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Four 4-Cylinder 4X4s: Suzuki X-90 Collection

030716 Barn Finds - 1995-97 Suzuki X90s 1

In the spirit of full disclosure: one of the Suzuki X-90s for sale in this lot is actually 2-wheel drive, but using a little poetic license this seller does actually have at least four 4×4 X-90s shown here in the photo. Speaking of the group photo, there is no mention as to which ones are for sale, just that four of them are; three 4-wheel drive models and one 2-wheel drive model. They’re found here on craigslist in White Pine County, Nevada – on the Lincoln Highway, about forty miles as the crow flies west of the Utah border. He’s asking between $2,000 and $4,100 each, depending on which one, or ones, you’d like to take home.

030716 Barn Finds - 1995-97 Suzuki X90s 2

Dare I suggest that the Suzuki X-90 is where the term “cute ute” first came from? I mean, look at that thing! The X-90s were all 2-seaters and that’s what I like about them, they’re not the most practical vehicle but that’s what makes them unusual. There is no mention of which color is available, so if you’ve got a hankerin’ for a silver one or a blue one or a black one, you just may find out that it’s either not for sale or it’s the 2-wheel-drive one that he’s letting go. You’ll have to shoot him a message to find out 4-sure. The other wild card is that one of them is an automatic, but no mention, again, which one is which in the group photo showing six of them.

030716 Barn Finds - 1995-97 Suzuki X90s 4

I’m guessing that this jacked-up red one is a 4×4, but I’m not positive. That extra clearance might be useful in that area of Nevada, but I’d personally go for one of the more stock-appearing versions.

030716 Barn Finds - 1995-97 Suzuki X90s 3

Like this black one. These 90s graphics have always reminded me of the Geo Metro graphics that show up every now and then, or the graphics on my brother’s former teal green Ford Ranger. A truly era-defining look. I’d wet sand and/or buff those off the first weekend that I owned it, but that’s just me. The spoiler should come in handy as you’re accelerating through the apex on your next trip to the Nurburgring. All of them have power windows, locks, and cruise control for those trips up to Salt Lake City or over to Reno. Two of them have A/C, which would be nice for summers in that area. They all came with the same 1.6-liter inline-4 cylinder which should be more than enough power for these 2,400 lb vehicles.

030716 Barn Finds - 1995-97 Suzuki X90s 5

These things sure are cool. Of course, they aren’t for manly-men who insist on having a diesel-powered 4×4 pickup with an 18″ lift and chrome stacks, ala-Peterbilt-style, to commute with. But, they would be perfect for those of us who are looking for a tiny vehicle that’s easy to drive in traffic, navigate narrow trails, and park on city streets; and one with a little extra traction in the winter. They only made them for three years with about 7,200 of them making their way to the US. Here’s your chance to own four of them all at once! What are you waiting 4?


  1. Avatar photo grant

    I’m pretty sure the term “cute ute” predates the X90.

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  2. Avatar photo Eric

    Trackers little cousin w a trunk…

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  3. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan )

    Would take a guy with a lot of confidence in his masculinity to be seen in pretty much any one of these.
    Forget “Cute Ute”. Makes me think “Urban Chic Girl’s Car”.

    Now it might work with selective surgery. Cut off the funky hardtop and replace it with a roll bar. Maybe cut out the trunk and put a mini-pickup bed in?

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  4. Avatar photo Leon

    Ugly then. Ugly now

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  5. Avatar photo Francisco

    Just a bigger version of my Suzuki Quad Runner 250. I like them.

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  6. Avatar photo Francisco

    Japanese reliability.

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  7. Avatar photo Cassidy

    These little guys are so small that I never even noticed them when they were new! I don’t think its a bad looking vehicle, it looks like a fun driving ute. I do absolutely hate sellers like this, barely any info; pretty sure he didn’t buy any of them without a lot more info. Not hard to do, no word limit on Craigs or feeebay, yet there are so many sellers who think its like the old Photo Ad with a 15 word limit.

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  8. Avatar photo Mike

    My Wife thinks they are cute, but for me 6’2″ 300 pounds it would be like putting a bull in a soup can!!!
    I told her I would consider it on one condition, I get a new truck, been looking at a 53 Chevy 5 window for sale locally, something 10 years older than me, and still owned by the original owner. I know it is a good clean truck, my Dad helped to restore it 15 years ago after the owners garage fell on it during a tornado. Funny thing about it they did more damage to the truck removing the garage than it falling on it did!!!!

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  9. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    A “Smart car” with a trunk. I do remember seeing these, not many, though. I think people still had a bad taste in their mouth’s from the Suzuki Samuri, an awful vehicle. My nephew has the bigger Suzuki (XL-7?), one of the 10 used cars to avoid, but has had great luck with it. Funny, now that gas is cheap ( but steadily climbing, again) who cares about mini-cars, but rest assured, when gas is 5 bucks a gallon, these will make a comeback. Just don’t get hit in one.

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  10. Avatar photo Rando

    LOL about Nurburgring. To drive this thing on a timed lap would take a calendar…

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  11. Avatar photo Matt B

    There’s a woman that drives one by my house every day. Its a very bright teal and is rust free, which I find amazing. She always has a smile on her face, but if given the choice, I’d go with a Samurai.

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  12. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    Basis for this kind of conversion:

    All that is needed is a little creativity…

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  13. Avatar photo KC

    I had one of these and absolutely loved it. It was a sad day when I had to part from it. It truly was a trouble free vehicle. I had a red 4×4 manual that was awesome on the trails and a blast in the snow.

    Say what you want about its looks but I do believe Suzuki was ahead of it time with this. I’d love to get my original car back. The guy who bought it gave it to his wife and still emails me a pic from time to time. He’s also stated that he has had no issues whatsoever and all he’s had to do was regular maintenance items. Can’t ask for much more than that.

    One of the best SUVs I’ve ever owned.

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  14. Avatar photo Old Dog

    I’ve always liked them, they kind of remind me of a 1940s/50s Business Coupe. I’m still in the market for one. I let one slip through my fingers a few years ago. That won’t happen again.

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  15. Avatar photo Zilla1545

    i was wondering if you still had any of these left or if youd sold them all, where youre located, and how much youd want for each one and the years/mileage/ condition of them.i picked up a 96 suzuki x 90 but mines a rotbox pretty much only good as a trail rig. thats how most old cars end up here in ohio. if you could please email me. id be willing to take one off your hands for the right price. you dont see them up here really and id like to have one for road driving.

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  16. Avatar photo Amy Martin

    I sold my x90 in Carmel, Indiana for $2600 in 2009-2010. 30k miles and in perfect condition. It was a 4X4 automatic dark forest green. I wish I hadn’t sold it.

    Any of these still left? I would like to purchase one.

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  17. Avatar photo delbert coffey

    looking for parts?

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  18. Avatar photo Jason Fasnacht

    Looking for parts

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