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I’ve always thought it would be fun to collect a specific model of car, that way you can really become an expert on that particular car. Well if you want to jump start a collection, here is one listed on craigslist in Klamath Falls, Oregon. It is composed entirely of Ford Model As. The collection is made up of 5 “A”s plus thousands of dollars worth of parts. The owner is asking $37,000 for all five projects and all the spare parts they have in this barn. The “A”s cover three different years, with three being ’28s, one a ’29 and the other a ’31.

Model A

There is a 1928 Model A Coupe on a rebuilt chassis, a ’28 Special Coupe, a ’28 Pickup Truck, a ’29 Two Door Coupe and a ’31 Deluxe Tudor Sedan, one of the 25,000, according to the owner, built.

Model A collection 2

The ’31 needs a battery to run. The cars are in different stages of restoration, some run while others aren’t even close to running.

Model A Project

There are lots of bits and pieces and the owner wishes for another collector and/or company to purchase the whole lot.

Model A collection 5

There are many boxes, labeled, with wood trim that are included with this purchase.

Model A collection 6

There are 24 images with the craigslist ad and the person posting this ad has more if you need them. A reasonable offer, no trades, and cash is what it takes to purchase this A collection. There will be no jokes told if you happen to visit to review/inventory this collection, understood?



Auctions Ending Soon


  1. randy

    Here’s your chance, on an old steel platter!

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  2. Mark S

    One rat rod, one street rod, one original restoration, and one with patina. What more could a gear head ask for.

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  3. Texas Tea

    No! And I do mean no. There are thousands of these model A Fords out there. They built millions of them and many survived. Probably more than any other car made.

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  4. francisco

    Would like to have that Auto Lite exhaust manifold heater for my ’30 pickup. Gets cold here in Northeast PA on my firewood runs.

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  5. Rob

    Sold mine for $5k back in ’08, a Briggs Fordor Sedan, ’twas labeled an AR, as it was one of the 1st ever produced in May of ’28, in fact it was the 17th one built off of the production line, and had the side-cowl vent which was later eliminated in ’29, plus an optional side-mounted spare. I had almost double that in it in parts, plus it ran, but still needed, imao, a full restoration to show. One can invest an awful lot of $$’s in A’s.. All power of luck to whomever buys that lot.

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  6. brakeservo

    Won’t ever sell, not for anywhere near his price at least. Will take a pretty special buyer to cough up that much dough for what will be an all encompassing hobby for who knows how many years before even one of them runs again . . . and with the aging population, the demographic of the potential buyer pool is getting smaller by the day as the old codgers die off and younger people don’t care about these cars.
    And why if he’s serious about selling, does he waste his time with the Klamath Falls Craigslist? KF is such a small community, anyone there into Model A’s probably knows this guy already – he will need to advertise where several million or more people will see his ad as I’m guessing maybe one out of a million has the desire, time, room and money to take this one – and that one person will be pretty hard to find!

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  7. randy

    I agree with everything you typed, except for the one in a million, that is a little optimistic. There may be 10 in 300 million wanting this. I am into old cars, but not this old, and there are not many left that are, like you stated.

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  8. Dan

    @brakeservo, I couldn’t agree more about Model As. We grew up with them. Our folks had one. We were active in the local club. Heck, my siblings and I even rode home from the hospital as newborn babies (it was the 70s; child safety wasn’t like today), etc.

    I’m 41 and although I’d love to get an A one day, I don’t know or see anyone my age or younger who’s into them.

    Too bad. There are a ton of well-loved Model As across the country that in a decade or two will have a tough time finding a new home.

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  9. francisco

    Why are you people always bashing Model A’s. There are 900,000 of them still on the road around the world. I’ve owned a few of them, and now have a ’30 pickup which I still drive around town, go hunting, haul firewood, and manure for my garden. Most all parts are available, and it’s a cinch to work on. Granted I’m not going to take it on the interstate. People point and smile when I’m driving, kids get a laugh. And by the way, I’m 63. Does that make me an old codger?

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    • Texas Tea

      francisco, I also don’t see anyone bashing them. I think the price is more of the issue for this collection than anything else. However, someone once told me only the buyer knows what they are worth. So if this seller wants to sell these he needs to find the right price for the market, and I think he’s currently missing that mark for this group of cars, and parts.

      I’m very fond of them and have owned a few myself. They are fun to putter around in and very simple, as you commented, to work on. I’m glad you own one and wish I still had one.

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  10. brakeservo

    I don’t think anyone is bashing either Model A’s nor the people who own them – I merely made an observation of what appears to be fact, truth – not opinion. And that is that (and I guess from your perspective I’m a youngster as I’m only 62) these cars primarily appeal to those who remember them when they were much newer and regularly used as transportation cars. The last person I know who bought a Model A was 72 when he did so. None of my contemporaries seem to have any interest in these, and much less so for the even older Model T and understandably so because frankly they are much less usable in today’s traffic. As a consequence all I said is that the pool of interested buyers is getting smaller and smaller, hence the market value is going down as demand decreases. Personally, I’d love to have an open ‘A’ roadster pickup or a phaeton but I’ve not got the place to even park or store one now and you have to realize that although there’s only 20 years difference between a 1931 Model A and the 1951 Bentley I drove across the US a few years ago, the Bentley will exceed 100 mph easily, and cruise all day at 80+ with steering and braking performance to match. I’m afraid the Model A is a nice car so long as you don’t plan on going over 50 mph for an extended period of time and I regularly use my cars on the highways and interstates so one simply won’t work. Even if I could and would buy one today this collection is not for me – as I said in my earlier post the amount of work and additional money needed to make these cars whole again makes no sense from an economic standpoint. It’s going to take that one special guy looking for a long-term hobby and doesn’t care that he’ll have at least twice the amount invested than the completed cars will be worth when done. No bashing of either the cars or their enthusiasts is made or implied.

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