Four-By-F-body: 1969 Pontiac Firebird 4×4

If ever you’ve looked out into your yard and wondered what to do with the spare 1969 Firebird body and spare S10 Blazer chassis you have, this may be your answer.  While it may not be to everyone’s taste, this 1969 Pontiac Firebird, for sale here on eBay in San Tan Valley, Arizona, is certainly a unique vehicle.

The seller of this vehicle says the Firebird body was grafted onto a Blazer firewall and floor.  In doing so, it looks like the entire Blazer interior and drivetrain were kept intact.  Except for the carpet trimming the sides and top of the dashboard where it meets the Firebird body, it looks like the merging of the two vehicles was carried out pretty well.  I’d assume even the heat and a/c still work, based on the five air fresheners clipped to the dashboard vents.

I’ve been shopping for an S10 lately, and I frequently see examples for sale with 200,000 miles and more, so I’m confident that it’s a durable chassis.  It appears that most everything mechanical was carried over intact from the Blazer in this project, so there’s no reason to suggest you wouldn’t be able to get many years and miles of service out of this vehicle.  And if something does break, S10 parts are inexpensive and readily available.  S10’s are also readily swapped to V8 power, so the new owner could easily put some more torque under the hood and put the tow-hitch to good use.

I couldn’t find any figures on the approach angles that first-generation f-bodies are capable of, but I’m guessing the Firebird body provides more clearance when climbing over obstacles than the original Blazer body would.  The body on this vehicle appears to be in pretty good condition, however, so I’m not sure how much rock-climbing the new owner will want to do with it.  The photos of the chassis indicate that it, too, is in good condition, so it does appear that this vehicle was built using decent parts.  The question still begs to be asked, though, what would you do with this if you bought it?  Show it?  Offroad it?


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  1. nycbjr Member

    Oddly I’m watching fast and loud build a 4×4 67 Camaro lol.. spooky 😇

  2. canadainmarkseh Member

    A serious amount of work went into fitting this together. Not what I’d do to a 69 firebird but that’s what’s great about living on the free side of the planet. You get to mastermind. A rig like this. Fitting the s10 floor and interior would not be how I would have gone about doing this, why……!!! more work, and look at the crappy fit around the dash. I’d have mounted the firebirds uncut body to the frame and then I’d have fit the s10 interior into the car. The way it sits now I’d always be concerned about stress cracking and falling apart. The fact is I’d never build this in the first place nor would I want one.

  3. TempoRay

    Edgar Winters “Frankenstein” is blaring through the sparkomatic speakers on this creation…

  4. H Palm

    Five air fresheners — likely because the interior smells as bad as the build looks.

  5. Michael

    Not what I would have done with a 69 Firebird either, but this is one of the better looking 4 x 4 conversions IMO. I like it.

  6. rod444

    I love it! Living up north having a 4×4 is not an option in winter. Just can’t safely leave the yard when there’s 3′ of snow with a RWD. But who wants to drive a plain ol’ SUV or big truck like everyone else when you drive in style with a 4×4 Firebird?

    Damn, I think I might actually have to bid on this one (while my wife is out shopping)

  7. jw454

    You mean you’re going to all this trouble to build this and not paint it white with the blue stripes like the Trans Am? I mean if you’re going the freak people out you might as well go all the way.

  8. robert

    well I live close to this project im going to have to see were this thing actually stands and see what there work is like since iv been a technician for 35yrs now id like to see there conversion work

    • rod444

      Send me an email after you do robert. I’d be curious to know what you think of it.

    • George

      If you take/took a look, let us all know.

  9. Jack M.

    Total waste of a Firebird body.

  10. Jimmy

    Better looking conversion so far. Since I like Pontiacs and 4×4’s this fits the bill but I’m sure I would be living in it if I bought it. One thing is it needs custom bumpers to bring it all together nothing gaudy just some nice chrome bumpers.

  11. Tim S. Member

    Pretty good looking conversion on the outside. But I don’t know anyone who ever dreamed of a classic Firebird body with a 90’s Blazer interior.

  12. Mike

    Needs different tires and rims.

  13. Madmatt

    I wonder what is holding the body to the chassis…?
    How much”wheeling”could it actually take?,
    I also would have to get rid of that “bowtie” steering wheel,
    But does look cool,and the engine bay looks good,but
    I have a feeling that it is probably pretty “drafty” in the winter…LOL

  14. Jimmy

    I will say a personal inspection and test drive would be in order before making a bid would be a smart idea.

  15. grant


  16. William Howe

    Being a native Pennsylvanian, I’ve seen many 4×4 ‘conversions’. Pinto’s, Mustangs, Caddy’s…stop it!

    • Kevin Eicher

      Why do you say that it’s Fun when there done right like this one was

  17. Howard A

    I agree, there must be better bodies to use for this than such a nice car like a ’69 Firebird. Just goes to show, the ’69 Firebird was such a cool car, it even looks good in this configuration. Again, to these builders of these, please, use a little more discretion when building your dream truck. Hello? Maybe use a truck next time?

  18. Jimmy

    Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a Redneck if…” comes to mind. The ’69 Firebird is on of my two favorite older sports cars so I’m having a not-so-good moment right now…

  19. ACZ

    Hard to get past using what appears to have been a perfectly good Firebird body for this Frankenstein.

  20. JC

    Oh…no,no,no,no…just NO…ugh… oh well, to each his own! Do you really need a 4×4 in Arizona?

  21. Clay Byant

    Saw a better “merging” in a Mack truck and a Smart car configuration. (Truck going south and Smart car going west.) Smart Smart driver out of the car before his beer can was crushed……………

  22. gto4ever


  23. Steve

    If I bought it i would remove the body and scrap the chassis and get a Pontiac chassis and a 455 with a 4 speed manual transmission and put the 69 Pontiac interior back in it

  24. Derek

    Great for those trips to Walmart when flooding has destroyed the parking lot. And if you weigh 350 and hop out in your Daisy Duke short shorts even better!!! YEE HAW!

  25. John

    If that’s a real ‘69 TA, then this was a monumental waste of a very rare car. I had one in my late teens and wish I had it now. They made less than 700 TAs that year. The front wrap and rear spoiler by themselves, if the car isn’t a true TA, are probably worth the cost of the whole thing.

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