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Former Show Car: 1970 Mach 1


At one point in time, over 35 years ago, this was a show car. I remember seeing cars with paint schemes like this at ISCA shows when I was growing up. This one is located in Hookstown, Pennsylvania and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding currently is just over $6,500 but the reserve has not yet been met. Thanks to our own Josh for this find!


As you might guess, there’s a story behind this car. Unfortunately, we don’t know all of it. What we are told is that the car was stored in Canada for 35 years in a shipping container. As it happens, the container was open for another reason, and the now seller happened by and saw the Mustang. It has now been “repatriated” to the United States.


While maintaining that this was a show car, the seller doesn’t offer any proof of that. What they do offer proof of is the rust that probably is the result of the long storage period. It is hard for me to believe that someone would take a car like this and just stash it while it rusted. Oh well.


As you can see, we have rust. Lots of rust. We also have somewhat poorly replaced floors (per the seller) in spots. But I do appreciate the seller’s description and great pictures. There’s also a Marti report that tells how the car was originally equipped, so we know what the customizer started with. The seller tells us the work was done in 1975.


Welcome to the 1970’s! Shag carpeting, blue and white tufted seats and lots of fake wood! Look at that period steering wheel as well.


And here’s the numbers matching 351 V8. Pretty rough looking, and certainly not original. I see three possible paths: restoration to the way it left Metuchen Assembly, restoration to the way it looked in 1975, or drive it after making it safe. Having grown up in the 1970’s, I’d contemplate the second choice, but probably end up with the first choice. How about you?


  1. Dan H

    How do you go from “show car” to that? is my question.

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  2. Cj32769

    I guess the word “show” can be interpreted diferent ways like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One can show that they have no respect for originality or one can show their particular lack of taste. Blaming this on the 70’s is no excuse for showing that someone had no respect for the car. I would do what I could to put it back to respectable appearance, seat covers, carpet and replacement parts fairly easy to obtain; fix the mechanical and structural issues and drive it. The way it looks now even someone stuck in the 70’s would be embarrassed and old ladies cats would probably try to cover it up.

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  3. dj

    I’ve taken my 72 Lemans Sport to car shows. It’s a show car. LOL

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  4. CoventryCat

    I remember a lot of car models I built in 70’s having decal sets with graphics like that.

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  5. sir mike

    Yes I remember the 70’s…..parts of the 60’s are a bit fuzzy though….now where did I put my lace and rattle can?? Hope someone restores this Mustang.

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  6. JW

    This Mach1 just scares me thinking of the work involved to get it back to factory stock, ours wasn’t near this bad and it was a project I’ll never attempt again why because I may not live long enough to finish something like this. I would leave this to the next generation of gearheads.

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  7. Sukey

    Who ever butcherd the dash pad for that one gauge and screwed another gauge into the top should be made to stand in the corner for a long time

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  8. JW454

    I don’t have the “wear-with-all” to do it but, if you could do most of the work yourself, this one could be restored and you may not be too far upside-down in it when its done.

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  9. Junior Johnston

    The last good looking body style Mustang ford ever built. Sad to see it looking the way it does, but every rusty panel is reproduced. And an interior kit from Legendary is the closest you’ll find to the OE.

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  10. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    351-4V/4-spd is undeniably wrth saving, but it won’t be easy! At least the fake wood is original…

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  11. scottymac


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  12. moosie Craig

    Endless lines paint treatment, usually very pleasing if the colors are coordinated, had it on a ’73 Dodge van, Light blue body with a midsection dark blue band w/ endless lines showing thru.

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  13. Rando

    Ok, when I was 9 in 1975, this would have been completely awesome. I remember looking at my uncle’s HotRod mags and loving the cars like this. Now? not so much, but sure brings back the memories of cars and vans painted like this. I loved model kits with the 70s custom decals.

    But now, I would rather see this brough back to look like it left the factory. Leave the lace and endless line paint to a different crowd. I hope someone saves this one properly.

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  14. Mustang man

    this is actually a very well written ebay add with pics proving numbers matching engine and transmission etc.I checked out the Marti report in the pics and this is a really rare car with the pastel blue color they only made a total of 731 mustangs that color period.Maybe the seller should just take it to Mecum auction he could probably get big money for it.

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  15. Richard Prokopchuk

    You know, there’s a relatively new (to me) tool out that looks kinda like a heat gun, but it’s a laser I believe and it removes rust!


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  16. Richard Prokopchuk

    Here’s one set to remove paint! Holy Moly


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