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Forestry Department Survivor: 1962 Ford F100

Some vehicles are almost too good to be true, in that their ability to survive in near-original condition seems implausible. While we have seen lightly used municipal vehicles on these pages for years, this 1962 Ford F100 that previously served as a California Forestry department workhorse takes the term “survivor” to a new level. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $10K and no reserve.

This F100 was ordered for use by the California Division of Forestry based in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Despite local municipalities sometimes being tight on cash, this F100 was equipped quite well, including four wheel drive, a Detroit locker rear end, the 292 Y-Block V8, and a spotlight next to the driver’s side mirror. The truck left the factory with Rangoon Red paint, but evidence suggests the Forestry division repainted it to match the rest of the fleet.

With just 39,166 miles, you would expect to see an interior holding up as nicely as this one. In addition, the seller notes that the original cardboard headliner remains in excellent condition. The metal dash retains its factory red paint, and all the gauges in the cluster still work. The seller does mention that the original rubber floor mat is missing, but there should be plenty of Ford enthusiasts out there who can help the next owner track one down.

The crispness of the Forestry Division logo sticker blows my mind, along with the painted wheels and hubaps. All of those details look too good to be true, but the seller does note that this F100 went into long-term family ownership as a part-time vehicle used around Lake Tahoe in the summer months. The family didn’t like snow, so the F100 never ventured outside come wintertime. Trucks like this don’t come along every day, and I’m happy to see it getting lots of attention on eBay.


  1. Avatar photo NotSure

    Geez! What a handsome truck! It would be a blast to pull this out of the garage every weekend for a drive. All you’d need would be a dog on the passenger side with their head hanging out and maybe a fishing pole….

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    • Avatar photo TimM

      I only thought fire stations kept there cars this nice!! Over $10,000 already I would love to own this one!! You know that the forestry sticker would stay right there too!!!

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    • Avatar photo Nevadahalfrack Member

      A dog with his own fishing pole?? Don’t know where you’ll find one of those..

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  2. Avatar photo KSwheatfarmer

    Nice old Ford,not so sure about the 4 wheel drive claim, looks like a 2 wheeler in the pictures, we used to buy these after the oil field got done with them for a fraction of what this one is bringing,those days are gone forever.

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    • Avatar photo RayT

      I think I can see the front axle beam in the rear-view photo. And I’m pretty sure government agencies strip off the logos before they sell their vehicles.

      Nonetheless, it would be a neat old truck to putt around in.

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      • Avatar photo Mark

        I was thinking the exact same thing about the logos. I’ve never seen any government agency sell a vehicle without removing all the markings prior to sale. I’m not from California so I don’t know that this logo is exactly like what they use but even if it is it shouldn’t be that hard to create a design from scratch to make new ones. Not blaming the seller necessarily because a previous owner could’ve done that also. Still makes you wonder about some of the other claims however.

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      • Avatar photo Fireman DK

        20 Year CDF / Cal Fire employee here …. The logo is referred to as the “Tomato” Logo , and was around in at least 3 forms from 1938 to 1977 when it went to a shield shaped patch . There were 100’s of them left in filing cabinets and the Garage stashes that over time were taken home, thrown in the dumpster and rescued via dumpster diving, given away, etc etc etc … When I was a young 17 year old who stepped foot in to CDF as an ROP firefighter for the summer in 1980 they were still on a lot of vehicles. That truck is 100% the real McCoy , no doubt in my mind . You still see some of those pop up on Flea-bay .


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    • Avatar photo Dusty Stalz

      I don’t see a shifter for a transfer case inside either.

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      • Avatar photo Miguel

        Wouldn’t a 4X4 have locking hubs in the front?

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    • Avatar photo bill OHara

      frank from great bend perhaps

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    • Avatar photo Eldorado213

      It’s a two wheel drive with a Detroit locker rear end.

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  3. Avatar photo CapNemo

    Definitely not 4wd, but nice truck!!

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    • Avatar photo Fireman DK

      Not 4×4 , locking rear end …..

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  4. Avatar photo Jim

    Says 2WD in the listing and has a straight front axle.
    Too bad. If it was 4WD I’d be all over it.

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  5. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I’m a little skeptical about that 4×4 claim myself. But this truck would still welcome at my place. Optioned just about perfect. Something to use and enjoy.

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  6. Avatar photo Scott

    Beautiful truck, it is NOT 4WD. Jeff just made a simple boo boo, the eBay listing has it as 2wd. I just checked and the truck is at $13,100 with well over a day to go. I just hope the new owner will actually drive and enjoy the truck.

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  7. Avatar photo Charlie Member

    As a CA firefighter note that engine hours are far more telling of use than mileage, equipment tends to be left idling when on scene, for hours. And hours.

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  8. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Two wheel drive is just fine with me, don’t really have a use for 4 wheel drive here in Houston. One of my ex-wives had a brother-in-law who worked for the forest service out of Yreka, California. i met him once, nice fellow, made his own fishing flies. That was in 77 I think, so They had different trucks by then. I would love to own this one, but I just can’t compete with these bidders.
    God bless America

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  9. Avatar photo Chris Londish

    Nice old truck, not a highway cruiser but would be a great drive anyway or shop truck

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  10. Avatar photo Miguel

    I am shocked a government agency ordered this truck with a V8.

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  11. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jun 02, 2019 , 9:00PM
    Winning bid:US $20,275.00
    [ 89 bids ]

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  12. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    $20k sale and I bet those door stickers were added from the stash of leftovers mentioned behind tossed in dumpsters, left in file cabinets, etc. No way these “low bid” items would survive the sunlight or the truck parked in a fire location as new as they appear to be.

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