Former NC SSP: 1993 Ford Mustang LX

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So here’s a quandary: this 1993 Ford Mustang LX notchback coupe is a former North Carolina State Police vehicle, making it a genuine SSP car, which is the internal designation for Fox Bodies that went into police duty. Now, most of the time, owners attempt to keep these cars in as close to the original form as possible, given they were fairly limited to begin with. Not here: this example has been extensively modified, and doesn’t look anything like it did when it was chasing traffic scofflaws. Find it here on eBay with bids approaching $14K and no reserve.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with modifying an SSP car, but it is surprising. Given the abundance of Fox Bodies on your local craigslist page at any given moment, you can find endless examples worthy of a thorough overhaul. While an SSP certainly had what some would consider “upgrades” from the factory, I’m not sure they were significant enough to justify building one into a hot-rod. Yes, it had the 160 m.p.h. speedometer and reinforced floor pans, but does that alone make modifying an already collectible car a logical proposition?

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the way this Mustang looks, and the list of modifications is nothing short of impressive. The interior has been re-done with an excellent OEM refresh, featuring the 85/86 GT-spec bucket seats that almost certainly have been reupholstered. The dash, door panels, and carpets all appear to be in mint condition. Usually, the interiors are one of the biggest disappointments of SSP cars because they are highly utilitarian and rarely treated with much care; this example bucks that trend for the better.

The engine build is documented in great detail on the listing, and it’s too long to get in here. The upshot is that it’s the original 302 V8 and it been completely rebuilt for more power. The entire car was also repainted, losing whatever colors pass for state police graphics in North Carolina in favor of correct-for-1993 Vermillion Red. I think it’s a great choice, but if it were my money, I’d want to buy an SSP that was as easy as possible to re-create as a genuine pursuit car. Still, the next owner could have some fun with this modified example by sticking a light bar on the roof and a CB radio beneath the dash.

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  1. J_PaulMember

    Barnfinds is certainly going through a fox body Mustang craze lately — by my count, this is the seventh one listed in the last five days…

    Neat car, though.

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    Love the SSP cars but contrary to Jeff’s comments I look at these as great bare bones to build great street cars out of. This one is perfect in that manner. With good engines and upgraded suspensions they rate high on my fun meter.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    This one’s too far gone to put back to SSP spec – and that’s fine. It looks like the upgrades have been done well and are tasteful. I spy the 3G alternator and they swapped in the Explorer intake. Nice upgrades.

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  4. Shaun Dymond

    Originality counts for a lot in most cases, but I have to agree that this car’s upgrades are very tastefully done. I’m not a huge fan of Fox Body Mustangs, but this one is lovely.

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  5. misterlouMember

    BaT has Porsche, BF has Fox-body Mustangs.

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  6. chris G lawrence

    I had 2 of these and can attest to the fact that they really aren’t that great. Even when new.

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  7. Tom71mustangsMember

    No complaints here… but I’m obviously prejudiced.😀

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  8. Mark S.

    Back in the day I was kinda impressed by these, but not in my rear view mirror.

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  9. RexFoxMember

    Nice looking car that should be really fun to drive. I’ve always wondered why someone (other than a police officer) would want to drive something that looks like a cop car, so to me, these modifications are very tasteful.

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    • DKW

      Other than people who like to attend car shows with them (and the only “respectable” ones are the restored antique ones – and not “recent” antiques) it’s because a bunch of wanna-be’s will run at a high speed in the left hand lane and count on people thinking a police car is coming up on them and move over.

      BUT – just watch when a real police officer pulls them over (and it always eventually happens). They get hammered with tickets.

      Looks like the person that did this one just wanted a nice Mustang as opposed to a look-a-like. They did a great job and I like it. Personally, though, I would have preferred a different color such as a midnight blue.

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  10. C5 Corvette

    I like it. My 1st mustang was a 65 2+2, which I later raced. next was a 70 Mach 1, followed by several more. Then I got into my T-Bird phase….5 of them. Later on I switched to GM. My sibling worked there and Option1 was great! My toy now is a C5 Corvette.

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  11. Troy s

    Lots of nice upgrades all over this car, has an off road pipe (no cats) and the car runs rich, a few problems.
    One of the fastest 5.0’s back when these were at a peak had some sort “cop carish” junk on it…as his name was Gene Deputy, I forget which shop he was running.

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  12. MrMustang

    Fox Body = Slow Mustang, cop car or not.

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  13. David Ulrey

    I can live with the changes with one exception, mind it’s my opinion so keep that in mind, I absolutely hate those hoods. I’ve had 3 Fox body Mustangs and there are a number of aftermarket hoods I like. This one is on my No list.

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  14. DKW

    I would have stuck with a stock hood (or as close to it as possible if extra clearance was needed for upgrades).

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  15. PRA4SNW

    Someone’s idea of a twisted joke: An SSP painted Arrest Me Red.

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  16. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $13,800.

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