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Four Door Survivor: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air


Four door sedans are boring. They were built to be functional and in the process lost the good looks of their two-door brethren. Bob Lange from KarKix radio just sent in this 1957 Chevy and it continues that tradition, but we actually go a little excited about this one. It is claimed to be original with only 12k miles on the odometer. It is also offered by Jeri Unser, presumably of Pikes Peak racing fame. If this sedan is exciting enough for her, it’s exciting enough for us. Find it here on craigslist in New Mexico.


If the claims are true, then this could be one of the best preserved ’57 Chevys still around. Two fewer doors would have been nice, but no reason to get too hung up on that. The interior looks amazing and the 245 horsepower 283 V8 should provide plenty of power to make up for the extra weight. Don’t let the extra doors fool you into thinking that they are going to let it go cheap though. With an asking price of $47k, this one is priced more inline with two door values, but how often do you find them in this sort of condition? So, do you think the price justified here? Thanks goes out to Bob for sending this in.


  1. Gary

    I could see maybe 25, but 47 is just to much, but it is a beautiful car.

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  2. Bert Arthur

    Four doors are just fine. It is what it is, lovely!

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  3. Rancho Bella

    The good thing about Albuquerque is when you buy a car there it will be popcorn fart dry. I bought a ’70 Mustang from there a few years ago and couldn’t believe the non rust issue.
    As for the price of this car……….I don’t think so. I don’t care if it was a two door with ten miles.

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  4. Lemble

    Not even worth half the price,

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  5. John D

    I envision four door sedans lowered, with some nice wheels and fat tires. Set it up for handling so you can show the kid in the worn out BMW down the street this old stuff can hang with him. Of course you would want to do that with like a ’68 Valiant sedan or something, not a beauty of survivor like this. I think 4 doors just suffer from the undeveloped bit of cool that seems to be inherent in two doors.

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  6. David G

    Wow, what a peach. While 4-door sedans are indeed relatively boring when you think of the rest of the Bel-Air lines, it’s a major part of the reason we get to enjoy such a gorgeous time-warp phenom with this thing. Not exciting enough to be driven enough – by *anyone* in 55 years! Invaluable as an archive example today, to prove out the truly correct ways the factory built them. Would love to have a look around this car, under her dress-hems, behind some corners, etc to see all of the *correct* factory flaws and crappy fastener finishes most-likely evident from the era. Worth a bunch indeed but Gary above is much closer, maybe 25k. A pretty bad case of the ubiquitous 57 narcissism in that 47k ask, imho…

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  7. Utesman

    1957 Turbo-Fire Power-Pack 283 4bl’s were 220 horse, not 245. 245 horses designated the hydraulic-lifter dual quad Super Turbo-Fire Power-Pack mill.

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  8. kman

    I had a ’57 4 door hdtop bel aire and a ’55 2 door 210 coupe but but ‘tho they have become icons of the 50s era, at one wiith the culture and music, et al. They weren’t at the time. They didn’t drive all that special – had the typical 50s auto soft sprung wallow and weren’t that fast either unless they were souped up. So why spend this kind of dough? you’re getting into vetter and mustang territory and these nose bleed levels not to mention some other more exciting drivers like Healys, Jag’s and etc. And those sixes will beat the stock V-8s of the chevys. Kman

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  9. Linda Nelson

    2 drs…4 drs…6 drs…so what! Look at this thing!!! If that’s original, and the miles are true, then don’t put downthe 2 back doors…it makes for comfort, to one, trying to get into the back seat, to park the kids, haul the groceries, or to just plain go out to ‘park’. Set aside the 4 dr-mindedness, and enjoy it for what it IS…a 1957!!! Will YOU look that good, when you’re 56+ yrs old????? @ Bert…agreed..it IS, what it IS!

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  10. Fat boy Roy

    What a minter !! and with its history .. You will wish you had put a bid on it . when it makes $60 in five years time .. i have a 2 door sports coupe in the same colour . it stops traffic in Sheffield

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  11. FRED


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  12. craZee

    My wife and I were both born in 57. I hope we look this good :-)

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  13. Johnny

    So a Bel Air with 4 doors is ugly and boring, but if it has 2 doors then its beautiful and exciting?

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  14. paul

    Wow how often do you see a 57 anything with those miles & that shape. I think they will see it.

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  15. Craig

    It would sell for double that price here in Australia

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  16. Chebby

    That is gorgeous. Love the colors.

    I like 4-door cars, especially the hardtops…which this isn’t.

    Something is weird with the transmission…you can see the original shift pattern on the gauge is PRNDL but it has been covered with Dymo tape to indicate PNDLR. My 1962 impala had reverse in the proper place but my friends 63 Olds had it at the bottom. So has the Chevy PG been replaced with a Jetaway, or some such thing?

    Either way, its not original, and that makes me question the mileage claim, and that plus not being a hardtop means the price is ridiculous.

    Obviously a very nice car though. Price it like a driver and you’ve got something special.

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    • Billy Rockfish

      Original Powerglide shift pattern in ’57 was P N D L R. It would remain that way through MY 1960 . . .

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  17. craig

    You need to get over that fact the 4 door chevy is as iconic as the the 2 door,its 57 chevy its part of the history of America don’t talk them into the crusher,from an Englishman who as a 4 door and proud owner,boring never.

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