in apoxy resin IMHO. Later GM autos were better in that the inside hub surface was turned into a brake drum with a cable actuated shoe assemble. As for the engines there was a lot you could do, lighter advance springs in the distributor, rejetting the carbs, hotter cams, and 1/2 degree offset cam sprocket pins to name a few. Some of these small inexpensive changes made a big difference. Nice car though.

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  7. Avatar photo MountainMan

    The great looks helps make up for the lack of power….man these just look so aggressive! As mentioned the options are endless to get more power from the engine. government regulations strangled the big 400 and horsepower was under 200, down in the 180 HP range if I remember correctly. Still looks make up for a lot in my book and these look brawny and surely bring plenty of grins when behind the wheel

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  8. Avatar photo Paul R

    This one is 403 olds equipped.

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  9. Avatar photo The Chucker

    Like MountainMan said: I had a twin to this in the mid-90’s with the 403/auto. Lots of eyeball, but lacks the “oomph” to back it up.

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  10. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    This T/A is just so so. Not a lot of option’s. Sort of like yawning in church. As a kid growing up in Phoenix,we had a dealer on the west side of town called Mecham Pontiac. The owner’s two son’s were building MACHO T/A’s. They were everywhere around town. But they had some badass mod’s, so much so I still lust for one. Still on my bucket list of a car I must own. They had wild graphics,suspension mod’s,engine mod’s,etc. Just really cool at the time.

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    Could be a great daily driver for the right person… With a little tlc, could be worth the asking price..
    Without T-Tops, I can’t justify the price.

    Still a nice find..

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  12. Avatar photo Jerry scott

    Was this the original “Smokie & The Bandet ” Car?

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    • Avatar photo Jerry scott

      I mean with the original black paint sun bleached / faded to gold ?
      Just kidding, I had One that was yellow. This photo brings back
      Memories, the fastest of times , VERRY NICE LOOKING AUTO ! ! !

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  13. Avatar photo Hammer

    Beautuful car, though not my favorite color, but it would still make me smile as drove the wheels off it. I wish the 81 Turbo TA I am restoring didn’t have T Tops but I will add frame connetors before I finish it. I see a lot critics but I have always loved all 2nd gen F bodies, Pontiac or Chevy. A 403 Olds has a lot of potential when properly upgraded. My 81 Turbo TA is fully loaded, all the same options including W6 but not a pace car. The car cost more than a Pace Car per the sticker due to being a option car not a package car. I is a 44,094 mile car, verified. Bad part it was stored in a lean inder a blue tarp in Plattsburg NY since the mid 90s. It would make a good ad for car covers as why to store a white (or any color) car under a plastic unbreathable tarp for 14 years and never go near it (owner died). I knicknameded it “ol Spot” I intend to keep it original, including the computer controlled 4.9 (301), with a few mods for power and dependability. Also have a 79 Z28 I am working on (I wish someone make would re-pop toe boards for my Camaro due to t-tops). I currently drive my complete original 170,000 mile Polo Green 1995 Z28 camaro. Original except several brake sets & tires, one set of plugs & wires @120,000 mile, one pair of a-arm bushings, 2 or 3 power window motors and and a catalytic converter clamp. Original suspension, including shocks are still working fine. Original exhaust still intact but I noticed muffler getting weak looking. Best, most dependable, & fun car I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of cars since 1970. Needs a little clear coat tough up since I store it outside under the nearest snowbank, sans cover each winter on the edge of the NYS Adirondacks. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, drive it. Talk about mistakes, a friend of mine had a new 1973 Brewster Green SD455 4 speed TA. Wasn’t fast enough so he sent it to I believe Motion Performance down in Long Island for “work”. Still not fast enough so the dummy trades it on a bright red 74 SD455 automatic TA. He still has me kick hin in the butt every time we talk abot it as the rarity of that 73 was unknown back in those days.

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