Forgotten Flachtbau: Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

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In the world of Porsche 911s, it sort of goes as follows: Turbo = rare; Slantnose (or “Flactbau”) = rarer; Turbo Cabriolet = pretty darn rare; Turbo Cabriolet Slantnose = do you believe in unicorns? This car, if genuine, is a significant vehicle of which only a handful were ever made, and it’s sitting in the confines of a garage layered in dust with a torn-up interior. Find this 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet here on eBay with bidding over $40K and no reserve. 

The ad is as mysterious as the car, with the seller seemingly unimpressed (or unaware) about the car’s heritage. There’s no reference made to the slantnose, which is clearly visible in the photos. In addition, the seller casually references that it may be “..1 of 50 or so in the USA,” so he has some context for the rarity – but how much? The mileage is stated to be 150,000(!) and the interior certainly looks as if it’s seen that many miles. In one sense, I applaud the owner for actually using this car; in another, I’m shocked to see such a rare variant with so many indications of wear.

The steering wheel isn’t a factory item, and I’m unsure about the white-faced gauges being stock. The tricky aspect of the slantnose is that many of these were converted by owners after the fact due to the cost of buying a slantnose conversion from the factory. There were plenty of aftermarket shops willing to make you your own using any number of fiberglass-based kits, but some were metal and actually quite well done. Perhaps not referencing the nose is the seller’s way of alluding to the non-factory origins of the streamlined front end, but that’s a question potential buyers will need to be very upfront about.

Regardless of the nose heritage, a Turbo Cabriolet will always be a desirable specimen. That’s not to say it’s a better car than the coupe – it isn’t – but the rarity factor compared to the hardtop model makes a fat-fendered turbo car with a droptop desirable to the collector set. I’d love to know the story as to how this 911 racked up so many miles and why it was parked 15 years ago after seemingly  being enjoyed almost daily. The car is located in Fresno, CA and there’s five days left in the auction.

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  1. Karguy James

    With boxed rockers and gilled quarter vents, the slant nose is most likely a conversion as well. I did many such conversions back in the day when everybody wanted to pretend they were Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

    A Porsche COA will tell you exactly how it came from the factory. If the front fenders are all steel and not fiberglass, I would say leave them as is. If they are fiberglass, I would put it all back to factory stock but that will be expensive. Steel 930 factory Turbo fenders, factory rockers and rubber trim, fixing the big gills in the quarters, etc is going to be expensive.

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    • Patrick S newport pagnellMember

      Don Johnson drove a TurboCab Slope??

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      • Karguy James

        Every lounge lizard on the planet used to wear white suits over a brightly colored T-shirt with the sleeves pushed up and want to drive some mono-chrome Euro machine. The series had lots of customized drug dealer cars which were all the rage back then. Mercedes and BMW’s with ground affects kits with every piece of trim on the car painted the same color, usually white. Most Porsche’s got the same gaudy treatment, this black one included.

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  2. David

    I repaired one back in the mid 90’s not an original slant nose but a nice steel conversion it was also a turbo cabriolet owned by a guy that had a aircraft parts business in Miami .

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  3. redsresto

    The seller is way more organized than I am. Check out those filing cabinets!

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  4. Rich

    What? No pics of the 👃?

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  5. Grumpy old man

    Oh come on, weld random parts/tools on it, put a funky light somewhere, rat rod material. I’m creative, have welding wire, German beer.. Let’s get ‘we done!

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  6. grant

    Someone bought a Turbo and drove the snot out of it. Butzi approves.

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  7. Jeffro

    Always had a thing for the “whale” tail on Porsches.

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  8. Patrick S newport pagnellMember

    Here’s a post from Pelican Parts forum on what to look for. The VIN checks out as a Turbo/Cab,but you really need to closely examine the light mechs,oil cooler and jack point. Also the steering wheel was unique. If your selling a slope nose why no detailed pics of the front?

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    150K mi?!
    Must’ve been flogged by some 90’s era drug dealer/ club DJ.

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  10. Todd

    I don’t believe it. Look at the general condition versus the bright-and-shiny “turbo” badge. Unicorn indeed.

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  11. Pete

    For all we know it was driven back and forth to the studio everyday. Could have belonged to a film crew member or an Oakland Raider who could afford it and drove it all the time. It’s all about your personal budget.

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