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Over the last few weeks, photos showing a trailer packed with iconic Formula 1 cars have been circulating around the internet. There’s been much debate as to what, and where exactly, these cars are, as it seems mind boggling that the actual articles would be languishing on a car hauler. Regardless, the details are impressive and the intrigue is strong. Find the full assortment of photos here on DriveTribe.

The speculation is that these are just old replicas, likely used for promotional use. They are rumored to be taking up space in France, though there’s been no evidence to this point to support that location that I’ve seen. As replicas, the single-seat race cars likely have no mechanical components or running gear, simply pushed or towed from place to place. The fact that they’ve all been collected by one caretaker is just one more aspect of intrigue.

Even as replicas, these hold value (to me, at least) as relics worth saving. Surely they should be gracing a concourse at Circuit of the Americas, or some other F1 racing destination. The level of detail certainly seems impressive, with valuable period racing wheels and authentic liveries still attached.They all appear to be severely weather-damaged in some way, so their exposure to the elements has been prolonged.

Another rumor is that these are low-powered practice versions, but the replica theory seems more likely considering how many of them are in one place and from a variety of different teams. The John Player Special gets my vote as the one I’d love to have in my (non-existent) mancave/warehouse. Which one of these life-size models would you want to take home as a piece of motorsports art?

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  1. Steve65

    I saw at least one definitive claim that they’re from an “arrive and drive, racecar experience” type operation. Similar to the “Nascar experience” where you drive in guided groups on a legitimate race track. They clearly are not genuine F1 cars of any vintage. Far too simple, and too many of them are clearly the same car with different paint jobs. And F1 show and display cars are in my experience always retired race cars – either aged out or damaged beyond safe repair.

    Personally, I’d take the Benetton color scheme not pictured here. Or one with the paint damaged beyond recovery, repainted in the four color blocks 1990 Benetton livery.

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  2. Crazyhawk

    Not real, but cool. I can still see Ayrton Senna in the Lotus, Jacques Laffite in the blue Ligier, and Michele Alboreto in the Ferrari. And, of course, seeing Prost, Mansell, and Piquet fighting for a win when I went to my first F1 race in Detroit in the mid 80’s. I was blown away when Nelson Piquet flew by me at 150mph in his Williams Honda. Every time he would slow for a corner, his turbocharger would pop so loud it sounded like bombs going off with the sound bouncing off buildings. I still get shivers!

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  3. sluggo

    I call Dibs on the JPS, (John Player Special), they supported Norton factory motorcycle race team for quite a while and both in the white with Blue/red livery and some in the black and gold.

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  4. Cj

    Anybody else think the DriveTribe link was excessively annoying?

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  5. JazzGuitarist54

    Think I would like to take these, clean them up, make stands with a glass top covering each one
    Sell them to rich people as coffee tables

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  6. skidr55

    I’d invert them and hang them from the rafters of my Warehouse. Sit in a lawn chair and look up at them and imagine…

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  7. Wayne

    If chassis are in decent shape. Clean them up, paint them up and install what ever will fit easily engine and transaxle wise and make them really cool track day cars.

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  8. angliagt angliagtMember

    PLEASE – no SBC comments.

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    • dan


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    • imperialist1960

      Put a SBC in it!

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  9. sluggo

    What about Chevy Illmore V8s? They were the kings of racing..

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  10. Van

    How about the engine from an LFA. That would make these sound like the real thing. And drive like it too.

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  11. san giorgi

    Look at the last picture where you see the front of the red car .
    Now look at the geometry of the front suspension .
    first of all, it is extremely crude , not resembling a proper suspension !
    Second, there is one bar too much !
    this bar blocs the front suspension, so it cannot move up and down .
    It can ‘t anyway, since there are no moving parts in sight as it is .
    I think these are all dummies .
    But , still , interesting enough to be found and rescued .
    If someone finds these, let me know .
    I am connected to a museum that could be interested to buy them.

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    • Steve65

      This is a Formula Ford front end. Exactly matches the design. I see an upper wishbone, a lower wishbone, a spring/damper pushrod, and a steering link. In other words, a dead conventional formula car suspension design. What do you think is “one bar too much”?

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  12. san giorgi

    I refer to the RED car ,last picture above the beginning of the comments …
    You show a BLUE car .
    The red car has ” Brembo ” on its nose .
    The rod I mean prevents the ” suspension ” from moving up and down .

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    • Steve65

      Because of course, the color of the car is central to suspension design.

      Give it up. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about, and literally cannot see what’s right in front of your eyes.

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  13. san giorgi

    no personal attacks please , Steve Tillack …

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  14. Chris N

    Throw in an E63 AMG Biturbo in the back.

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  15. TriPowerVette

    Which would I take? Ferrari IS F1. Every other is just a pretender (with Lotus as the exception). They come and they go.

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  16. Patrick D.

    Practice version, puuuuh-lease.

    F-1 cars, no matter what era, are ALL prototypes and practise versions. Some may be develpoment mules, but these cars aren’t because the fit and finish, even by early 80’s standards is abysmal. Just look at the btake ducting.

    I think they either coming from an amusement park or left over props from some TV or movie production.

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  17. Patrick D.

    Here is the genuine Ferrari F1 this replica is based on. Look at the suspension set-up, which is quite similar. But look at the rest of the car, and it’s easy to see they are not the same.

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  18. Marc 73Duster

    Finds like this is what makes BarnFinds a great site! Thank you folks!

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