Fourteen Pintos And Six Mustangs All At $300 Or Less!


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As the seller tells us in the ad, “This is not a dealer selling these cars!” Apparently someone has inherited a bunch of Ford products that they didn’t want. All are for sale here on craigslist in Fillmore, California for $100 to $300 and the seller says they are going to the crusher shortly if they aren’t picked up. For once, I believe that claim!


Here’s a grouping of four of the more interesting Pintos. At the top left, we have an example of the Mercury variant of the Pinto, the Bobcat. At the top right is a late model car with what looks to be a really solid body shell. Lower left we have an early Pinto wagon, and on the lower right we have a later car with the optional all-glass hatch. I’m guessing that hatch alone would be worth more than $100 to the right Pinto enthusiast!


Here’s one of the rare Pinto Cruising Wagons. These variations on a panel wagon complete with factory portholes were built only in 1977 and 1978. Some consider them the most desirable Pinto (I can’t wait to see the comments on that sentence!) The stripes on this one are not the factory version, though.


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Now that’s a spectacular set of graphics, don’t you think? I’d have to put those back on this Pinto if I brought it home, although I’m not sure I could find any family members that would be seen in it with me after that!


Yes, this is a Fox-body Mustang GT convertible for $300 or less! The body looks solid, and if there’s anything left of a drive train in there it sure seems cheap to me. In my dreams, it has a 302 and a manual transmission!


Here’s another Mustang that may be a GT, however based on the rise of the car at the front there’s no engine included. You can also see what look like two Pinto racing cars in the background, along with some other interesting stuff by the fence. I’d like to know the story behind these; if any Barn Finds readers end up checking these cars out, please let us know more! I think I’d like to show up with about $1,000 in cash and a fleet of trucks and trailers–how about you? Which fabulous Ford find would you save out of this group?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. JW454

    I’ve never seen a “Chevy Pinto”. Clearly not a dealer selling this lot. There are several of the Pintos I’d be interested in… alas their on the wrong side of the country.

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  2. wagon master

    Desirable and Pinto in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron. There is no driving pleasure with Pintos that I remember ….

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      If you give any serious consideration to your comment I think you would agree it’s short sighted.

      There are countless reasons why a vehicle might appeal to someone.

      If folks can enjoy and collect tractors (and they do) they can enjoy a high volume economy car.

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    • Glen

      I’ve driven pintos, they are fun to drive, especially with a 6 cyl. under the hood. They had a rack-and -pinion steering system, which were used in custom builds.(Hot Rods).

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    • boxdin

      They were raced quite a bit and were successful in their class. The Kent 1.6 ltr engine can be very hot and is used in Formula Fords all over the world. They can be fun to drive.

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    • Miguel

      I have enjoyed driving every Pinto I have ever had.

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  3. Bobsmyuncle

    I keep coming back to Pintos. I REALLY wanted to check the one featured here and regret not being able to see the car before auction’s end;

    That Cruiser wagon is amazing. Barnfinds find me a clean one!

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    The convert Stang looks to be the diamond in the rough

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  5. 56 Chevy guy

    I have had a 1971 wagon with the fake wood grain and a 1978 comp orange wagon and loved both back in the early to late 80’s. Would like to have the cruising wagon!

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  6. Crazydave

    I see quite a bit of potential – as parts for street rods!
    OR – some Lemons racers – add a roll cage and a semi-reliable engine, subtract any interior bits & pieces, strip out any “excess weight” and go have fun for cheap

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  7. foxhound989

    Check out the Toyota 86 up in front.

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  8. erikj

    I like that sport wagon,i,m in Washington. But I will contact the ad If its 300 I,m in. I need a good reason to doa road trip with the trailer. I would even take a complete one plain jane like the one with the big rear hatch. never saw that. Wish me luck b/f folks. If I get there I will inspect all if any one wants to know. I,M excited!!!ROADTRIP with a kick.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Look forward to the update! . Good on ya!

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Let us know how things go, Erik!

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    • jim s

      have fun.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Go for it, with Cheers from the BFF (Barn Finds Faithful*)


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  9. JW

    Yes if it wasn’t all the way out west I would be interested in the cruising wagon, had a friend with one with the porthole window, black with orange & yellow stripes. He wouldn’t part with it at the time even though he never drove it now I’ve lost track of him and the car.

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  10. Ben T. Spanner

    Back in the mid 1970’s, we would buy well used Pinto Wagons from Purolator Courier service. Some had brand new engines, transmissions or rear ends. They all ran well. They had 5 digit odometers with unknown miles. We replaced the driver’s seat and put on factory fake wood. The low level used car lots couldn’t get enough of them. The buyer’s did get a well maintained, clean car with lots of miles.

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  11. John.H

    I think I see an interesting truck with split windshield way in the back of the last pic. I can’t quite make it out.

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  12. RoughDiamond

    @erikj-Good luck! Hope you make out like a bandit. I see an early Camaro or Firebird in one of the pics and is that a panel truck way in the back that John.H mentioned?

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  13. duke

    i need that vintage shag wagon—-

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  14. todd

    too bad it’s all the way out in California, I had a ’77 pinto wagon we put 300 thousand miles on that thing.

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  15. JW

    Not positive but is that a Buick #25 stock car way in the back. My eyes are not so good any more.

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  16. jim s

    looks like a few of the cars were used as race car. i see rollcages. another yard that is worth a walk thru. interesting find.

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  17. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PAMember

    I also am on the wrong side but for those prices I’d buy most of the Pintos then wonder what I was thinking!

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  18. Andrew

    I posted on a four eye mustang website about this. The posting now says they are all gone. Some sold. Most crushed.

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  19. Ranco Racing

    Ad was posted 29 days ago or more. Wonder how many are left?

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  20. Metalted

    Man o man if only I wasn’t so far away, from California. I’d be there! With trailer. There are some cool deals , for sure!!!

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